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  1. If McDermott calls the defense Edmunds, is a star. Frazier, calls it Edmunds and Milano look lost.
  2. Too bad Beane was not around when the Bills lost Wofford and Ballard. Because I think History would have be different.
  3. And nobody even reported at all if he and the Bills had positive talks at all. very shocked.
  4. If Starr comes back Butler and Starr would make a pretty good run stuffing Tatum.
  5. The problem is the running game is only designed to run in between the tackles. Whether it is because both Moss and Singletary are only north, South runners but they need a back that can hit the corners causing defense to not play 8 and 9 10 in the box. When the Bills played the Ravens in the playoffs decided to run to the outside in the second half they had some success. Bills got to start using pitch outs and have the running backs hit the corner more.
  6. Alright How about Mike Ditka, he is tough and has not been doing nothing since the 90's. He's a vertical tight end that can stretch the field.
  7. What about Kyle Rudolph, from Minnesota, I been hiring a lot of rumors of him coming to Buffalo.
  8. Well he came from Iowa and his natural position is supposed to be right tackle.
  9. To all you fans out there that want to explore if Watson is better than Allen and if the Texans offered Watson for Josh Allen the Bills should think about it. Little guy Ricco on Bills Fanatics said Watson is better than Allen look at the Stats. Here is the Major reason why Allen is better than Watson. Josh is throwing in Buffalo, Watson is throwing in a Dome. Has Watson, ever in his career played in the cold? He played at Clemson I don't recall their weather being blizzard like and in the pros he plays in a division with the Colts dome team, Tennessee warm weather team, and Jacksonvi
  10. If we get rid of Frazier, calling the defense and just let McDermott, call the plays we turn into the 85 Bears averaging 4 sacks a game unlike Frazier, who's defense averages a half a sack a game. I can not believe people don't see this there is disagreement on the playbook people if you don't believe me go to youtube watch old games from the previous years going back to when Mcdermott, took over. How does Jerry Hughes, go from smoking cigarettes going through the motions in one game then the next looking like Bruce Smith? McDermott's defense would be legendary in Buffalo but he
  11. No two things that cost the Chiefs the game. One. David White. Two. The Chiefs could not get away with the clutching and grabbing of Tampa's wide receivers as they were able to get away with it against the Bills.
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