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Diggs traded to Texans for picks

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Just now, Sweats said:





Yeah?!?.....we've only been relevant for the past 5 years and Diggs has only been with us for the past 4 years, so what else you got?

Diggs brought us over the hump to relevancy!

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Just now, KOKBILLS said:


I would agree if it was a 2024 2nd... I know Rick Spielman is saying this may be the best WR Draft, heck even the best Draft overall in NFL history. It's the perfect storm of the covid and NIL fallout... This is a crazy good Draft year. 


You can just move it again - or the first in 2025 - to get players in this draft.  

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9 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


I can absolutely see something like that. I think the Bills trading into the top 10 just became possible. 

I think that’d be a terrible trade UNLESS they truly, truly believe (like some) that Nabors is the best WR prospect to come out since Chase. A lot of people have him higher than Harrison.

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45 minutes ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

I’m assuming that second is getting used in a trade up package this year but you never know 


I really don’t think it’s that off value wise assuming we’re getting at least a second…the tyreek hill trade just distorted everyone’s expectations.  If diggs was 5 years younger it’s a travesty 


Again... If it was a 2024 2nd I would fully agree...

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Just now, Bruffalo said:

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but this makes Diggs have 0 effect on the cap next year. All the dead money is pushed to this season. 


That's correct - we got out from under 4 years of $20M+ cap hits and got a 2nd round draft pick for our trouble.


If the Diggs of the second half of last season is the Diggs that we see in Houston there's going to be a lot of people eating their words about this trade.

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Just now, GunnerBill said:


I'm not sure it is dreaming. They now have the sort of ammunition you need to make it possible without completely mortgaging the future. It is going to take two ones and a two. They can't give up this year's #2 because they don't have a #3. They couldn't before give up next year's #1 and #2 without hollowing out their draft. They now are in a position where they can give up next year's 1 and one of their #2s and still have a 2nd, a 3rd and two 4s (comp formula allowing). That is still 4 picks in the top 130 or so. 

I get what you're saying. The thing is, that's an awful lot to give up for a wide receiver.

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We are going to win the Super Bowl against the Lions after defeating the Houston Texans in the AFC Championship Game. Dalton Kincaid will be MVP. Josh will throw for 400+ yards and 4 touchdowns, with at least 1 rushing touchdown. Milano will have a strip sack fumble recovery for a TD.


Stefon Diggs will have been put on IR in Week 10 with an abdominal injury.

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