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One "drought era" Bill on today's roster?

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Give me Aaron Schobel in a McDermott defense, please. Edge problem solved. 

Jason Peters

Terrell Owens

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9 minutes ago, whatdrought said:


Technically he would not be eligible because he was on a Bills roster that went to the Postseason. I thought of him at first too, but alas. 

*****... I read my way around the parentheses...


I saw... or wanted to see


”If you could bring one drought era Buffalo Bill, someone who never played in the playoffs with the Bills in their prime”, ? 



35 minutes ago, whatdrought said:

I've seen threads like this before, but not sure one has popped up this offseason. 


If you could bring one drought era Buffalo Bill (someone who never played in the playoffs with the Bills) in their prime, and drop them on this roster, who would it be? 


**Edit: For the sake of argument, let's say that "prime" means the high point of their career with the Bills. So for instance, whatever Gilmores best year was when wearing the red white and blue, not last year. 




This is what got me started down this rabbit hole: 






Freddy seems like an obvious choice, but Mario might be my pick. 


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15 minutes ago, Logic said:

Though he wouldn't be my answer if I could only choose ONE drought era player....I get the sense that Jairus Byrd would be a stud playmaker in McDermott's scheme.


Honestly, he crossed my mind as well... I'm just not sure how he would do in our system where we aren't traditional in safety roles- Poyer is technically the deep man, but he and Hyde will rotate back and front so much that it's not one or the other. Byrd, if I remember correctly, was almost exclusively a deep safety?


2 minutes ago, njodogg said:

Stevie Johnson? 


Low key solid choice. Him and Brown and Beasley would be a great WR core. 

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1 minute ago, Jerry Jabber said:

Terrence McGee. Would love to see him opposite Tre White, plus he would be a huge boost on kick returns. 


Was he a better zone or man corner? I have no idea what we primarily ran when he was here, though I'm sure we switched regularly. 

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