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  1. Also a Gator fan and I haven’t missed any games since well before that, even though it’s been a tough stretch with few bright spots since the last championship season. Not sure Billy ball is going to get it done, beyond the mediocrity we’ve seen. With respect to Shorter and Pearsall, I get what you’re saying, but I think it’s safe to say there wasn’t a real go to guy that season because that would’ve meant that they actually had a competent, consistent passing game that year which is very debatable. I was so wanting Richardson to get his chance and was super excited after the Utah game where he was awesome, but then it was just a roller coaster of uneven play despite having a lot of talent on offense. There were big plays from both Pearsall and Shorter, but I always felt Pearsall was the more targeted player when they needed a play for a first down. I haven’t looked it up. Maybe the stats bear that out or don’t, but just watching the games it felt that way in the biggest moments.
  2. I think that the position will be different than running back but how teams pay the position on second contracts may be where we see a seismic shift. I can see a premium still put on WR talent in draft bc of the cost of talent on second contract. This may change as more teams are unwilling to shell out big $$ for these contracts. Teams including the Bills with Diggs have been crippling themselves with massive WR contracts and the ROI is not worth it many times. The Bills bailed out for good reason and didnt reup gabe bc it wasnt going to be worth it and they really didnt have the money anyhow. It doesnt go without consequence, though. The Chiefs definitely struggled last year at times with a less than impressive WR group. The Bills will likely focus on creating an offense that looks for a lot of production from backs and TEs. A bit of a throwback style but given their top talent at skill positions and end of year philosophy it seems like that is the Bills identity. Honestly its a more fitting style for Josh.
  3. He wasn’t Richardson’s go to guy. They really had WR by committee in terms of production and Richardson looked for Pearsall if anyone when they needed a first, but he wasn’t very effective at finding anyone when he needed to. Richardson is a physical unicorn like Josh but injury prone and super inaccurate and erratic in the intermediate passing game. Shorter had a decent year with Richardson at QB with a great yds/reception, but it’s really hard to evaluate a WR with a QB that struggled passing for long stretches and looked like a really bad QB when things weren’t clicking as it steamrolled. I get why the colts were enamored with AR. He was pure excitement at times, but never consistently good. Shorter is someone I hoped the Bills would pick up and they did. He has elite traits, but 2022 was the closest he came to putting it together and I’m hoping he provides an unexpected boost to what isn’t the most inspiring WR group.
  4. The Russ Brandon/Doug Whaley years they invested heavily in WR position without a proven QB and a middling OL, passing up solid QBs in the process. That was a flawed approach. What Beane is doing is a little too heavy in the non-WR focus, but this talk of fire Beane is ridiculous. This team was frustrating to watch for nearly 2 decades before Beane and McD. This even seems to be an anomaly for the Pegulas, so please keep these guys in place. I get the more weapons around Josh sentiment and I agree, but what they are building can work well and I think they are investing in being a team that can physically dominate a defense while their own Defense is built to play with a lead. I’m interested to see how they reshape this team before calling for their heads.
  5. I wasn’t happy with the Coleman pick at first but I really hadn’t watched him play until after the draft, and then seeing he is just about balling and be a bit of a goof I realized why this was Josh’s dude. Seems like someone who isn’t going to fail due to a lack of wanting it and wanting to be great. If he can have Kincaid like impact that is right on schedule for a solid answer to questions about the WR group and if they can get a big distribution of balls because of the multifaceted attack and play action game, this can work with what they have. It’s not perfect but they have talent among all of t;he weapons on Offense and that is what matters.
  6. Diggs wasn’t separating at the end of last year and the film showed it. He was either slowing down or not giving same effort - the result was the same, regardless. Allen actually had far less ints after the OC change, and it coincided with targeting Diggs and Davis less. For instance, prior to Denver game 97 targets 834 yds, 7 TDs for Diggs, and from DEN on 63 targets 349 yds, 1 TD. Davis and Allen were clearly not on same page many games, and Josh had the highest Int % per attempt throwing to Davis. To me it’s no surprise neither is on the roster anymore. Is there a drop off in talent? Yes, but chemistry is important and no doubt we still have questions about the chemistry with the new look WRs. Claypool is talented and it’s not much of a gamble, and if he can’t play with Allen his career is pretty much over. Claypool has all he could ask for in terms of opportunity and if he does put in the work it could be a sneaky good signing. I get that’s still a big IF. Keeping Diggs and Davis would have been a worse decision then moving on from them seeing how neither was integral to winning when the Bills stopped effing around at end of season.
