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  1. I could understand that. That being said, they still had a time out. A 35 yard kick seems a lot more friendly.
  2. No problem with the Kick on fourth but that third down play. I still can't get over how wide open Beasley was. https://twitter.com/YardsPerPass/status/1193694627225882631?s=20
  3. not scrolling through 6 pages so forgive me. This is regurgitated from Marcel. Not exactly a hot take and not exactly inaccurate. I want Bills fans to be honest. Can this team win a super bowl? I am as optimistic as the next guy but even in a weak AFC I am not sure. He is spot on. https://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41082955-4 Marcel raises excellent points and if you want to admit it or not Beane knows more about football then us. We are not in a position where one player or even two makes us a super bowl winner. The ultimate goal. Building blocks are in place.
  4. Actually a great write up over on reddit.
  5. 24-17 Buffalo We saw last week how we can own TOP. Has to be in game plan this week.
  6. https://thebuffalofanatics.com/2019/09/17/the-buffalo-bills-need-to-win-on-sunday-then-make-an-offer-for-a-j-green/ "He is only under contract for this year, but signing him to a short extension would not be an issue as the Bills are projected over $80 million in cap space next season. If they sign him for 2-3 years, they could have him, Brown, and Beasley under contract for multiple seasons before the team has to pay Josh Allen."
  7. I was sold on Oliver pre draft and got super excited when he fell to us so I was happy. In the second when we traded up I really thought we were going to snag DK but was actually very happy with Ford. Looking back on it Beane made the right move there. He brought in vet WR's (Brown and Beasley) who clearly understand what it takes to play in the NFL and are willing to put in the work. This was clearly to designed to help Allen develop further. If Allen has a good year this year I would not be surprised with a 1st round WR in 2020.
  8. Same thing as every Sunday. Man Cave, Chili, Beer.
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