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  1. This is pretty much the way I understand things to be too. Apparently the problems begin when some think that noncompliance is optional!! Look you can’t tell everything from a video either. I watched the available videos of Big Ed’s episode. He seemed to be very respectful on the outside and the police also showed nothing out of the ordinary. But we can’t tell what’s being said by either party! We can’t get all the details from just a video! The same as Floyd’s murder! We can see that from the video and the autopsy report that his life was ended by that cop! Intentionally is the issue. We have no way of knowing what that cop was thinking or even every absolute bit of evidence that a jury will be going through later! To do so is only speculation!!! Ed needs to be careful here as far as what he says. He certainly can have his own opinion but is it fact? If there are no real reasons for that cop to think that he was drunk than he certainly should have been released immediately!! And if there is real evidence to show that he was detained without reason than by all means make a stink about it!! Make sure that it’s real and not partly hype! I have heard of and experienced being pulled over for no reason. I think all of my black friends have told of it happening to them!! I can speculate that maybe some of them are not being totally upfront but certainly not most that I know. See the danger of speculation in that statement??!
  2. I think he should have just split the 15 million up and given it to the underprivileged! How dare he make this capitalist move by buying something at rock bottom value and attempting to increase it thru intelligence, creativity and hard work!!!? Obviously sarcasm here. I hope it works out for him!!
  3. Bills’ Mafia Field!!!
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