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1/24/21 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMEDAY Thread Bills @ Chiefs 2nd Half


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3 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


I don't know with our current personnel how we even slow them on defense we don't have enough speed. I know we need to keep up. But would be nice to be able to slow them at least.


I think it is a lot easier to bulld up the offense around Allen than it is to find defensive players that can stop the KC offense. Get a RB with speed and replace Brown. Knox has actually been fine down the stretch so we don't need a TE but Daboll needs to figure out how to involve him more.

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Just now, BillsFan4 said:

Well, this *&$#$&* sucks. The Bills look totally out-classed and were completely out-coached most of the game, especially the Bills defense. Whatever this game plan was is totally dog ****.


I said there was no shame in losing this game but I wanted to at least give the Chiefs a hell of a game and feel like we were close to knocking them off.

Nobody looks good. McDermott coaching safe and scared.


Really disappointing end to a great season. 


Save these comments fro the post-game threads.


We're still playing!


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