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10/10 Jets-Falcons in London 8:30 am, Gameday Thread if you want it

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5 minutes ago, Rochesterfan said:


Actually - Losing Lawson allowed Franklin to develop and get paid - I don’t think Lawson is any better and they both only play the same side.


Becton was terrible in pre-season - out of shape and a turnstile.


I think losing both made 0 difference for this team.



Fair enough. I reckon they might have, but they are also good points.


Besides, if you look at the last line, I was just saying that it might have made a whole 3 points of difference in this game. Was being understated.

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Back when the Falcons crushed America's soul by blowing that huge lead in the Super Bowl I made a simple wish:


That they enter a never-ending cycle of blowing huge leads as penance for what they had done. 


And it looks like for the most part that has come to pass!


To be serious though, it is amazing how quickly that team just collapsed. They went from MVP of the league QB and 12-13 wins and a 28-3 lead over the pure evil empire to just nothing immediately. 

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