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Tom Brady will be Fox’s lead NFL analyst once he retires

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9 hours ago, HereComesTheReignAgain said:

I get that Brady is a HUGE get for Fox Sports, but no matter how good he is, 75% (at least) of NFL fans will continue to hate him and will not want to hear his obnoxious voice or see his smug, cheating face.

Add me to the 75% of the NFL fans who wish he would just retire and disappear from the face of the earth 

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5 hours ago, SlimShady'sSpaceForce said:

he needs the attention 


when it wanes he’ll pull another stunt and quit at halftime of a Preseason game.  


Do you honestly believe the bolded? 


I  hate the guy (in a sports way) as much or more than anyone else but I think he still plays because he's driven to win.  I doubt the attention from quitting at halftime of a Preseason game is something he'd ever want to be associated with. 

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He’s like a fungus.  Once he retires, we have to listen to him for the next 10 years after on Fox.  I’m in the minority as I like him in Tampa as I live here and made my second team relevant.  That doesn’t mean I want to hear his crap for a decade post playing.

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17 minutes ago, Chaos said:

Lots of bulletin board posters are going to be absolutely shocked that Tom Brady understands football better than they do.  

he does understand cheating in football better then anyone 

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12 hours ago, BillsFan4 said:


I’ve been watching that “Man in the Arena” series and I have been impressed by Brady. I know we’re not allowed to say that as Bills fans but I’m just being honest.

Yeah.  I downloaded that onto my cell phone.  Unfortunately, I only saw the first episode on ESPN+ as I regularly destroy my SIM card so I forgot my password.

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13 hours ago, Gugny said:


I actually look forward to seeing him as an analyst.  My guess is that he'll be great.  There's a shortage of great ones out there, so I'm all for it.

I respectfully disagree only because he has been ingrained to be PC during his entire career , especially under Belicheck..   He has this squeaky clean image ( in his eyes) and I can’t see him delivering actual criticism or being truthful when players or coaches are performing poorly.   He is so used to just spouting the company line as the QB , I think he will have a difficult time ever really delivering critical or an honest assessment of situations where teams are performing less than they capable of or expected to given their talent levels.  Can you honestly say you expect him to be critical of his fellow QBs that he has spent 20 years being a contemporary of ? I think he is so conscious of his reputation and how people look at him that all I expect is a very vanilla , always providing “ positive” analysis or spouting cliches about how difficult it is to make certain reads etc, and I would be shocked if he can be openly critical of coaching decisions because he is about relationships as he continues to promote his TB 12 brand , and I think he will be  timid as he will never want to burn any bridges as he may have a long time goal of partial ownership.   

He may be good at analyzing certain strategies ,  I just think it might quickly get old as he doesn’t strike me as someone willing to be critical of the “ Shield “ , and I don’t think he has ever come across as witty or someone to show a willingness to ever say anything negative  in a manner like Romo has for example.   I just think Brady is an example of having financial and other conflicting interests involving the NFL that I think his performance is almost predictable.    It’s a classic case of just because he was a great player , he was hired with NO EXPERIENCE as an analyst which would never happen in other professions ( it’s like hey , you were a great patient managing your diabetes , so let’s hire you now to run our regional diabetes treatment center ,,,,,,,just because you have experience with YOUR situation doesn’t confer expertise across the board as an extreme example !😊).   

It would be a nice surprise if he actually is honest and not afraid to be critical when the situation calls for that , but I am skeptical he can overcome his “ indoctrination “ of decades of never being critical of the NFL or guys he has been friends and colleagues with.   Think of yoir own profession , it’s not easy being openly critical of people you have had relationships with. Will he be willing to take chances that he might offend someone like an owner when he has made it public ( regarding the interest in owing a part of the dolphins ) he has future ideas of possibly being a member of that exclusive club ?   I think he has the potential to be good having been so good on the field , but if he is  only willing to heap praise and always stay away from any potential criticism or controversy, It’s very likely he will be just another boring ex player given a position he never actually  earned by working his way up through the ranks.  I don’t see him being as entertaining as someone like Manning for example, who like Romo , has proven to be an exception to how former athletes have performed when shoved in to analyst positions.  Time will tell.  

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The mind boggling part of this is why any network pays crazy money to the announcing crew.


Who decides to watch a game because of the PbP guy or the color analyst. 

It’s all about the teams on the field and not the talking heads. 

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