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Beane End of Year Presser


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Happening now.   Dont have twitter so cant update there but so far the guy sounds like he doesnt have many answers:


  • Sees the Bills as now behind the Bengals and Chiefs in the AFC
  • Would love to bring in a lot of 5 star players but the cap may prevent that
  • Wont comment on how big the gap is between the Chiefs/Bengals and Bills
  • Bengals have the advantage of a QB on rookie contract.  Were lucky to suck enough to get Jamarr Chase.  Bills dont want to be in that position.
  • Right now the Bills are at about $240 million on the books.   Have to work to get under the cap.   Wont be a Von Miller signing this offseason.
  • Need to hit on draft picks and sign cheap free agents who can find a role on the team.
  • Want to be strong up front.  Will not hesitate to add there.
  • Gabe Davis did some good thing this year.   Too much focus on drops.   The transition is hard as a full time starter, but he did some good things.   Corners knew they had to account for him.  No one out works Gabe.   We trust him.  He will prove better next year.
  • Poyer and Edmunds are true Buffalo Bills.   Jordan had some bad luck with injuries, it was one thing after another.  Give him a lot of credit for his loyalty to the team and a lot of respect for the way he handled his situation.  Would love to have him back but will depend on the cap.
  • On Edmunds, talked about it earlier our goal is to draft develop and resign.   Got comfortable as a leader.  A big part of our success. 
  • On Dorsey: Offensive numbers were good.  Probably felt like he was drinking out of a fire hose at times but he knows the game and has played it at a high level.  Has the growth mindset will continue to find ways to help him.
  • Would consider the franchise on Edmunds but pass rushers get counted in LB franchise so it may be tough.
  • Werent in a groove going into the playoffs.   Have to put yourself in position for good seeding in the playoffs.  Want to be a consistent team.  Looking at every avenue to be the 1 seed next year.  Not overreacting to 1 game.
  • On Spencer Brown:  Social media scouts overreact.  Went to a small school, missed a year in college for COVID, then missed a full off season with a back injury.  Couldnt do much in camp.  DIdnt think he'd play game 1 this year.  Didnt get enough reps.  Played better in the 2nd half of the season.   Would ask people who are critical of him to acknowledge he came from a small school and has to work at it.  Wont be given a roster spot but will be give the opportunity to be the RT next year.
  • On Diggs:  A lot like Steve Smith Jr.   Fiery, wears his emotions on his sleeve.   He isnt here just to collect his paycheck, even though he gets paid well he still shows up and cares.  We all have warts.   But Stef cares a ton.
  • No more big ticket pass rushers, Von Miller was that guy.
  • Window is open as long as Josh Allen is here.  But we have to try and win every year.  
  • Philosophy on drafting WRs later in the draft.  "We got Stef Diggs in the 1st Round."   No philosophy, if Jamar Chase was there we'd take him in a minute.
  • On Ed Oliver.  Has done some really good things for us.  But there is some meat on the bone.  Not from a lack of effort.  Picked up his 5th year option.  We expect him to be more next year.
  • On Singletary: Great pro, but being a free agent we will have to see how it works out.
  • Coaching Staff.  We won 13 games.   Its like anything, easy to question.  Easy to question what Dorsey does.   Everyone is a Monday morning QB.   Not everything was perfect but both coordinators are pros.
  • on Josh Allen's season.  The bar is so high for Josh if he doesnt play an elite game people think he needs to be better.  Have to live with the turnovers because of what he is able to do otherwise.  Josh's leadership took a turn up this year.   Thing that stood out, when Damar went down, people were looking to Josh to communicate with the front office.  Teammates were looking to him.  Overall Josh had a great year.   Too many bruises on him.   Has to take less hits.
  • On Hines:  Want to be far to the coaches.   Takes a long time to get people up to speed.
  • On Beasley:  Started to see the Cole was here before in the postseason.  
  • Bright Spots: Starts with Josh Allen.  One of the better QBs in the league.  Good building, people know what it takes.   No one is feeling sorry for themselves and is ready to move forward with honest answers.
  • Josh thinks he is a linebacker, but you dont want to dissuade that.   He took more hits this year.   Needs to learn to get down.  He has to trust the playmakers, and the playmakers need to make plays. 
  • Expect Von for a majority of next year.  Hoping for all of 2023.
  • Tre was rusty early, but thats just from not playing football.  Similar to Spencer Brown, need reps.
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1 minute ago, Process said:

Most of the questions being asked are beyond stupid. Stop asking him about KC and Cincinnati and start asking about the very glaring and obvious issues with this team, including his off season decision making and prioritization of the defense.

Buffalo media are all about softballs. We learn more about this crew every day. 

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Just now, Southern_Bills said:

I wonder what happened to the years when we had the advantage of having a QB on a rookie contract...oh that's right Beane and McDermott couldn't get it done then either.

I think his point was that with Burrow being hurt early in his career they had the advantage of having a franchise QB and still drafting high.  Feels like the Bills have been too good in Josh's tenure to be in the same position.   Not completely true, Bills were in the same position in 2018, but they chose to get Ed Oliver and not a dynamic playmaker on offense.

Just now, Negan said:

Go draft another pass rushing defensive player that can't rush the passer.


This guy seems lost 


Hearing a lot of excuses and not much vision.  A lot of looking back instead of looking forward.

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We entered the playoffs on a hot streak last year. This year not so much. Also said the team struggled most of the year. Huh?  Just say we are not good enough, dont have the right talent, the coached f'd up, I messed up with many of my decisions. Hot streak vs not a hot streak my aaaa....

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Just now, Process said:

Omg the excuses for Spencer Brown 🤣 


So far the press conference has been 100% excuses and zero accountability. 


Beane thinks the main reason we didn't win a Superbowl is because we didn't get into a groove at the right time. 


This is brutal.

Really not good press conference from beane 

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2 minutes ago, Process said:

Omg the excuses for Spencer Brown 🤣 


So far the press conference has been 100% excuses and zero accountability. 


Beane thinks the main reason we didn't win a Superbowl is because we didn't get into a groove at the right time. 


This is brutal.

He appears very under water.   Seemingly acknowledging that we cant do much expect run it back which is not what I thought he'd say.

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