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Mock draft simulators.


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i keep thinking we make a fairly big trade up for the wr we want.


i expect OTs and QBs to get run on, with a few cbs in for good measure, and maybe someone the FO has ranked as like 5-10 at wr drops to like 15-20, so they throw some picks out to get him.

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I like Justin Rogers as a middle round pick... He's a MASSIVE individual, plus, we may need to bring in some kicking competition, and David White Jr. may be someone to keep an eye on... the guy looks like he may be a hidden gem


28: R1 P28 WR Keon Coleman - Florida State

60: R2 P28 S Calen Bullock - USC

98: R3 P34 CB Khyree Jackson - Oregon

128: R4 P28 S Jaylin Simpson - Auburn

161: R5 P25 WR David White Jr. - Western Carolina

164: R5 P28 DL Justin Rogers - Auburn

195: R6 P20 K Will Reichard - Alabama

199: R6 P24 OT Andrew Coker - TCU

203: R6 P28 DL Evan Anderson - FAU

247: R7 P28 S Trey Taylor - Air Force

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1 hour ago, Lost said:


I don’t like the hall pick as he’s a penetrating DT.  He’d play when Ed comes off the field.


i do like the player, but not sure he’d be good value for our team considering our need for a 1T.  If we bring jones back, Hall would be nice, but I think I’d rather go DE first 

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Had some fun doing a UGA/SEC-centric draft with no trades.  The Rules: Take a UGA player if it's reasonable to take the player in that slot and it's a position of need.  Next take an SEC player if no UGA player and lastly take the BPA for a position of need, but from a winning program.


28) Ladd McConkey - UGA - WR - B+

60) Javon Bullard - UGA - S - A

99) Sedrick Van Pran - UGA - C/G - A

128) Darius Robinson - Mizz - DL - A+

158) Ray Davis - UK - RB - A

161) Sione Vaki - UTAH -S - B+

197) Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint - UGA - WR- C+

201) Andru Phillips - UK - CB - A+

205) Cedric Johnson - Miss - Edge - B+

245) Daijun Edwardsd - UGA - RB - B+


The draft turned out surprisingly well.

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After trading back round 2, 3 and 4 

got lots of picks 

28. Troy Franklin

WR | Oregon


62. Calen Bullock



99. Mike Sainristil

CB | Michigan


128. Tommy Eichenberg

LB | Ohio State

133. Darius Robinson

DL I Missouri

158. Brandon Coleman



161. Nelson Ceaser

EDGE I Houston


197. Luke McCaffrey

WR I Rice


201. Malik Mustapha

S I Wake Forest

205. Dylan Laube

RB I New Hampshire

225. Trevor Keegan

TOL Michigan


245.Tanner McLachlan

TE I Arizona


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On 2/1/2024 at 3:55 PM, boyst said:

28 Troy Franklin

WR | Oregon A+


60 Johnny Wilson

WR | Florida State B


99 Jalen McMillan

WR | Washington B+


128 Malachi Corley

WR | Western Kentucky B+


158 Luke McCaffrey

WR | Rice B


161 Javon Baker



197 Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint

WR | Georgia B


201 Bub Means

WR | Pittsburgh B


205 Jha'Quan Jackson

WR | Tulane B


245 Zakhari Franklin



21 hours ago, wppete said:


Brian Thomas Jr.




T'Vondre Sweat

DT Texas



Ricky Pearsall

WR Florida



Payton Wilson

LB NC State



Jay Stanley

S Southern Miss



Demani Richardson

S Texas A&M



Marshawn Kneeland

EDGE Western Michigan



Gabe Hall

DT Baylor



Carson Steele




Luke Reimer

LB Nebraska


Those first 3 rounds are a home run 

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Couple realistic trade-backs, threw away 245 on a punter:


35. Xavier Legette

WR South Carolina 


60. Ja'Lynn Polk

WR Washington


66. Cole Bishop

S Utah

108. Mike Sainristil

CB Michigan


158. Zak Zinter

OG Michigan

161. Keith Randolph Jr.

DT Illinois

178. Mohamed Kamara

EDGE Colorado State

197. Sione Vaki

S Utah


201. Gabe Hall

DT Baylor

205. Carson Steele



245. Tory Taylor

P Iowa


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2 hours ago, Warriorspikes51 said:



Those first 3 rounds are a home run 

For sure-  but that’s why these mocks suck-   I doubt any of the first 3 rounds selections will be available at those picks. Piersall seems to be sky rocketing- hearing he probably won’t make it out of rd 2 now.  🤷🏻‍♂️ 

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On 2/1/2024 at 6:49 PM, PayDaBill$ said:

We bundle and move up.  Why draft all the picks we have when they’ll likely be cut.

"Hey...why is all my office furniture and clothing being loaded on that UHaul?"

S. McDermott, April 2024.

(Just waiting for you bozos to call for this.) 🤨😁

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On 2/1/2024 at 2:45 PM, Bigvinny said:

It's that time of year.





Buffalo Bills


Troy Franklin

WR | Oregon



Calen Bullock




Maason Smith




Malachi Corley

WR | Western Kentucky



Cam Hart

CB | Notre Dame



Beau Brade

S | Maryland



Cedric Johnson

EDGE | Mississippi



Trevin Wallace

LB | Kentucky



Layden Robinson

IOL | Texas A&M



Marcus Harris

DL | Auburn


I like it.

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Damn we have enough 6th and 7th round picks.. but whatever, it leaves room to take enough sleepers.


28. Xavier Legette- WR Gamecocks.  A tough choice between him, Brian Thomas and Troy Franklin.  But he's big, explosive, fast, can jump and can make the contested catch.  He comes with some risk, the big one in that he only had one year of production. There may be legit reasons. He needed a QB, a revolving door of OC's, and didn't play WR until college.  Taking the risk that he blossoms into a DJ Metcalf or Mike Evans. We need a deep threat...and he is a deep threat.


60. Sedrik Van Pran C- Goergia.  The successor to Morse, who we got lucky with this year, as he didn't have an injury for the first time in forever.  Van Pran is as solid as they come.  Im not waiting to take someone in the later rounds. 


99.  Malik Mustapha - S Wake Forest.  Another risky pick..but  he is fast, and plays fast.  Short at 5'9" but stout at 210. He's aggressive, but that is a 2 edged sword for him.  Here's hoping he can be coached up a bit. Strong as hell too.


128 Javon Solomon -Edge/olb Troy.  Small school, 250lb Edge rusher who runs a 4.5 40.  17 sacks last year and 45 pressures. 


158 Jha'Quon Jackson - WR Tulane.  With all of these picks...I was planning on taking another WR.  Watching the Senior Bowl 1 on 1 reps I really liked what I saw.  It reminded me of watching reps 2 years ago...and watching Shakir win all of his 1 on 1's, or watching Tank Dell last year.  Although he wasn't leaving DB jock straps all over the field like Dell did last year... he was getting by people and getting open regularly.



161 Jordan Jefferson DT LSU.  Another athletic freak.  325 lbs. has a 34 inch vertical, supposedly ran a 4.5 40 and is as strong as a bull.  At minimum he can be a run stuffer...but he can also be more, much more.


197 Jay Stanley S Southern Miss.  Not the athletic freak that Mustapha is..but maybe more solid of a pass defender.  Worth a pick at this stage of the draft.


201 Nehmiah Pritchett CB Auburn. One thing that stands out with him...his QB rating when targeted.


2019 85.4

2020 48.6

2021 83.4

2022 72.0

2023 54.8


205. KT Leveston OT Kansas St. Big as a house, at 337, could probably stand to lose a few pounds.  BUt moves people in the run game and has gotten better in pass pro.


245. Devin Leary QB Kentucky.  A near Mr. Irrelevant.  Time for Borkc Purdy II.

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