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NFL Week #3 - Bills at the Dolphins - Post game thread


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Just now, UKBillFan said:


Considering how he left the field in the second quarter, I have doubts if he realised he was even talking to Josh.

Yeah good point.  But I guess it was "his back" that got injured.  I've had back injuries and while it's been almost impossible to walk when it flares up...I've never wobbled like Tua did.  He was basically out on his feet.  If that had been boxing or MMA, it would have been a KO most likely.

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7 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:



4 minutes ago, Johnnycage46 said:

What would Tua even have to say to Allen?  "Don't worry kid, you'll still have a bright future".  "Hang in there pal, you guys are just getting started...you'll have your chance".  The savvy veteran Tua with some sage advice for the upstart Kid.

Tua: I didn't think we played Wyoming on the schedule, but man I just hope coach Saban doesn't pull me if I keep playing like this.


Josh: You okay?


Tua: I'm fine, when does the second half start?

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The only thing I’m worried about with this game is how serious are any of these injuries. I’m not worried at all about the result. Clear to anyone watching the Bills are the superior team. It’s not close. Injuries, game management, and mistakes did us in. Dolphins did just enough. Got the win. Good for them. Yeah, it sucks but I’m moving on. 

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2 minutes ago, UKBillFan said:


The NFL should have stepped in and pulled him during the first series of the third quarter. Not wait until now.

I can’t get too worked up about it.  It’s the Dolphins’  and Tua’s problem, not ours.  He converted a 3rd and 22 against us, so how concussed could he have been.

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39 minutes ago, DCofNC said:

Things I learned today:


1) this coaching staff did not learn from KC, still a punch of softies when it matters.


2) The coaches tried to pass the buck to the players on hydration.. yeah, how about you own it.


3) Allen is the man, myth, legend, but still slightly undisciplined.   Had he got his feet under him, the game ends differently.


4) There was ABSOLUTELY a reason they abandoned the run last year.


5). Regardless of all of it, had they actually executed even remotely close to expectations, the Bills could/SHOULD have beat their closest division rivals, being down 1/4 of their starters.



 I’m going to say it.. the coaching is the weakest part of this team on game day.  I buy the overall schemes and McClappy is a leader, but game day decisions, they need somebody to slap them.


Honest question, what specifically about the coaching did you think was in error? What game day decisions led to the loss?


The loss sucks but doesn’t really bother me too much. My biggest concern is the complete lack of running game. 2nd and goal from the 2 should be an automatic TD. Having Josh in the shotgun is f’in stupid down there. Even though the 4th down play was there, you shouldn’t need to pass. If we don’t develop some semblance of a running game this team is not going all the way, period. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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