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Taron Johnson...a long way from the combine

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2 minutes ago, wAcKy ZeBrA said:

Anyone able to find his draft day thread? I checked last night but could not find it with the search. 

I believe it was a lot of “who???” And, “ but so and so was available” and “Where the eff is Weber state”

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It's pretty funny, but I'll take a team full of guys who make a dumb mistake then keep plowing forward rather than make a mistake then melt down.  Besides, a pass deflected with your helmet counts just as much as one deflected with your hands!


I hope he's gained some confidence and comes to play against KC!

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So for the first probably 10-12 weeks of the season, I couldn't stand seeing him out on the field.  I know a lot of people on here like to bash Edmunds and Oliver because of their draft status, but to me Johnson was absolute garbage and one of the biggest reasons why the defense was looking so poor.  It just seemed that every ball thrown in his direction was a catch and most likely a first down.  He's making me eat a lot of crow right now, he's played really well the past 5 or 6 weeks I would say.  

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Seems to me like he’s a longer ways away from last season than the combine. 

he REALLY impressed me his rookie year and took a small step back last year imo.  After a rough start this season, he’s taken his play to another level in recent weeks.  

for a little guy (with a long injury history) to be so aggressive and stout vs the run says a lot about the kids mindset.  He might get beat in coverage from time to time (who doesn’t?), but his acumen vs the run is what makes him one of the best slot corners in the league.  

I gave him a lot of grief early in the season and I’m sorry for that.  Every player makes mistake.  Not every player plays with his kind of heart and determination. He may have out priced himself for the Bills. Last year might be his last in Buffalo. 

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3 hours ago, nkreed said:

This is the second time I get to put this gif into a thread.


Watching the whole thing though, he gets up and catches the next 3 balls. Good for him.4QArrn.gif



I remember seeing this when I recorded the Combine that year.


When we drafted him, I vaguely remembered his name. Then I knew where from. 


It's great that this is not the only thing he will be remembered for.


He now has a play that is etched in Buffalo Bills history, and NFL history for that matter.

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