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  1. You could be right! I don’t know about winning the division but hosting a wild card game is a definite possibility! With a great defense, which travels well usually. We could conceivably get to the AFC championship! What a great way to stick it to the Pats but to beat them to advance to the Super Bowl!! One can dream can’t I?
  2. True enough! It was nice to see us play the Pats tough even though their oline was banged up.
  3. Partly the reason that the Jets, Titans and Bengals are on the bottom 5 is because they played against our defense!
  4. I voted the Titans as #6 team! They have a pretty decent team. Good D and don’t make a lot of mistakes on offense. They could be a hard out in the playoffs! They need a kicker!!
  5. I agree! For now I can live with the one bad play a week. I didn’t really feel that pick was as bad as the ones against NE. But they are a better defense also. Patience is the word for now! Let’s see what we have after he has had 2 1/2 to 3 years of starts! He’s worth the wait considering what his ceiling could be. Also considering that will give the offense more time to gel and catch up to the defense! This team could be scary good!!
  6. When you really consider it, how much different is a 4.3 from a 4.66? Obviously, .4 seconds in 40 yards. Not much really. How many times does a Qb get 3 and a half seconds to throw considering flight time of the ball? It’s much more important to have good route running techniques and great hands!! Duke’s size and physicality are a help too! He looks like a baller to me!!!
  7. As far as Frazier leaving, I’m sure that McDermott already has a small group of candidates in mind. He is THAT organized!! I couldn’t help but notice the general atmosphere in the locker room post game!! Confidence is growing and this team is starting to really believe that they are good!! This team has a lot more in them! I still don’t think we have seen the ceiling of this defense yet!!!
  8. With two backup lineman and without your starting center no less! Sign of a good team is running when they need to!
  9. Good write up Virgil! If I remember right it was a 4th and 2 and I was puzzled that they tried the sneak! Big difference of just one yard in that situation but Allen nearly pulled it off!! This was his best game as a pro! He’s so competitive that it is contrary to his nature to slide or throw a pass away!!
  10. From my experience that can very nearly happen at the stadium while playing the Pats! Bandwagon fans all over! Probably why the league doesn’t want the Brady dynasty to end. I’d say your good!👍
  11. Replay says it all but intent of player. It was clearly helmet to helmet!! Jones did appear to be trying to use his shoulder pads late in the hit. But the initial blow was to the head causing Allen’s head to whip back! Just because he was a runner at that point, does that make it any better?? If it was Gore or Michel of the Pats, does that mean it’s ok to rock someone’s head that way?? Clearly the brunt of the initial contact was to the head! I’m love hard hitting football as much as anyone. Miss the 70’s and 80’s style of play. But if the league is trying to stop these kind of hits this doesn’t help!! Should have been fined! Actually fines do very little. Should have a short suspension unless Jones continues with the hits! Ala Burfict!!
  12. Robert Woods as far as recent team history. Good receiver who blocked well in the run game. All time: Bruce Smith without a question!! Probably the only GOAT at any position that ever played in Buffalo!!
  13. To me that’s about as important as Brady retiring. BB is a great coach and he will somehow find a decent Qb. With that team it still won’t be easy to win the division! Hopefully they walk hand in hand into the sunset together!!
  14. Best write up in awhile Shaw! I always look for them every Monday. You sum up my feelings on both Allen and Zay! Josh has all the competitive fire that Zay sure could use. Now Allen needs to catch up in the experience department and I think he will! This loss isn’t as hollow as past ones. This team can play with anybody!!!
  15. No, he hasn’t even started a full season yet! But, Josh has played big at key times and has shown the ability to carry this team to a win. Game winning 4th quarter drives!! Tremendous athleticism! Leadership and his teammates believe in him which is a must!! IMO he should get more time. At least another season after this one! There is such a high ceiling that we need to be absolutely sure he is not the guy before moving on.
  16. It is further evidence that the fix has been in on preferential treatment of Patriot players!! If a ref. cannot immediately know that Gronkowski or any player should be ejected in that instance they have no business being one!! Unless there is another reason??! Praise God that Tredavious wasn’t seriously or permanently injured!!
  17. The dude is toying with the press and playing with our minds! The only reason that he compliments any other team is to make them think that he has some respect for them. It builds a misguided confidence in the opponent! Zay Jones a quality player??Then his team goes out and systematically defeats them.
  18. I figured we would end up Rosen as well. Thought he was the most ready of all of them. Didn’t feel Mayfield could compete but really don’t like Rosen’s attitude! Wasn’t sure how I felt about drafting Allen beyond that arm of his! And I like that he is from a rural small town atmosphere but not sure if he would be somewhat intimidated early. Boy was I wrong!!!
  19. Really impressed by Josh. How did we get this kid??! Lee Smith is good for this team. Wonder if he has had an influence on Knox?
  20. Leave early to get into the stadium like a hour before kickoff. Got there 35 minutes before kickoff and missed the first 2 possessions due to security. Other than that enjoy!!! Should be awesome game!!
  21. We go through this kind of flattery every time we play the Pats. This is a tough matchup, they have really good players, we will need to play our best game!! Belichick and comp. spews this garbage every time we matchup. THEN they come out and stomp us!! And maybe a cheap shot elbow to the back of the head!! Just to remind us that they own us and the league! No organization has come close to being able to consistently compete with these guys. I think we are headed in the right direction but not there yet! IMO McDermott and Beane have done a great job. Can we beat the Pats? Yeah but it will take an all 4 quarters effort. This team needs to disregard the BS from Bill and know that they have absolutely no respect for the Bills. The only way is to punch them in the mouth and beat them!!!
  22. To me the Bills use of Pancho’s story is also about promoting the “one buffalo” attitude. We are one family; players, fans, coaches etc... Maybe this is too pie in the sky stuff but I really think that Sean McDermott cares about his players and fans as if they are family. JMO! As far as the game I was really concerned with the lack of protection from the offensive line! They better fix it ASAP or Allen is gonna have about 1.5 seconds to get rid of it this Sunday. I’m sure Belichick noticed it as well!! Although IMO they did a decent job in the run game at least getting some chunk yardage gains. Right now it’s the defense and Allen show!
  23. I agree they call it more than I would, but after seeing Allen’s ability in person today I see why they try and use it! I don’t like calling it with 1:20 to in the half up 14-0. Why take more chances than you have to with Josh?
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