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  1. Remember when the Bills got rid of an underperforming WR last year? Me too. The Offense got instantly better when Allen stopped trying to force the ball to a WR that wouldn't fight for the ball. Allen made crappy decisions on all of those interceptions, but the WR has to do his part to help the QB. Zay isn't doing that.
  2. I actually think that they can beat some of the better teams just based on the defense playing a great game, and the other team having some bounces go against them. That's true of most any team in the NFL, but the Bills aren't a team that are going to give the good teams as much margin for error. Are they playoff caliber? I think that they are a borderline playoff team based on how the AFC plays out and realistically on how much Allen continues to progress. Teams I see as locks in AFC: -Chiefs -Patriots Near Locks: -Chargers The Playoff Contenders: Texans or Colts or Titans (one will win the South as Division Champs); Ravens or Browns (one will come out of the North as Division Champs); Bills So I really think it is going to come down to those 6 teams for 3 spots - and 2 of them will be division champs - so it will likely be a 4 team race for one spot that the Bills can get in with. I think the Bills are in the same conversation as those 6 teams. The Jets, Dolphins, Bengals, Steelers, Jags, Raiders and Broncos are just not really that good at this point and it will be unlikely these teams emerge as a contender. The Bills appear to have the schedule breaking their way: Must wins because they should be the better team (9 games - 5H/4A) (2-0): Dolphins twice, Jets twice (1-0), the Bengals, the Broncos, the Steelers, the Redskins, the Giants (1-0) Pivotal games (3 games - 1H/2A) (0-0): Titans, Browns, Ravens Underdog games (4 games - 2H/2A) (0-0) : Patriots twice, Eagles, Cowboys That's just how I see it now.
  3. They have an identity on D and that is going to be the face of the team, but the Offense is going to be making people pay attention more if and when they beat some better competition. But as to the competition - the Jets and Giants may very well end up being 2 of the worst teams in the league by the end of the season. However, early on you are getting teams best efforts before the wheels start coming off the wagon. This is the overreaction time in the NFL in recent years. It's almost unbearable to watch some people on TV talking about this and that team. Sure, the Dolphins ship looked sunk before it set sail, but the other 31 teams were looking to prove something and will continue to as they press on more games. Certainly some things look shaky in place right now. Remember last year though, people were writing the Bills off as an 0-16 possibility after a highly embarassing start to 2018. Things change and can be fluid - and the NFL is a showcase of coaching, chemistry and talent - as chemistry builds it can really create a gap between teams, and chemistry can also fall apart bringing teams back to the pack. That means the Bills can continue to build momentum through chemistry with so much young talent, and that starts at QB on Offense. I genuinely have turned the corner and see how completely wrong I was about Allen. I'm not saying he has completely arrived, but man I thought he would be frustrating to watch, especially with his first few games last year. This year he has the look of taking another step forward and the Bills team will follow if that happens. Looking back at last year - as embarassing as it was early on, the QB situation turned out fortuitous for the Bills in the way it played out: Peterman is so bad they have to bench him and look elsewhere for QBs to keep on the active roster; Allen is starting early than the staff wanted - he gets to play with some ups and downs, but has a good showing against the Vikings; then he is hurt; he gets to watch a couple of other guys come in and play that have been in the NFL for awhile;- the Bills find a really decent backup; Allen comes in and starts making things happen and getting the team behind him. It wasn't planned that way, but it all kinda worked out and Allen has made the most of his circumstances so far.
  4. Bottom Line win. Some stuff to get excited about, some to be concerned about. However, division road game victory is a big win regardless of the projected record of the opponent. They are the biggest and toughest games - so to see the Bills win the way they did was a big deal. Good teams find a way to win. They found a way to win.
  5. Well with the Bills home games against the Pats...those things are endzone "decorations" when the Pats score. Maybe the funniest tradition in current sports. And one that begs a lot of questions.
  6. That's pretty much what I saw. I think Jones was too late to get his head around and it made it look like a worse pass than it was - although he was blanketed and not necessarily the best decision to throw there. I think this is a consistent thing with Jones - he is just not good enough at getting his head around, adjusting his body and winning balls. He's fine with space and time, but the NFL doesn't afford much of either. I think the throw to Beasley that was incomplete was a little too early or Beasley didn't think it would be out that fast - can't really tell, but I'm sure they will work that out - they seem to be pretty much on the same page. The play calling was not great, but as you mention they totally changed up the game plan from the first two weeks focusing more on the run game, which when you put yourself into obvious passing downs is not ideal for getting in rhythm passing when the only time you throw is when you have to. I'm hoping the Bills are more open in their actual playcalling during the regular season - I think it benefits Allen to be afforded a chance to miss a throw, as it does most QBs. The running game will be even more opened up if they can pass effectively and give shady the space he needs to do what he does best. The INT was a bad throw - and one that he knew he shouldn't have thrown
  7. Bill Barnwell writes the driest articles and states bull#### premises like there is no such thing as momentum in sports. That premise is supported by no one that has ever played competitive sports at a decent level. Momentum is one of the realest things in sports, e.g., watch any basketball game or the Bills Oilers playoff game. He lost me when I read that article years ago and I haven’t been able to do more than skim his meandering articles since. Stats should support the context of the situation and are not that useful to drive the analysis. Stats have usefulness, but they are not great predictors in football because of the massive amounts of nonquantifiable factors (coaching, game planning, play calling, missed assignments, etc.).
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