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  1. You're kidding right? Are you paying attention to MLB now at all, or schools opening, or anything else? There are new significant developments nearly every week.
  2. One thing that puzzles me is why the "deadline" to decide is now. I would expect if someone next week comes to the conclusion they need to opt out, they'll do it and ***** the NFLs deadline.
  3. I did watch a lot of the habs/pens game last night. Very high quality. But I have noticed too that there seems to be a overall lack of hitting in all of the games. Maybe they are all still trying to get back in game shape and don't want to get hurt.
  4. Quality has been fine, I agree. But the pseudo-season-playoffs in july/august just hasn't grabbed me like hockey seasons always have. Plus jumping right into a playoff series format probably has something to do with it. I'll watch some I'm sure, but basically for me, last season was over when they shut it down.
  5. Quite frankly, this season has become meaningless with the opt outs etc. IMO. Much like NHL/NBA/MLB. If they try and have the season, and I'm sure they will at least try as there is too much TV money on the table to pass up, I doubt I will be interested enough to watch much. NHL is my top sport and I am barely watching any of that now. Just can't generate any interest.
  6. Baseball is about to shut down because they made the same mistake as the NFL is planning, teams travelling and going home every day. NBA did it smart keeping the players in a bubble. Harder to do for NFL with most of the games traditionally played just on Sundays.
  7. This right here IMO is the root of the entire problem. The kneeling etc. protests are not, and were never intended to be, a sign of disrespect to the military. It was done as an attempt to raise awareness that racism in the US and in law enforcement is still a thing, and bigger than some would care to admit. Some take it as a "slap in the face to everyone who has ever defended our rights", and that is usually when things can start degenerating.
  8. No, the NFL is about money. Until this exclusivity deal gets to the point they think they could be making more some other way, do not expect anything to change much. Online petitions make poeple feel better, but really have little to no impact. This is a business decision and only a business decision. But at the same time, NFL teams and players etc. is what draws most to the game I believe.
  9. I watched the German soccer games this weekend. They just restarted their season and there were no fans. I actually preferred it that way. With no fan noise you can hear what's actually going on during the game. With football and hockey they would need a good long dump buffer to bleep out a lot of the potty mouths though
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