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I Can't Wait 'Til The Home Opener!!!!!!!

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1 minute ago, machine gun kelly said:

I’m jealous.  Scream loud boys.  My hope Is you guys are instrumental in some false starts today.  I think this could end up the loudest game in bills history as everyone after last year appreciates it just a little more.


Yeah lets get the stadium counter at least 1/2 way to 10 today.


I can't be there but I will be with you in spirit.


This is only my second missed home opener in 16 years...the other was Wrex's second year and I won't count last year as no one could go.

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2 minutes ago, chaccof said:

Gonna be a long drive back to Virginia tomorrow....uggg

Eh. One game.  Looked to me like the Bills read too much of their press.  McCoach can use the mistakes, including his own, and wake the team up.  Yeah they sucked serious a$$ today, but all is not lost :)


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