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  1. I’ve voiced that same opinion of Kap and the anthem protests on here also. Not saying that there isn’t unjust things that happen to blacks and others in this country. I have family members who have told me what it’s like to be other than whIte. Targeted by police at times etc.... it shouldn’t be that way!!! Kap wasn’t wrong IMO. Neither is Brees. Our country isn’t perfect and there certainly is disunity amongst us but the anthem is a moment when we should lay our differences aside! I would like to encourage others to respectfully listen to experiences that others have growing up and living as a minority. It helped me to see a little more clearly things that I have never experienced first hand or at least not often. I also would add that there are those amongst us that want to see this country brought down. Not referring to Kap here. But they do exist and it’s important to have something to bring us together even if it’s for just a couple of minutes. The anthem is one but so is our shared love of football. Specifically the Bills. Some things are worth preserving!!
  2. I have had that same belief in Josh since early on. Probably the Vikings game of his rookie season. He just does some things that other Qbs can’t. Throws, hurdling linebackers, diving for what seemed like 5 yards to reach the goal line!! Yet not many ints. I just haven’t had the guts to predict it happening. Wait and see approach. He is going to take this team somewhere special!!
  3. Very interesting! Thanks for posting. One thing that caught my attention was that he is certainly a leader. That he hung in with the inexperienced, new wrs was great to see. Great perspective from his former OC.
  4. Yeah it probably comes with age. Too many clips of past players working out in the offseason together and then dashed expectations or hopes at least! I shouldn’t probably be so hard on those that dare to believe! It might surprise you that I have a lot of belief in Josh. I think he could be special, eventually!! And someone here commented about how good it is just for these guys to get together and see what makes each other tick. To bond. One of these pictures did give me a little less concern for Josh’s accuracy. Brown and Beasley aren’t that big. Josh hooked up well with both!!
  5. Pretty sure most all of us could make that pass. The OP stated a “strong connection “. I’m not going to make it more than it is! Great they are getting to know each other, glad to see it. But does that really translate to the field like live reps with defenders? They all know that it doesn’t , but apparently some here don’t.
  6. Connection? Don’t want to douse the enthusiasm here, but with no pass rush and no db my 50 + year old noodle arm could complete that pass!! I get that their chemistry is key in taking this offense to the next level. And I would so love to believe that they already have that on field chemistry. But how? At this point anyway.
  7. Chris Spielman for sure. Loved watching that guy play and he really fit this city’s blue collar attitude!!
  8. Count me as a big fan of Josh Allen ,but yeah if he can’t produce with a much more loaded offense and the same system for 3 years then it won’t be long before the grumbling begins. Mcbeane are committed to building a perennial winner and I love that!!!
  9. I’ve been trying to be cautiously optimistic about the acquisition of Diggs. But, I gotta say it’s not like drafting a “Watkins” and rolling the dice with what kind of professional you will get! Maybe it will work out, maybe not. Diggs is a known commodity! Tremendous will to compete and wants to win badly!! It sounds like that is what led to his problems in Minnesota. He knows he can be used more and he wasn’t. Of course things like injuries could keep him sidelined but if he is on the field he will be a difference maker. He will open this offense up! Josh will have to spread the ball around to keep defenses guessing but there is no question who is the primary target now!!!
  10. Cmon Ed! Gotta make better choices. Glad to see at least he was compliant with the authorities. Hate to be the one to restrain that dude!!
  11. Becomes a top five Qb. That’s if he can avoid being riddled with injuries. I believe that with the combination of Josh, McDermott and Beane, we will finally get a Lombardi!!
  12. You said it! There’s the difference. Moss is a proven, mature, hard working young prospect. He should do well at the next level. Maybe not dominate as much as in college but it’s good to draft players that did dominate there! Especially with the kind of person he has shown to be so far. Kudos Beane!!
  13. Most definitely!! Sammy must have something else in that beer. Maybe antifreeze!? Really just a sad article!!
  14. Had to watch the game on the little tv in our kitchen. Rest of my siblings and parents had something else playing on the console tv in the living room. I was pretty down one minute and literally a minute later I was jumping up and down yelling!!! They thought I was crazy!!! Great memory!!!
  15. November is my favorite month! And it starts with our Bills spanking the Pats at home!!!
  16. The OP has good points! While I would personally love a prime time night game with KC it won’t bug me if it’s at 1:00! Having the next day off is not an option in my case. So getting home a lot earlier from the game sounds good too. Either way that game is a must see!!!
  17. Shula? Belichick? I don’t know who is the greatest, but Shula was a class act! I can’t have the respect for BB that I do for Shula. Belichick is a great defensive coach, great at scheming for an opposing offense! Really good at changing or adapting in game! Setting a culture too. But, I feel that Brady was really the offensive genius the last 20 years
  18. Hope your right! If he improves that and pass blocking, it will be a big plus for this offense. He is going to be open A LOT!
  19. Good stuff! Thanks for the video. Moss seems to be very mature and well prepared for the NFL. No wonder that Beane was “sweating out” this pick. Hoping no one got to Moss before we did. Teams are going to overlook this kid, but not for long I bet.
  20. Love the “Vanilla Drilla”!!!! In my experience it’s always the second son that drives Dads crazy. Maybe because they are always competing with their older brother?! But Sean doesn’t have that issue!
  21. I certainly don’t have any hatred toward Dareus. It’s really a shame that he couldn’t find the discipline to get all of the incredible talent he has on the field consistently!! How things went after that knuckle head Whaley signed him to that huge franchise money really soured him to a lot of fans!! I did at one time think highly of Whaley because he did bring in talent but without the character and team culture you are really rolling the dice. Good luck to him!
  22. Hard to pick just one! I became a fan in 1985 so from the 80’s and 90’s it would probably be Thurman and Bruce. Great all around players. The last 20 years it definitely would be Fred and Kyle!! Both class men on and off the field. So is Lorenzo! Loved watching them play!! The one player who always just left me shaking my head was Tasker. Seemed like just a common, ordinary person physically but he just dominated on ST!!
  23. Very solid pick. This kid got a little dog in him!!
  24. Gotta say not really thrilled with this pick. Epenesa is strong with a bull rush but just don’t see that burst! Hope I’m wrong and Beane is right again!
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