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  1. When Barnwell wrote an article about how there is no such thing as momentum in sports a few years ago, it was clear to me that he never played sports and/or he was conveniently overlooking it for arguments sake to let stats explain a perceived phenomenon. Whatever his rationale, it was the type of thing that made me view him as someone that is interesting to read but no more valuable than used toilet paper. Stats can lack full context on their own, and as such any conclusions that don’t fully explain the context are useless and misleading. While there are certainly some statistical similarities between Tyrod and Josh. They are incredibly different players in different systems with much different talent surrounding them. Tyrod had a very talented team on offense around him with two OCs that knew how to utilize his strengths. I would think that a Roman would do wonders with Josh too, not to bag on Daboll, but he would be just as effective as Lamar Jackson in Lamar Jackson’s situation. Josh didn’t have that luxury, but I think he will be better for it down the line as he matures into a better passer. I think you have seen Lamar Jackson’s ceiling and that’s not a knock on Jackson -he is damn good. But so is Josh and I was no fan of the pick and thought the Bills were dumb for trading Tyrod with nothing but question marks and a crappy career backup in McCarron. I think there is a high probability Josh is a star for a long time.
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