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NFL Draft 2022 Fourth to Seventh Round Discussion Thread


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11 minutes ago, Airseven said:



The trade up for Elam is becoming more and more painful watching this round. Which feels like it’s lasting forever.

Yes it is. Elam would've still been there. Punters gone, Austin gone. I guess no wr this draft?

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7 minutes ago, JaCrispy said:

Beane needs to have more self control...he’s constantly getting us bad value with his trade ups/downs...

Certainly appears to be the case thus far. He has several 6th round picks that seemingly have little value. Was trading back to get them a solid strategy in hindsight?

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Just now, GunnerBill said:

Okay all my tight ends are now gone. The Bills had James Mitchell from V Tech in for a visit or a meeting I think.... I haven't watched him but he might still be an option. 

Mitchell was in for top 30, he is pretty talented

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Just now, Ralonzo said:


But, most people projected the strength of the draft to be late first through fourth round, with a lot of similarly graded players graded throughout. Beane minimized the Bills impact by trading the 4th for a questionable move up, trading down the 2nd for picks outside the sweet spot, and reaching on picks.


And there goes Calvin Austin to the Steelers, a team that just does it right on draft day.


No, a first rd CB is not a similarly rated player to the guys going in the 4th. Similarly rated means there are actually 32 players with a grade for the round they are in. The reality is that there usually aren't. I could argue we took a 3rd rd player in the 2nd and a 4th rd player in the 3rd because we are picking at the end of the round anyway. Making a blanket statement that the draft is strong for 4 rounds and characterizing them as having similar value as far as depth pieces goes is disingenuous.

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