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2023 NFL Season - Week #1 - Bills at Jets - 2nd half game thread


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for all the people who called me a dinosaur for wanting them to get a bigger physical running game, I give you exhibit A.


that 3rd and 2 call to throw the ball out of the shotgun has to change.  put the big backs in and run the ball.

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4 minutes ago, Rocbillsfan1 said:

Josh needs a mentor/leader and the Bills don’t have one. He’s a dumb jock that needs a solid coach and we no longer have that. 

Best years were with Daboll sitting next to him

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32 minutes ago, AlfaBill said:

Take a break and step away from the keyboard. The hot takes are unbearable 

Unbearable? The only thing unbearable is this crap they’re putting on the field, especially after the way they exited last January.


The offense has literally picked up right where they left off vs the Bengals. 


It’s week one, it’s been rough all over the league, but if things don’t turn around quickly I expect Dorsey’s seat to start melting.

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