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Live 2024 NFL Draft thread - Rounds 4-7 (Do NOT tip the Bills pick)


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Just now, SoonerBillsFan said:

Not a great pick overall, but its the 7th round and  we are already on the phones with UDFA's.  


This is a great point. The Bills now have the whole 7th round to focus on UDFA's and guys that don't get drafted.  He looks like he has the body to play in the NFL for sure and they listed him at Guard for 6'7

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Bills getting a lot of guys matching up pretty closely with ESPN's pre-draft overall rankings.


1. Keon Coleman:         OVR Rank - #37 (taken #33)

2. Cole Bishop:             OVR Rank - #54 (taken #60)

3. DeWayne Carter:     OVR Rank - #94 (taken #95)

4. Ray Davis:                OVR Rank - #129 (taken 128)

5. Sedrick VPG:            OVR Rank - #105 (taken #141) - great value

6. Edefuan Ulofoshio:  OVR Rank - #116 (taken #160) - great value

7. Javon Solomon:       OVR Rank - #158 (taken #168)

8. Tylan Grable:           OVR Rank - #180 (taken #204)

9. Daequan Hardy:      OVR Rank - #249 (taken #219)

10. Travis Clayton:      No Info


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Just now, RobbRiddick said:

Do we get a first round comp pick for supporting the international programme???


We ***** should by getting our 3rd round comp pick next year for supporting this goodwill venture haha.

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Just now, jkeerie said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we get a roster exemption for international players?


Thats a good point, if he can't get sniped off the practice squad than he makes a lot more sense to see if the Bills can develop him without the worry of another team putting him on their roster.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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