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Aaron Rodgers hinting at retirement? (Update - no decisions yet, just a “cleanse”)


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5 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:


Rodgers scheduled to be on pat mcafee show tomorrow. Pack GM Gutekunst scheduled to meet with media Wednesday.

Interesting , but not sure it relates to retirement. Couldn’t all the same sentiments apply if he is leaving GB and plans playing elsewhere next year?    Maybe he has to let GB know by March 1 st for roster bonus purposes etc, and is doing this early to start the process of seeing who will be interested in signing him and let the bidding wars start. He doesn’t sound like he has anything but joy playing football reading that , but probably is fed up with the GB process or supporting cast / lack thereof ( don’t they have a huge amount of unsoent cap space ?

Makes you wonder how good they can ever be if they are never willing to spend close to the cap,).  I have a hard time thinking he wants to end his career going out with an early exit from the playoffs with his sub par performance being a big reason for that. Plus he saw Brady win the first year after leaving the Pats and throw in the same for Stafford , and why wouldn’t he think he could do the same thing with another club?   The only thing I don’t get is everyone speculating he will be with an AFC club like Denver / Tennessee etc, when that conference is loaded with QB talent and I think is much harder to reach the SB from because of that ( unless GB has some say in who he will be allowed to sign with and won’t allow him to move within the NFC?).  Given his self worth tho , he might be confident that he has superior talent to all those younger AFC qbs and is confident if surrounded by good talent which he lacked in GB he will have a great shot at making another SB.   Will be interesting to see what happens Wednesday with the Gm press conference, but again, I don’t read anything specific in that statement that makes his retirement a sure thing.  I hope he does stay out of the AFC because the competition for the Bills is already high given all the uncertainty with coaching and player changes and he would be another huge obstacle for the Bills SB ambitions. 

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Just more attention-wh.oring.


The "read a book once in a while," comment was yet another display of his condescension and arrogance/douchebaggery.


I'd love nothing more than to see this guy walk away from the game.  But he won't.  He loves the attention too much; plus he's still an elite player.


His maturity level is that of a 14-year-old girl.  I'm sick of his face; sick of what comes out of his mouth; and sick of his LAMP crap on social media.

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3 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

Reading what he wrote it sounds like he's saying bye to the current Packers team, not a retirement.

Most sensible take.  He could also be looking to dial up the pressure with GB management, indirectly.


The pitchfork and torch crowd here forgets that his team badly needed a better WR2 to "win now" and inexplicably used a 1st to draft his replacement.  That management has fk'd the team, ARod and their fan base out of several SB runs.


OBD would burn to the ground if the same thing played out here during Josh prime years and he would be martyred.

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5 minutes ago, BuffaloBillyG said:

He'll be starting for the Pack week 1. Aaron just had 1 too many White Claws last night and is a bit emotional right now.


Or he will use this "retirement" as an excuse not to show up to OTA's, mini-camp, and training camp. It will be just like his holdout last year but then he will "decide" to play right before week 1.

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  • YoloinOhio changed the title to Aaron Rodgers hinting at retirement? (Update - no decisions yet, just a “cleanse”)

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