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Colin Cowherd's QB Dominoes for the 2021 Off-Season

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On 2/17/2021 at 2:42 PM, DrDawkinstein said:

Fields to the Falcons is the most intriguing to me. Partly because I'm local, but mostly because while he IS a "hometown" guy, he also left UGA and not on good terms.


Not sure how welcoming Falcons "fans" will be (because most Falcons fans are UGA fans first and Falcons fans just to have something to do on Sunday).

The Falcon fans just want a winner.  The last 3 years have been terrible.  While Matt Ryan has not sucked.  His mojo is definitely on the downside ever since the Super Bowl loss 4 years ago.  A change will be coming soon enuf once Ryan's ridiculous contract can be sent packing without the dead cap money completely crippling the team.  As for Field, the Dawgs have JT Daniels who will do just fine for them.  In today's college game, everyone wants to play now.  Fields thought the Buckeyes gave him a better chance to play right away.  He didn't disappoint until the Nat title game.  And then he took a royal beat down.  Roll Tide.  

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Well Cowherd is 0 for 1.  

As long as Watson stays out of the afce, I could care less where anyone else goes. Urban will find a way to screw up Lawrence. The Jets organization is a dumpster fire and hopefully the Fins are dumb

Mariota to NE is a cream dream. Another 2-0 season against the Pats.

If I’m Dallas and I can get two 1st rd picks and a good player I’m doing that deal in a heartbeat. That injury is going to have lingering effects and I would definitely not invest a huge QB contract with Dak. With the cap decreasing and that injury I would be looking for a trade partner.

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On 2/18/2021 at 4:05 AM, Albany,n.y. said:

I don't buy this not NFL ready nonsense that Cowherd is trying to sell.  They said that about Josh Allen and I believe that starting as a rookie was very important in his development.  I'd rather have a raw rookie learn on the job than sit on the bench.  Just look at the teams that tried to keep a rookie on the bench in favor of Tyrod.  Both Mayfield & Herbert thrived as rookies when the plan was to keep them on the bench. 

Both ways work... Rodgers and Mahomes benefited by sitting on the bench for a year....Watson and Allen have been thrown to the wolves from day one and they have done ok.  

48 minutes ago, stuvian said:

the offseason is long on speculation and short on facts

this !

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On 2/17/2021 at 2:37 PM, eball said:

You may as well have titled this thread "QB predictions from a dude I saw at the post office" because they'd have just as much credibility.

You said it man.


Cowherd knows as much about football as my oven.

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Just glad Buf isn't on this list. 

Times have changed! 

The rest of the league is in disarray with their QB situations and we have a guy that'll be here for 15 years and just finished 2nd in MVP voting. 

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