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Shaw66 shame on you mate im deeply disappointd in you........LOL


The candor and writeup are great as usual and Bills fans near and far are flying High today and with good reason. A changing of the guard if you will AND HIS NAME IS JOSH ALLEN AND THE BUFFALO BILLS


we old timers have waited a LONG time for this revival, and some have never seen a Bills team this dominant. It's uber exciting stuff and Im drinking it in like fine champagne.


GO BILLS!~!~!~!!!



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I can't help but think of the drought - and how some years, the only praise we had for the team after a game was for Moorman, and maybe Schobel.


The OP covers all of the bases, but it's crazy how much credit there is to go around from last night.  So many players contributed - there was talent all over that field, and it showed on every play.  At the end when Davis caught a key pass, I was l like, oh yeah - that guy!  We have talent on top of talent, and I'd argue the best depth in the entire league on both D and O.


And all hail Beane.  He started the offseason thinking one thing:  we have to beat KC.  He built the offseason around that, and it came to fruition last night.  We can play w/ that team, we can beat them, and we can win a championship.  He has done a masterful job.


We've had a lot of exciting, big wins in the Allen era so far - but last night's was the most meaningful, at least for me.  It's early, but it was one of those "the road to the SB goes through Buffalo" statements w/ the whole country watching that we haven't had in a LONG time.


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I'm gonna give you a pass on leaving, I was watching it and with the delay and the rain, not sure i could have enjoyed myself. Excellent write up. Loved the graphic they showed that of the 69 defensive snaps, we had 9 0r 10 and none had more than 50 snaps and all had at least 20.  That's serious depth

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Just now, Aussie Joe said:

Shame you had to leave the game … long way to go for that lousy weather…


Rousseau is going to be a good one…

IMO, Rousseau is already there. Yeah OK, perhaps premature, but dang what a draft pick our front office made, yet again.l


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39 minutes ago, Virgil said:

Did you have the same paranoia writing this I did, fearing you’d leave something out or not capture something appropriately?


You could write all day about it.  Those little dump offs Allen threw over defenders. White and Hyde protesting to the refs.  Diggs not realizing the defender was right there on the deep ball.  Oliver was possessed.  Mahomes side arm stuff not working.  Defense was everywhere.  Pass protection.  


Incredible to step up so completely in a big game on the road.  And now to have turn around and do it again.   

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I forgive you for leaving......  Wet, crowded, uncomfortable and no idea when the game would resume.  Sorry I'm not as hearty as some, but am a Bills fan.


Frankly the Bills dropped some balls, got no calls on offense and I thought KC's defense played well.  Allen made spectacular passes (btw look how open the Chargers receivers were on their TD's vs a better Cleveland defense).


Allen hasn't played his best, the wr's catches are down at this point and last two weeks have been played in rain & wind.



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A little long-winded but well-written.  Liked the way you kept up with the dragon metaphor.  


I left the game when the Bills went up 38-20.  There was no good excuse.  But the kid had school today and the wife wasn't feeling well.  


Traffic wasn't too bad since many left earlier and many others would stay till the end.  


The Chiefs fans I interacted with, btw, were very gracious despite the circumstances.  In fact, most KC fans I know were predicting a Bills victory.  They felt our D could slow down their O but their D would fail to slow down our O.  Good assessment.  

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Shame on you for leaving.  You too, Hondo!!!


It was in Central Time, so it was only 11:35 PM when the game was over!


Of course I jest.  I am not as hardy as most and enjoy watching on my big TV from my couch way more than in a stadium.


What a game; what a team we finally have.  All Hail Beane and McDermott!!!!



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2 hours ago, Pokebball said:

IMO, Rousseau is already there. Yeah OK, perhaps premature, but dang what a draft pick our front office made, yet again.l


What a draft pick? What a draft!!!  Groot, Boogie then Spencer Brown?! C'mon now! This draft is going to compete with the 2017 draft for best draft in the last 20 - 25 years. (Along with the Allen draft, LOL!)

Do not right off Boogie. He's the real deal, too! And so is Espenensa! Three very good DEs.....

And Spencer Brown might be the best pick of all, who knows?

I say we hit the lines again next season! Go DT, then C/G with the first two picks (if their there).

Groot probably ends up being the biggest playmaker of the three, but Boogie And AJ are good, solid picks and football players.

I noticed all three yesterday and it was because they were flashing....


Go Bills!


PS - Maybe we can afford to draft another big receiver (TE or WR) in the third this year?

If we sign Wallace I think we can. 

Go DT, C/G, WR/TE, CB next year....plus we have a double 6ths, and 7ths....to fill holes as we have a ton of FAs this year (again).

I wonder if there is any chance of signing Star for one more year? For some reason, I don't think he gives us a discount if he decides to play again....And I don't think we can pony up like he has been accustomed to being paid.  We have sizable holes at DT next season....I think ideally, we sign Star for one year and draft a DT #1 and let him play with Star and Ed next season... That also implies we activate Ed O's fifth year option (which is VERY expensive as well). I don't know what we can about Z, Harry or Vernon....Though I think they all are FAs.... maybe not Z? That'd be great if we could keep Z for another inexpensive season.



Go Bills!


The NFC is looking very tough, imho....We need our offense to continue to grow to compete with the NFC, imho, with the Bucs, the rams, The cards, Dallas and GB all playing pretty darn well now....That's what the season is for though.... We have thirteen weeks to hone our skills, study the enemy and prepare. That Tampa game is a great test....to see where we are then. If we win, we look super, if not, it won't lose us homefield advantage imho, and we'll learn where we have to go.... 

I think our OL can get way better this year both pass but especially run blocking. Three OL have been switched around and one is a brand new rookie. The potential is vast, imho.  Allen And Daboll are seeing how defenses are playing us and they'll work together break how teams are currently playing us.... I still think there is a very real place for our four-wide set, maybe not what I envisioned when the season began but once Allen learns what he has to do to break that defense and once the 

OL really improves look out. Maybe there is even room for our 12 O. Get Sweeney involved more as well? We could go big with our two TEs, Davis and Kumerow perhaps? I guess we did that last night a little I read....

I'd like to see Josh's QBR and QB rating to rise in line with the other great QBs before the playoffs begin....

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4 hours ago, Shaw66 said:

Josh scrambled and, confronted by a tackler who would drop him short of the first down, he simply jumped over him!  When he did it his rookie season, he said he knew he wasn’t supposed to do it, but the team needed the first down.  Same thing against the Chiefs – his team needed the first down, so he just jumped over the guy. 


In his rookie season, Daboll might have yelled at him for that play. By now, though, Josh has earned the right to pull that kind of move without worrying about what the coaches think.





16 minutes ago, TPS said:

I only read the first half of your post this week...


Vontae Davis turned off the TV at halftime.



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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