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  1. The Bills will be better this year because the Bills have on overall bigger Defensive Line.
  2. Are you serious darnold could not beat our back ups and had total break downs last year where he said I suck so bad and I see ghost out there. If Allen did that the fans here would never let him forget it.
  3. I think he should be on the field as much as possible give josh more screen play options.
  4. Harrison Phillips, is your ideal defensive tackle rusher on third down in the way Joe Gibbs, structured his Redskins Defense in the 80's and early 90's with how they used Butz and Gathers, line them up over the center use there power on third down to push the offensive guards into the backfield causing the opposing Qb to take deeper steps in the pocket were Ends like Mann and Manley got to sack the Quarterback.
  5. One thing with AJ, the Management went into this offseason with the plan to beef up there Defensive Line.
  6. I like sweeney the guy has suchuncops for hands.
  7. I can tell you it is the best way to go keep drafting qb's and see if they develop for draft collateral. But I think this puts Barkley on notice.
  8. When was the last time all three qb's drafted all played in the same National Championship game. I can't think of one.
  9. all playing in the same game. And the national championship game.
  10. all playing in the same game. And the national championship game.
  11. What is ironic about this both Fromm, Hurts, Tagovailoa all played in the 2018 national championship game.
  12. That would be great. I would love it when they call a play and Rodgers would say "No I am not running that" and change the play in the huddle and the play would go for a pick 6 those would be the funniest times in football I tell you.
  13. That is the number one question if it is Singletary that will go down as one of the steals of that entire draft because when you watch Singletary he does not get hit until he is passed the line of scrimmage.
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