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I Can't Wait 'Til The Home Opener!!!!!!!

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3 hours ago, Gordio said:



Ah, a man that thinks just like me.  We missed out on the non conference matchups last year and I want to soak it all in this year.  As much as I am super excited about the Bills, the NFL is no comparison to college football to me.  I just love it.  


On a side note, my sons one friend, I ran into his dad last week.  Big Penn State fan went there, he was telling me how excited he was because he got tickets to the PSU/Auburn game and he was so looking forward to taking his son there to that game.  He dropped dead of a heart attack two days after I talked to him.  Chilling and makes you think.  Only a year older than me.  Makes you think.   Enjoy everyday looking forward to the things you love.  

Oh that is just sad. You're right it does make you think.

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