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  1. McDermott, needs his guy to run the defense. I know Frazier, and McDermott, were both coordinators on Jim Johnson's, staff in philly and it took him time to figure out how to run Johnson's defense but when McDermott. calls the plays I have not seen a better coordinator unlike Buddy Ryan, who can pressure the Opposing QB like McDermott.
  2. What I cannot figure out is all the Buffalo Fanatics experts on line can not see there is two different Defense coordinators on the Bills. I don't know if there is a disagreement between McDermott, and Frazier, on how this Defense should attack teams. When I saw the game yesterday I could tell when McDermott, was calling the Defense when you see Milano, and Edmunds, lineup over the center McDermott, is calling the plays it is a pressure defense the front seven just creates all kinds of confusion and it is a defense that every Bills fan would love because you can move against it but opposing QB's are going to be hit every time they throw. I don't know why Frazier, does not add those pressure packages and just runs a basic cover 2 when teams just nickel and dime him and his Defense line just can't get to the qb.
  3. No they work together and if one leaves the other will struggle.
  4. I am stating this, if the Bill's can find a tight end for josh, I think josh can turn into Drew Brees on stilts and hear me out yesterday the offense in a bad game did not punt the whole game and that is considered bad. If that is bad? What would you call the Jp Losman days. Yesterday it was a chess match between Josh and Greg William's, and even though Josh, did not get it in the end zone he got us in position to score points. If McDermott, has the play calling the Bill's defense is back the second half of yesterday's game proves teams have a hard time figuring out his pressure packages.
  5. I wish the league would call it fairly the last couple of weeks teams have been punching Josh, in the head and no calls the league if they want to be fair start calling it both ways.
  6. To fix there problems in the Red Zone the bills need to start looking at the running backs we have and say your our number 1 no more running back by committee one has to start taking pressure off of Josh,.
  7. the cornerback opposite Tre White, has to be a ball hawk because a lot of teams don't like to attack Tre, but if you put a ball hawk opposite him it would work.
  8. I love when McDermott puts his insight into the defense. Frazier and McDermott have two different beliefs Frazier does not believe in blitzing at all he believes in the Defensive line. McDermott believes in bringing the blitz and shaking things up lining his linebackers down over the center to cause the offensive line to wonder who is coming and it works.
  9. There has to be something in the works even if he had problems not playing or being babyish on the sidelines or what ever but the question is is there a move the Bill's brass are making that they need the cap room?
  10. I think the lack of Linebacker dept. is starting to hurt us because I think teams are nickeling and diming us to death because we really only have two linebackers that play every down that wears a defense down. If we had 2 linebackers that could spell Milano and Edmunds I think this defense would be better.
  11. Do realize the titans should have lost to the Vikings and Texans.
  12. Watch the 92 eagles cowboys games and you will see troy miss alot of passes in fact before the cowboys eagles game in dallas Jimmy Johnson was thinking about putting in there backup qb because at that time troy never played well against the eagles.
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