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  1. Jerry Rice! He put TWO QBs in the HOF!!!
  2. Right now, and I hate to say it but NE is the better team. We could still beat them in 2 weeks but it would be an “ any given Sunday “ game. I’m more interested in later in the season and/or playoffs. Good teams get better as the season progresses and with all of our youth!!! However IMO the defenses are both very good. Good time to be a Bills fan! Is there a bad time to be a Bills fan??
  3. And with all the youth getting better each week!! The arrow is definitely pointing ☝️
  4. Sounds good! The titans and ravens are playing well right now and with these 2 road wins it makes me think that the cowboys game on thanksgiving will be a great matchup!! One game at a time!
  5. True. If Watkins would buy in to the process. Seems to have learned since his days here.
  6. Glad to see Ford jump in there and have his QBs back!! I thought he handled it well. It’s not like he threw a punch or anything. Just a shove is all I saw. Roughing the passer should have been called as well!!
  7. Great video! Really brings to light how bad things were for 3/4 of that game. This team is mentally tough!!! Impressive!!
  8. This is one game that I really want to see the Bills dominate from start to finish!!
  9. It’s strange that the Giant fans I know are an arrogant bunch! Some of the worst IMO, as far as football knowledge!
  10. All I saw was a team that did what they had to, to get the W. Offense committed basically 5 turnovers if the safety is factored in, defense was shut down. ST came through when called on. The whole team stayed poised and confident! That is the really impressive to me given Josh Allen’s inexperience!
  11. Nice, here’s to it setting the tone for the entire line! Ford already has that attitude just has to learn and adjust to the pro game.
  12. I don’t think that with Mosley gone that the middle of the Jets D. was much weaker. Not with the stud tackles they have! They allowed Mosley to run free of blockers pretty much! His speed to the edge was missed though. Don’t know if that was why Singletary got the ball or not. Those runs really helped change the momentum for sure. Gore looked like an old, tired back. A Great player destined for the HOF but past the point that he can impose his will on a defense!
  13. IMO it’s still Christie because house money hasn’t been here long enough. But I’m happy with him so far.
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