  7. Coleman at least addressed the position, not that it would've been my pick with Mitchell still there, but if the Bills are looking for a more physical team I get it (and not sure what truth there wast to the smoke about diabetes and not taking to coaching that was out there about Mitchell the weeks prior to the draft). Bishop made sense at 60. Where Beane lost me was with DT, then RB. They had options to take another shot at WR just to bolster the WR room and improve their chances that one of then shows out and becomes a substantial answer to the WR questions that they created. We're set with starters at DT, so Carter is depth at best. Cook and Johnson were a good 1-2 punch, so Davis is looking to compete for RB2. I don't hate the Davis pick either, but if you are serious about filling the void you created at WR you've got to take more than one swing.
  8. Coleman may be fine but I don’t think it was the type of WR that opens up the offense. I knew it wasn’t likely but hoped Bills really focused on Offense with their top picks bc they lost 3 lynchpins, but it is on brand for them to look like they are trending the offense in right direction only to let it unravel.
  9. Thank god I was waiting for your amateur draft rankings to know how to feel. Maybe he could start, oh wait we’ve got Ed Oliver. We’ve spent so much draft capital and cap space on DL over the years and it never has materialized into anything when it matters in the playoffs.
  10. You lose wr1 and wr2, and starting C - and you go slow WR, S, back up DT. Nice!!! it’s kinda criminal that they are content just letting Josh carry the offense without trying to make it exceptional. So we’ll be the 20s version of the 80s Browns, 80-90s Dolphins and 90s Chiefs at best - good enough to compete but never good enough to be even the best in the conference. The overemphasis on D in an offensive league when you have a gem at QB is baffling.
  11. People losing their minds here over smart moves and then hoping for Cooper Dejean? Or Ladd McConkey? Yikes.
  12. That’s why I think a modest trade down into early second picking up some extra mid round picks might be the smart play if there is a willing partner. If a team covets a QB Penix is a prime target at 28 and they can still get Legette or McConkey in the early 2nd.
  13. The WRs in the OP are borderline NFL talent. They could be good role players if they develop chemistry on the offense but they aren’t WR1s or WR2s waiting in the wings. They need to be looking to replace one of the most productive receivers in the NFL with Diggs and a productive No. 2 in Davis. Davis is replaceable and Samuel probably has met that need but the gaping hole is Diggs; production. Worthy from Texas ain’t that guy, Franklin ain’t that guy, Coleman ain’t that guy. I think the Bills are realistically looking at Thomas Jr, Mitchell, and Legette as targets if they stay put, knowing Thomas Jr is a long shot, Mitchell might be there, and Legette might be a reach. I also think they may have to pay a ransom if they want to move up.
  14. Poop on a stick design. They replaced bad uniforms with different bad uniforms. The horse head has always been a bad look.
  15. Oh he was valued that high by a lot of people but as a fan watching game after game and the development or lack thereof of his play, I didnt understand why he was valued where he was. Especially following the college season he was drafted where he regressed. The gator D was terrible and Elam was part of the problem, despite flashes of good plays. For all the work scouts and NFL personnel guys do, there are still things that get overlooked or dismissed. All teams make bad picks, and its not a science bc you never know how a player will respond and adapt to the pro game and how determined they will be to find success, and whether that hard work will even translate into success. I was just saying that the play on the college level gave a lot of insight into Elam's prospects of being a star CB in the NFL. I was vocal about him not being a 1st rounder prior to that draft and the only gator i wanted to see on the Bills was Damien Pierce with a mid round pick bc of his physical running style to take some of those carries off of Josh.
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