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  1. That made sense to me. Either way you're going to need the two point conversion, so it makes sense to go for it earlier. That way if you don't get it, you have more time to adjust rather than to wait and not get it later in the game.
  2. Wrong. Mahomes contract averages $45,000,000 a year while Hill averages $18,000,000 a year. So yes, the Chiefs meet and exceed your arbitrary threshold. The Saints and Packers both average above $45,000,000 a year between their quarterback and top receiver, the Buccaneers more than $40,000,000. It's possible -- in fact I'd argue if there are two positions where you should spend on top talent this all suggests it's quarterback and receiver.
  3. Are you kidding -- how about the other three teams playing last weekend? Buccaneers, Packers, Chiefs all fit the bill of highly paid quarterback and at least one highly paid receiver. Two of them are playing in the Super Bowl. The Saints, a stones throw from making it have consistently contended paying Brees and Thomas.
  4. As if we are the first team to have two top players on the roster that we want to retain. SMH If you're not just trolling -- I'd expect to see a lot fewer free agent signings of the type we saw last season. It's going to be rookies, resigning our own impact players, and rolling the dice on veteran minimum type players or players with injury or character concerns to fill out the roster rather than mid to high priced free agents.
  5. I don't really get this from a game planning perspective. I do think it could maybe help with practicing game management -- when to go for it on fourth down, take the field goal, go for two and maybe for basic familiarity with players and their strengths and weaknesses but John sounds really out of touch talking about this. It's kind of sad really given the football mind he had.
  6. If I am the Colts, or 49ers then I would be going all in for Rodgers -- even at his age, he's worth at least two first round draft picks. I also think long and hard about it if I am the Saints or Steelers depending on the status of Brees or Roethlisberger respectively. I think he makes any of those teams instant Super Bowl contenders and rivals to the top teams in either conference. I also think the Dolphins, Bears, Broncos and even Washington might look to get into the mix too and wouldn't be crazy to send two ones to the Packers, just not as sure they become instant Super Bowl fa
  7. That's right. They shouldn't have played the game, stay home until everyone is healthy. But seriously -- Beasley was our most productive receiver, and Brown had a couple tough grabs. I don't think sitting either of them helps us whatsoever. If you're going to Monday Morning Quarterback, maybe we should have sat Davis but it obviously doesn't change the final outcome. I'm sure they decided that a dinged up Davis with his knowledge of the playbook, comfort with Josh, and physical play style brought more to the table than guys with some combination of less talent, physical
  8. Can you imagine if we'd replaced Rex Ryan with another former Jets head coach? It should be unrelated and based totally on merit. But same way the folks on here complained any time a Carolina Panther was signed, regardless of whether they played with McDermott or not, I can absolutely see Chargers fans not wanting another Buffalo coordinator.
  9. This is very smart. I also get why you don't do it during the regular season. At any point another team could just steal them off your practice squad in the event of injury, COVID, or poor performance -- less likely in the playoffs.
  10. I don't hate the move if I'm the Texans. By all accounts they lost the locker room this season. If I'm them I could see hiring a leader and experienced hand as head coach, especially if he could bring in coordinators that I was highly comfortable with. It's in vogue to hire a young offensive or defensive mind as your head coach but I'd rather get a leader there and some good coordinators than a specialist on one side of the ball.
  11. I think the obvious choice is to go with Yeldon because has NFL production as a runner and receiver, and despite his limited role the last two seasons they've kept him on the team which says to me he knows the playbook and been an asset off the field.
  12. I think the Chargers job is pretty attractive. I do wonder though how much the failure of Anthony Lynn (a former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator) might be in the back of the minds of fans and ownership and dissuade them from going the same route again?
  13. This season we've struggled with bigger receivers (Parker, Metcalfe), tight ends, and slot receivers (Crowder, Kupp). On the tight end front though we've played all the best this season: Gesicki, Waller, Kelcie, the Colts stable. I think the Milano injury, lack of pass rush from our front four probably are top contributors, and lack of size among our corners are probably top contributors.
  14. you're right -- that's the one I had in mind
  15. I was going to say, first Jets game was the Bass show for sure.
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