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  1. Most if not all of those calls were nonsense during that final drive. And all back to back. We were commenting that the zebras must have had money on the Bills covering the spread.
  2. Yes they beat the last 2 sub .500 teams by the amount they should. But don't expect everyone to start drinking the koolaid until the Bills beat "someone". If they manage to beat the cowgirls Thursday, then your post has merit. IMO. Except for the horrific, head scratching, int yesterday, I thought Allen played extremely well. Statistically not so much, but against bottom feeders he isn't being asked to be more than a game manager. And even then, they still managed 20 points. He will likely need to be more than a game manager Thursday to beat the cowgirls.
  3. We are breaking with tradition, and watching the game live instead of a commercial free recording. And we'll likely eat during the game, whenever it is ready. Some family members are working and other commitments so we cannot eat earlier.
  4. In hockey if they challenge and lose, they get accessed a 2 min penalty and I believe lose their only timeout. In football, all you lose is a timeout if you are wrong. So if a play is even marginally close and you are going to call a timeout anyway, challenge the play and get a long timeout. Should be a loss of timeout and a penalty. Unsportsmanlike maybe, 15 yards. That way you only challenge if you mean it. Games take too long as it is.
  5. All very valid points, and sensible. However the Bills paid the price and moved up to take this "no-name high school and a lowly college program in a bad conference" player #7 overall. So he is going to be scrutinized by the fan base. Fortunately, what the fan base thinks means exactly squat, particularly to the Bills current head coach. Judging Allen game to game, as you say, doesn't make sense other than to hopefully see some sign of recognition of what he should be doing, and executing some of that ... which IMO he has shown so far this season. However fans judging the Bills front office on this pick. which was a bit of a risk given Allens history, is going to happen ... and that's fair in my book. Again, fortunately for the Bills, that also means exactly squat
  6. I was wondering that as well, every time his kickoffs were to the goal line or shorter. TV guys said it well ... (Singletary) he's not big, he's not fast, not what you are looking for in a RB. But every time he touches the ball he gets 5 yards ...
  7. Leslie Frazier. The looks, stunts, and blitzes had the fish o-line looking silly the entire game. Out of all the sacks, incompletions, and tackles for loss, look at how many were due to a Bills defender being untouched. He earned his salary this week for sure.
  8. He had a very good game today. Consistent, no big mistakes. Against a team where you would expect (and need) that kind of performance. The difficult part of the schedule is coming up. If he has this kind of performance against the ravens and cowgirls and basically the remaining schedule, then there should be no more detractors.
  9. If Daboll gets his head out of his ass and ground and pounds Singletary with a side of Gore, Bills 31 - 13. If not, Fish 20-17.
  10. He isn't about to bite the hand that feeds him.
  11. No. It was dumb luck that they made it last year. Something outrageous would need to happen the rest of the season like losing out for there to be any chance of a head coaching change. And even then, it's not a lock to happen.
  12. I think it's a fair question since at this point in his career anyway, Allen isn't a improvement. But as someone mentioned above, more appropriate for an interview or as a topic for one of his "articles", not a in-season press conference. Probably just trying to get people talking about him again ... and it has worked here at least.
  13. Ballsy until you don't make it and you get them cut off. Often the difference between ballsy and dumb-ass is if it worked or not.
  14. Everyone in the Bills locker room should feel dirty, and very embarrassed.
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