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  1. John Brown is exactly the type that Gilmore struggles with. Same when he played for us. I honestly have not watched Diggs all that much but I do think that amount of chemistry he has with Josh will matter just as much! If he and Diggs can put it together like he did with Smoke then watch out.This offense will be dynamic and explosive!!! Who do you try and take away Brown or Diggs??
  2. Not saying he’s great but he does make others more productive!!
  3. I don’t understand the hate Josh gets either! Sure he can be scrutinized for his weaknesses and that is fair. But one thing that stands out to me that is a characteristic of great QBs is that players around them become better or at least more productive! Brown and Beasley had career years last season!!👍
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if his replacement is drafted this year even. He is unique in his ability to cover like he did against White of the Patriots! Not many linebackers can pull that off. Still gotta go with Dawkins!
  5. Rb needs some depth in my opinion. Gore is done and he had a great career! Yeldon is a big back but lacked the acceleration to exploit holes when open. Really didn’t seem hard to bring down for his size either! Motor was much tougher to tackle after contact than Yeldon. We need a back that has burst and acceleration. That has good instincts and can wear down d-lines. Like Kenny Davis from back in the day! If the defense let down at all when Thurman was out, Davis made you pay!! This draft is all about depth and acquiring young talent for the future! Maybe not so much at rb but it’s nice to be where we’re at for a change.
  6. Did you hear this from any source? Not trying to criticize but I been wondering what did happen there with JP? I liked his play last year but wasn’t sure he would repeat after getting his big payday! IMO Beane more than replaced Phillips in FA anyway.
  7. Given that Smoke and Allen already have chemistry I gotta think that Brown will have an even better year than last! I’m cautiously optimistic but this offense should take a big step!! They should really stretch defenses making it riskier to all out blitz. Especially with Diggs!! One mistake and he takes it to the house!!!
  8. They will play! Nobody will be at the stadium to watch. But they will play!! Sounds crazy but this whole mess has been crazy.
  9. So sorry to hear this news. You will be in my prayers!
  10. They look like what they are. An aging team that has lost their GOAT Qb! For now. They still have great coaching and a solid organization. Defensively they will be tough not dominant! Offensively they will be painful to watch unless they can find a decent Qb and add a couple of weapons! I will be tuning in as much as possible!!!
  11. The vast majority can’t for sure! He would have to be one of the special few players that can. Example would be Bruce Smith! I think that Mcd feels it’s better to get pressure on the Qb collectively as a unit! Lots of bodies that are interchangeable with an occasional blitz from say a linebacker or def. back! As far as finding another rb to compliment Singletary. I’m not sure that management is sold exclusively on him. Or any back for that matter. They are relatively interchangeable and not as coveted as they once were. Maybe if you could find another Thurman Thomas then he could be the feature guy! They definitely appear to be looking to add to that position in the draft. Going to be interesting to see what kind of back it is? A one cut power back that can move the pile or someone else like Singletary that has great instincts and makes defenders miss? I like Motor a lot and have been impressed with him. Reminds me of Shady but doesn’t go down near as easily! Not sure if he can be the feature back game in and game out for the next 6 - 8 years??
  12. Good article! Not sure how far apart Jackson and Allen are, but I can’t see Lamar really taking his game much higher. Josh Allen however still has a lot more upside IMO! Philip Rivers has always been a riddle. At times he seems elite and 2nd tier the next. Not sure if he just needed more weapons or he wasn’t what he appeared to be! He certainly had a GREAT tight end to throw to!!!
  13. I highly doubt that we will be moving up especially into the first round. Right now considering the FA acquisitions and Diggs trade we are positioned to take the back of our choice! Rb isn’t as highly prized as it once was unless there is a Saquan Barkley available. Nice job by Beane! We can take either a rb or a developmental wr in the second and the other later! They really took a good look at the wrs and maybe concluded that they value is in the middle rounds? Who knows?
  14. IMO it was certainly the combination of BB and Brady. Belichick is a great defensive coach. His greatest strength is taking away opponents strengths! Game planning and in game adjustments! Brady was the offense, period. Not that BB can’t run a competent offense it’s that Brady made it go! He was the on the field general that made it special. Unless Bill finds another Qb to take over where Brady left off the Patriot Way is going to end! Soon! They will still be a good team because BB is a great coach but not a the team of the past!!! You pretty much nailed it! Thanks Bob Kraft!!!
  15. The only ability that Shaq has that is exceptional is setting the edge! Really helped containing Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. He has improved at pass rush but I wouldn’t break the bank for him!!
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