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MNF: Broncos at Seahawks


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8 minutes ago, Solomon Grundy said:

Peyton and Eli > Buck and Aikman


They are, but it's takes me out of the game when your not hearing the crowd and the field. And then they ignore so much of the action talking away. It can detract from the excitement of the  game.

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8 minutes ago, VaMilBill said:

Surprised people are booing russ. He gave them a super bowl and a hell of a few years. Ungrateful fans

Yeah, he's the best QB in their franchise's history. It would be like us booing Jim Kelly.

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37 minutes ago, Ross Murdock said:

They did what was best for Wilson AND the franchise. They were not going to be that good the next few years, and gave Wilson a chance to continue to chase another ring, while getting a treasure trove of draft picks. It was a win-win. I'd take 70 YO Carol, over a lot of todays boring data based coaching robots, who coach on remote control, and look like eunuchs on the sidelines. 93 year old Ralph Wilson could have moved the franchise to many other cities and made twice the money! Then where would the Bills, or the city of Buffalo be? Josh Allen would be in Austin now, and know one would even think of Buffalo... Grow up.          

Wilson, Metcalf and Lockett was enough to stay competitive in the NFC imo. Carroll is outdated and dedicated to a run game they haven’t been able to establish since lynch retired. As for the rest of all that Ralph talk,  not sure what that was all about lol but no comment 

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Bright green unis could wake the dead! Super visible even in the stands. Hurts my eyes lol


ahh yes the 12's vs Broncos. GO BRONCOS all night. Pete Carroll is an arrogant lil *****. Never liked him . My disdain started when he was at USC 



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