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Crowder in a boot...time to call sanders?


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55 minutes ago, Steptide said:

We have Shakir and Hodgins on the p/s. They will promote from within before signing a guy Imo. Plus kumerow could be back next week

Uhhm.   Shakir played today and caught 2 passes.  He has been on the 53 man roster all season.  


Hodgins is the likely call up. 

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Boots by themselves after games don't mean anything...they are used as a protective measure in large part.


He could be seriously hurt but he also might not be.


However, the fact he was pretty much immediately ruled as doubtful and then out doesn't sound good.

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55 minutes ago, BigAl2526 said:

Shakir can back up McKenzie in the slot as well as take reps outside.  Hodgins can be called up.  Hopefully another week will move Gabe Davis along toward full health.  Buffalo could add a PS WR if Crowder's injury is long term and they need Shakir on the active roster.

Shakir should be the guy.  Has a lot of game.  And Hodgins will be ready.  Not sure there is a problem at WR.  I think the RB situation is more problematic.  Moss is terrible.  Bring up Duke and cut Moss.  Cook needs some touches too.  But dam a top RB would sure be nice.  

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2 hours ago, TheCockSportif said:

Honestly, and I'm curious, but given 2021 Beasley, what would he be able to do for the Bills?

Better hands and more seperatation  on routes and he can play hurt. He is missed far more than people realize 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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