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Mass shooting in Buffalo (Those wishing to exchange on the political aspects of this situation should do so in the thread located in PPP) - edit by moderator


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5 minutes ago, BillsFan4 said:

I tend to agree with this. We will see as more details come out.



what we know so far:


The shooter has a mental health evaluation last year and it appears he was not found to be mentally ill.


The Buffalo prosecutor leading the case said the shooter and his lawyer don’t want a forensic evaluation done and he’s not requesting one either. It doesn’t look like the shooter will claim mental illness, nor will the prosecutor. (time will tell)


The shooter’s family said he seemed like a normal kid. Smart. Did well in school. Was planning on being an engineer. His parents are well off and he had a normal upbringing. They all seemed in total disbelief he did this.


Not every terrorist is mentally ill. Many are just radicalized.

I think it's a situation where there are multiple factors that contribute to all these events that occur so often in the U.S., and no event requires all the factors.

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Posted (edited)

Please if you have faith in a higher power lift up prayers for the victims friends and families and all grieving. This is no rote reply for me.  Our BFLO community would much appreciate it.

This reply was my honest reaction to seeing that young mans face. Lord have Mercy

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1 hour ago, Wacka said:

Way to not read  and miss the point. The reasons  for the so-called food desserts are the people in the neighborhood ripping off the stores.  

BIL was unloading the truck. The black manager of the  Family Dollar  had the  sidearm as a deterrent. Didn't say he used it. Guns do work as a deterrent.


Goes back to the old saying "Don't s***t where you eat."


Poor and hungry people do desperate things at times. But the shoplifters are a minority compared to the people just wanting to pay for nearby groceries.

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Having a  grocery store near where you live serves to bond and join that neighborhood together as well as serve the purpose of obtaining food, a variety of food that may not be obtained in smaller venues,


how many times have you greeted and spoke to someone you knew in your local store?    A neighbor, an old classmate?   It can often be a place for connection as well, something that we often lack these days

I hope they reopen I would hate for the community to have this loss by this hateful horrific act


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