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TNF Dolphins at Bengals pre-game talk


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11 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

The balloon needs to be punctured.

damn straight 


Tua and MIA has won 10 of 11. 

Ravens x 2

the rest 

JETS x 2, Texans, NE, Carolina, Giants, Saints and 1/2 of the Bills starters 

Loss to the Titans 

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Is it bad I’m only really excited to see prime vision? I would enjoy a Miami stomping as well. I expect Cincy to blow them out I just can’t see miamis defense holding up on short rest. That of course means Cincy still has to play defense and not meltdown on the offensive line. 

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23 minutes ago, Cheektowaga Chad said:

I hate miami but them winning I think helps in the long run because Cincy is more of a threat than the phins in my opinion 


With that said I wouldn't hate seeing Miami thumped 

I didn't think they were a threat last season.


The road to the SB starts with the division, then home field, then the conference, then hoisting the Lombardi followed by the greatest parade in SB history.

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Just now, Bimmer323i said:

I’ve already lost interest and patience waiting for this game to start… I think 8:15 is to late for these games to start… think I’m gonna pop in a Friday the 13th movie and call it good for the night ***** it


Or you could go rebuild the Vanos on your M52 ;)

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