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11/5/23 Week #9 SNF GAMEDAY Bills @ Bengals Pregame Thread


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24 minutes ago, Matt_In_NH said:

Someone tell the DL if they “beat their block” real easy it’s probably a screen.    Bengals love screens.  


Milano usually could read screens well.  Need some other guys to step up because yeah, that's a Bengals staple.

15 minutes ago, BuffaloBaumer said:

If the bills lose tonight, and look bad doing it, I don’t think anybody around here will be overlooking the Broncos game. I know I won’t.


I think if they lose tonight and look bad, we can be honest with ourselves and realize they aren't a playoff threat,.. and may not even make the playoffs. 

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3 minutes ago, TwistofFate said:



Lets hope for a great game and a victory tonight which will launch us to first in the division. 

As a fan of the Buffalo Bills, I will hope for a victory, rather than a defeat

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Must win for multiple reasons tonight:


1. Win a huge game against an elite team that has caused us fits in the past


2. 1st in AFC East. Would still be a battle to the end. But losing would cause huge sales.


3. A loss virtually guarantees we don't get HFA throughout. Even if we came back and won the division. Would need to basically win out and hope KC dropped at least two more games. With Dallas, Miami, Jets, Philly, & KC left, well, that's unlikely to happen.


4. Team game. Not the most important. But hoping Allen shows he is better than Burrow going forward. Idk if one game determines that. But I can't say with certainty I would take Allen before Burrow moving forward. 

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5 minutes ago, Success said:


If we win tonight, I'll feel great about winning the division.  Miami is a pretender.  The Bills aren't - they've looked shaky most of the season so far, but they're still a far more serious contender than the Dolphins.


The shaky part is weird, or maybe it has had multiple causes: the utter bizarreness of the overseas game; the multiple injuries; the "no running for you, Josh" edict; the injury to Allen... Truth be told, this team is really is not very resilient, the calling card of the Kelly-era Bills. They're a bit fragile, easily thrown off their game. The talent is there, even now. The question is, Do they have the character to pull it off? 

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