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  1. Who cares about the cap the Saints didn't and they went all out this year so if the Bills want to go all out go for it.
  2. Does not see them enough also he did a very good job on Sunday, the next time they play is were Josh shines, Josh always struggles against a team the first time around he plays them again and makes teams pay Miami and Patriots ring a bell. The problem is our Defense this year and I think it goes deeper than just talent on the field, McDermott and Frazier I believe had disagreements over the play book and how the defense should be run. My theory is the Jets game in the Meadowlands this year in the first half you saw a defense where they let the Jets down nickel and dime us to death and lett
  3. You had a lot of dates in High School. Still using Oxy for your pimples.
  4. We were run down going on a 8 game win streak not having a bye in the playoffs plus all season the Bills were playing right into the fourth Quarter in games took its toll on us the Steelers were prime examples of this going what 11-0 and we know how there season ended. Not too many teams went on to the Superbowl let alone win it going through the wildcard also check Tom Brady's career I think this is the first time he has gone to the Superbowl going through the wildcard. But not having a bye to rest players after the Bills had to run the gauntlet to get too this point hurt. Marv Levy, alway
  5. I agree with the injuries this year was so bad because usually the number 2 seed gets a bye into the second round we did not have that and after the bye we literally had to go on an 8 game win streak to get this far 13-3 in any other year gets you a bye into the second round.
  6. Here is Frazier's, talent 1st round pick at Defensive End, 1st round pick Defensive Tackle, 1st round pick and pro bowl middle Linebacker 1st round pick and pro bowl cornerback. I can go on but look at the talent this guy just can't coach and if you don't believe me check the Vikings fans when they describe Leslie Frazier's, defense.
  7. I trust McDermott if he does fire Kelly Skipper, and Leslie Frazier.
  8. I think Allen, is ten times better than Mahomes. Here is why Josh has done more with the talent around him then Mahomes. Andy Reid, gets all the credit for Mahomes because look at how many QBs that Andy Reid has made a success out of. Whatever Andy does works. But now that the Bills found there guy I hope they don't make the same mistake that Marv and company did with Jim Kelly, and not surrounding him with talent get Josh as many weapons they can find like Diggs but I think the Bills still lack two things in the passing game an Eric Moulds type receiver and a pure speed receiver that go
  9. I think that was because he did not fit juan Castillo's system. Man look at how bad of a hire he was.
  10. But isn't that what a franchise Qb does saves the team when nothing else is working. But that game was as close to being a blowout after we went up 24-10 but like many of us have been saying for a while now Leslie Frazier, the game has passed him bye he does not adjust to what teams do he just plays a cover 2 not changing anything up. When Mcdermott calls the plays players are running around making plays all over the field generating sacks. I think Mcdermott has to find a young Defensive coordinator that he does not have to grab the playbook from.
  11. That play would of worked if he would have timed his jump right.
  12. I don't know how good Moss and Singletary are because this year there is no full-back on the team. I think the Bills need a full-back on the roster next year that helps on third down blocking but also adds a new options for Josh a Full-back out of the backfield on passing plays make teams cover everywhere.
  13. The defense did not play to bad yesterday. Problem the majority will say 3rd downs killed us. no pass rush, but I am going to say what killed us was 1st and 2nd downs that to me killed us because can anybody count the number of times the colts were in 3rd and long notice the colts had a hard time at the end of the game trying to pick up that first down when they were in 3rd and 11 and not one holding call was called against the colts I can spot them a mile away but the Refs would not call it I wonder if the league really wants us here.
  14. Let me tell you Sean should give himself a game ball for that timeout after that play was just brilliant.
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