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  1. Depends if Josh actually learns from each situation or just continues to rely on Daboll? If it helps him to decipher coverages so that he will recognize this stuff in the future on his own, I’m all for it! He still has to execute post snap which seems to be improving!
  2. Absolutely! Love the pressure but it can hurt you too! Brady will make you pay unless it’s done sporadically. And you must win on 1st and 2nd downs!
  3. Hard to make a call on this when we only got one side of things! Glad it’s not a Bills player saying this!!
  4. No! I don’t care if he played here 2-3 years and yes even won a Super Bowl. He would always be Patriot in my mind. Can’t stomach that!!
  5. That’s where I would start but if the chance to draft or acquire a special talent at a key position comes you have to take it imo! Those players are also key and probably what the current team needs. Qb is a special position that must be addressed! You need a good one to be a perennial contender! When that happens in a rebuild isn’t as important as making sure it at least does happen!!!
  6. I agree totally! Josh has an elite arm as far as strength and has shown plenty of touch and accuracy to warrant investment in his development. Yeah he has struggled with the deep ball but that will come. His strength is passing sideline to sideline and making a team pay when they ignore his mobility! He will get there! Are most fans willing to be patient enough to wait?
  7. While I agree with the point of as Allen goes so does the team it’s not all on him. Execution and a couple more playmakers would help matters! The Pats have been a great team seemingly forever largely because of Brady and Belichick. But the rest of the team executes at a high level consistently! Blocking and tackling the basics of the sport are done pretty much game in and game out at a high level! Something that up to this point we haven’t achieved. Mcd preaches the process and part of that process is getting there. Hopefully he can keep the belief of his players long enough to achieve that!? But yeah Allen’s continued development is key to how far this team goes!!! Imo we need to make the playoffs if for no other reason but to keep the players invested in this process!! Once Allen matures ,these young players develop and we add a few more playmakers we could be a dominant team for many years!!!
  8. It’s puzzling, Foster does give more of a deep threat than Williams. But the offense is better overall with Duke as a 3rd receiver. Another weapon besides the TEs. Better in the run game as well!
  9. Yes and I think he is only scratching the surface of his potential! So glad we have him!! Thanks for that info! Not always as things seem!
  10. What’s difficult to see in these videos is the push that the offensive line gets. It’s makes a huge difference to a linebacker if the DL is getting pushed back even a little. The angles are dramatically different and not in a positive way for the linebacker! Much easier for the runner to find a lane!! In the second video without knowing the defensive call IMO Hyde got sucked in too far and couldn’t recover but I will say that Milano was too easily blocked too I wonder if this isn’t why Taylor was brought in and Peko released? Also Oliver saw far fewer snaps last week. Maybe he is dinged up some, but we wouldn’t know that!
  11. My question is our offensive line that good and just had a bad day against the eagles or are they overrated?
  12. Cleveland doesn’t seem to be on paper the potential threat that Philly was. Even if they play with desperation. But, they still have talent especially at rb! A definite weakness for our defense! Like they all say “ it’s tough to win in the NFL” or “any given Sunday “! This team needs to take the next step offensively and actually play a full game. Maybe not necessarily to beat Cleveland, but with games coming up against Pittsburgh, Dallas, Baltimore and NE, we will need an effective offense to win. I thought we would need to score more than 24 points to beat Phil’s and actually it ended up being 31 but you can see my point here! In short it really depends on how we play more than any of our opponents!!
  13. The last game was really lost in the trenches!! It’s not all on Josh or just a few players!
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