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Training Camp practice 8/3: Pads come on


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13 minutes ago, Blainorama5 said:

Should be fun to read reports from today!  Just hope the guys don't get too crazy - no reason to test the team depth this early.....  🤞


Big difference in this year's camp is that we don't have a lot of future fry cooks out there...our cuts are going to be on another roster come September.

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21 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


Is McD doing a pre-practice media availability?

I’m late on this but yes

5 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


Am I missing something?  Was Addison (like Hughes) on PUP or otherwise unavailable the first 5 days of camp?



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1 minute ago, DJB said:

Love McDermott. Always preaching or wanting perfection but he does it in a manner which motivates you instead of being demeaning about it. 

He is actually a leader. He's not just a good playcaller who got over promoted, which is what happens with a lot of coaches.

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2 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

Face of the franchise


He sees his name in ilghts (literally)



[this is from an over-the-top birthday bash his friend @jasongarciamgmt threw for him, he's not that self-absorbed]

39 minutes ago, Bangarang said:

Most important question about today’s practice is how will pads effect the race between Webb and Allen.


Have you noticed Webb seems to always cheat on the start?

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