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Week 12: Around the NFL (i.e. NOT a rag on the Bills thread)


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1 minute ago, jcamm1966 said:

Darnold and Ramsey got old fast


The Rams got old fast. That's what happens when you give away draft picks for several years in a row. The strategy worked I guess, but they're going to be awful for the foreseeable future. I won't be surprised if Sean McVay pulls a Sean Payton after the season. Making a few million dollars a year in the broadcast booth is a lot easier than coaching a rebuilding team without draft capital.

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1 minute ago, Boatdrinks said:

Manage what? Kelce is the main reason their WR are so open. He’s the key to their scheme 


Scheming WR open.


1 minute ago, ColoradoBills said:


Every Bills fan knows that Dorsey has a lot to learn.  He's a rookie at it.  Is it so hard for you to realize that.


Oh, I realize it. It's painfully obvious week after week 

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7 minutes ago, Johnnycage46 said:


Agreed.  The Rams QB basically only has a scramble and hand-offs.  The Chiefs are loading the box and run/pass blitzing like crazy.  KC gets lucky again (crap division, Tenn back-up QB, Rams back-up QB/no Kupp).  Way it goes I guess.

Yea, no doubt a lot of luck,  like they need it. Undoubtedly they will be first seed. BUT they still will have to beat two legit teams to get back, hopefully us in the AFCCG. But frankly I think they would be a heavy favorite. Unless we can truly get healthy and that includes Von.

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1 minute ago, Steptide said:

I think the reason Kelce is always open, is he isn't asked to block nearly as much as Knox is for the bills. We need a tight end they can send out wide on every passing down 


Kelce is the key scoring component on their offence. Knox isn't on ours.

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