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  1. That 1999 Titans team was actually two feet from tying the Super Bowl against the Rams and going to overtime but not winning the Super Bowl.
  2. The Bills lost that wildcard playoff game to the Titans after the 1999 season on the Music City Miracle because the Bills didn’t cover the kick. Steve Christie sent a midrange kick instead of kicking the ball deep. Lorenzo Neal fielded the kick and handed the ball to Frank Wycheck who took ten Bills with him. That caused the Bills kickoff coverage to break down. Frank Wycheck then lateraled to Kevin Dyson who scored the game winning touchdown on a play known as Home Run Throwback. The call was upheld after review and the Titans won 22-16.
  3. He did have him as Smith tackled Hostetler in the end zone for a safety but Hostetler was able to hold onto the ball to prevent what may have been a touchdown for the Bills.
  4. That was in Super Bowl XXVI and not Super Bowl XXVII.
  5. I’d say either Wide Right or the Music City Miracle.
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