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McDermott on Dorsey

Buffalo Barbarian

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1 minute ago, RobbRiddick said:

Well they may as well off Dorsey now to see if an internal change can help turn this thing around. If not put the axe through McD at season's end


axe McD now and let Babbich be interim HC.  may have an Antonio Pierce impact on the team morale, etc. 

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8 minutes ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:

then brings up scoring too fast when we got down to the endzone.


we scored in the end zone

4 minutes ago, Man with No Name said:

Does he honestly think they should have burned downs there? 

I was just glad we scored at all. Geesh


josh takes a knee at the 1” mark!!  Good plan McNutless

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So he was worried about scoring too fast against....Denver? That offense? Tells me everything I need to know about the state of this franchise.


Everyone deserves blame. But why does this defense consistently fail to close out games? Giants should have been a loss. Ref luck on our side. Jags, Jets, Patriots, and Denver were losses.


You can blame the offense for not having a larger margin. But you need a defensive stop once in awhile. We let Tyrod Taylor, Mac Jones, and the corpse of Russell Wilson go down for game winning scores (let's be honest. Refs missed PI on the Giants). 

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1 minute ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:


I would have, we win if we do




As poorly as they've been playing offensively,  including for most of this game,  I have no confidence that they could have done it.  McDermott should just be happy that they actually scored to take the lead after all that. 

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1 minute ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:


We did score too fast, we should have just run it up the gut to burn the clock, not run josh wide on an easy touchdown



It was second and goal from the 5 with just under 2 minutes left, with the Broncos having multiple timeouts.  What in the world is this nonsense narrative?


McDermott and Dorsey need to be fired immediately, but "scoring too fast" doesn't make the top 500 list of grievances.

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1 minute ago, cgg716 said:

What overrule do you even want there?


oh I don’t want one.  But if McD actually thinks “scoring too fast” is an issue, he should have called run plays to burn more time.  McD does not even take responsibility for his ridiculous ideas. 

1 minute ago, Perry Turtle said:

McDermott is Dick Jauron 2.0.



great analogy.  What Jauron would have been with JA. 

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3 minutes ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:


I would have, we win if we do



Wait, seriously?


So it's first and goal from the 7, with 2:35 on the clock and Denver has 2 timeouts.


You are losing, and have 4 plays to try to take the lead.


They ran the ball twice and scored.


You would have what, kneeled on First and Goal from the 7 to take it to the 2 minute warning?


Then Second and Goal from the 8 you would...kneel it again?  Ok, Denver takes timeout #2.


Third and Goal from the 9 with 1:58, do you kneel it again?  Sweet!


Fourth and Goal from the 10 with 1:56, Denver is out of timeouts, and now you push the touchdown button.  Excellent!  We win! Oh wait, the same exact thing happens and we just lost by having 12 men on the field again :( :( :( :(

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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