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Josh Allen injury update(officially questionable - expected to start per Ian Rappaport)

Big Turk

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6 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:


I thought the Wyoming one was on a sack.  Other than that, it is true.  Allen has not missed a game in the NFL or since that injury you said he was scrambling on in Wyoming from an injury that occured on him running the ball as a runner.  


Every game he has missed has come on a pass related injury.  That is the fact.  You literally just tried to add in injury scares to count them as injuries.  


I'm sorry, I see moving goalposts here. 


First you say "All of his injuries in college and pros came from throwing in the pocket. "   That's untrue.

Now, apparently scrambling on a pass play, doesn't count as an injury from running - even though it is not "throwing from the pocket" and it occurs outside the pocket, it is a "pass related injury"?


C'mon now.


If you mean "not injured on a designed run" OK but we all know a lot of Josh's runs are improvised scrambles on pass plays.


I think injuries on those plays matter, and they are certainly not "injuries while throwing in the pocket".


No, the Wyoming broken collarbone was most certainly while running.  I linked, and like I said, we have people on this board who are Wyo fans and were at that game.


"Injury scares": if guy gets an injury that affects his passing for 4 games and has him taking the field in a "linebacker brace", it's not a "scare" it's an injury.  Thankfully the others weren't worse, but a salient point many have made is that injuries that aren't severe enough to take Allen out of games still count; as someone said, your body adds up all the dings and dents you take in your 20s, and sends you a bill in your 30s.




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1 minute ago, Scott7975 said:


I bet that answer is something along the lines of "we are taking it day by day."

He certainly could, but I think it’s a bit different when they know the rumors that floated around today and we’re talking about one of the faces of the NFL. 

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2 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:


Your initial post was doom and gloom like he knew something.  This post indicates he knows nothing other than he is being tested, which everyone knew and he is speculating.  Come on man.


The cryptic BS annoys me. But now that the pieces have come together it seems like what happened is they heard he had a potential season ending UCL injury that he was and still is getting tests on. We're not out of the woods on this yet.

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1 minute ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

How can you throw 70 yards if it's torn 


I'd highly doubt that considering he came out of the game immediately when he previously injured it as a rookie.

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3 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:


I bet that answer is something along the lines of "we are taking it day by day."


1 minute ago, Dablitzkrieg said:

I'm going with "I'm not gonna get into that now.  We are still evaluating it.  When I have more,  you'll know"


McDermott Translator:

"day by day" we know the extent of the injury, there's either hope he'll play this week or we want our opponent to think so

"still evaluating it, will let you know when I have more", that's typically not good.  It means tests couldn't be completed in 24 hrs, or a second opinion is needed.  Very occasionally, it means that they sincerely don't know, because they can't run the tests they want or evaluate severity until the swelling goes down.


1 minute ago, Big Turk said:


Is there a link to the press conference somewhere?


you can usually find them first searching "twitter buffalo bills" if you don't have a twitter account, just use a web browser. 


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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