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The Josh Allen excuse thread…


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On 9/17/2023 at 4:04 PM, billybob71 said:

i know we are traumatized as Bills fans by QBs who fall off a cliff, get figured out etc etc. and alot of us tend to over react to a bad game by JA... but he has enuff off a track record now to keep us all from being chicken littles. so the next time he has a bad game try to resist starting a thread of doom and cluttering the forum with bad takes

Bingo.  We all agreed that Allen really struggled in week one and cost the Bills the game with his careless TO's.  Where a lot of us parted ways was in taking that one game and extrapolating it to all sorts of gloom & doom scenarios.  Allen's track record over the last 3 seasons speaks for itself and it should have reassured people that he was going to bounce back in a big way.




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How is this thread doing?  Hmmmmm. Allen just got his 11th afc offensive player of the week…one more than Kelly. Oh yeah…he also has the most 3 td and 80% completion rate games before a player turned 30. And he’s 27.  Go away doubters. This guy is our franchise qb and will be for a long time. 

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