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  1. Thanks I didn’t see his comments on Singletary before! I was really surprised with how hard he is to bring down once you get a hold of him that is!!
  2. Knox is definitely someone they can add as another piece of the puzzle going forward! Another weapon! I am impressed that he seems to be able to get separation and get open. Don’t underestimate his ability to stretch the defense a little. He’s not a burner but can he get behind you. Didn’t think he was that good of an athlete coming out but I didn’t think Josh was either!! Would like to know what Andre Reed thinks of Singletary?? Yeah, he was a nice find considering Hockenson was already gone! Knox has just as much ability!
  3. Green Bay because it’s a small city with a rabid fan base like Buffalo! Besides don’t care for anything from San Francisco! I would like to see the Chiefs win because of Andy Reid.
  4. I expect improvement once again from Josh! Just not as big of one. I do think that in year 3 his improvement will be in smaller increments. Like the article said. Hitting receivers more in stride, better starts to his games instead of taking a quarter or half to get going. Better recognition of defensive schemes. Overall learning from his mistakes by experience. He already shows toughness, competitiveness and leadership in spades!!!
  5. Yeah me too!! Hopefully McDermott can tell if Lawson is really “all in”
  6. Good read and I think it’s probably accurate! Although I would like to keep Spain it would be interesting to see who someone like Singletary would want back on the o-line! Not that he would ever say in public if he didn’t want someone back. Phillips is as good as gone!
  7. Not a fan of paying a player top money for one years worth of quality play!! Would rather keep multiple DTs hungry by not paying big bucks to one exclusively. Considering that Mcd. keeps a pretty healthy rotation I don’t think Big Phil will be here next year. Unless he comes down in asking price before FA! Maybe he is just bargaining at this point! We’ll see.
  8. Impressive write up!! I’m thinking that most of the team feels the same! Loved what he said about Josh! Kid is a
  9. I agree. Kelly took years to get us not only to the playoffs but also to the Super Bowl! It might not be as fast as we want but I think he will get us there and more than once! Because I think with this coach and GM he will have a good team around him!
  10. JJ Watt seems to me to be a guy with some class! Gronk???? Nuf said!
  11. I run a business that’s basically 365/24/7. But, we will knock off on Saturday around lunchtime and settle in later to watch the game. My sons are coming over around 3 and most of the family will be here so I’m really looking forward to the game!!! I live a couple hours out of Buffalo and a lot of people are excited for the Bills here!! It’s been a long time coming!!
  12. Win the line of scrimmage and it usually means a win!!
  13. Nice breakdown. 2 things I get from it: Daboll is better than many on this board believe. He is directly responsible for plays called. Glad Gilmore has lousy hands or he would have about twice as many picks, but I still say he is no Revis. He gets help often! I know I said 2 observations but goona add another! Josh gets it as well and can see the scheme as it plays out during the play! He’s our guy!!
  14. No I didn’t actually count the number of times that they brought more than 4 down linemen but I definitely could see the difference in aggressiveness on defense. The time of possession was heavily in New England’s favor so that could explain why as far as just being gassed in the 4th quarter? But it was nothing like the past 3 or 4 games.
  15. I not saying that this is all of the reason for the poor tackling but they were just not aggressive as a whole on defense!! Even the scheme! They rarely blitzed extra defenders and seem to feel that they could cover the Pats enough to keep Brady from completions. I think it set the tone for the way that they played! We are not the biggest defense so you better come and play an attacking style or you are going to get run thru or over!!
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