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  1. I mean others are picking up the same thing.
  2. Apologize if this has been mentioned but wanted to share. I received a text message today from a buddy who is connected to plenty of Beat Writers and Pod Casters. He said his source said there was serious miscommunication on the kick off " Mcd wanted to Squib. Message was never got to Bass. Farwell had them huddled and didn't tell him to Squib. Mcd and Frazier apparently got so flustered that players didn't know what to do on defense. The players wanted to run Quarters coverage. It was all botched. The phrase "most absolutely botched thing I've ever seen" from source. And Frazier wants out, wants Chicago job" He also heard that Farwell is "resigning"
  3. Awesome good insight! I'll watch the game in my cave but good to know!
  4. Morning Bills Mafia! I was hoping to connect with some other Bills Fans in the Portland, ME area. Living in enemy territory has been tough over the years but its finally our time! I was contemplating organizing a socially distanced outside kind of tailgate before the game. Would love to know if A) There are any other TBD members who reside in the Portland area and B)If anyone might be interested in a meet up/tailgate ( Either now or post vaccine) Thanks and Go Bills!
  5. It's because their predictions, are in fact, accurate on a large scale. I actually emailed them for historical data about two years ago and its uncanny. Games where they predict the winner of the match is very accurate given a large sample size. I broke it out into ranges of 51-55,56-60, 61-65, 66-70, etc. All of those hold true. Meaning if a team they predicted had a 68% chance of winning it would fall in my range of 66-70% chance. Long story short the whole point was to find an edge when books set moneylines wrong. You just need a HUGE bank roll to ensure it works.
  6. For the week is competition is Diggs or Big Ben. Wouldn't be surprised if Diggs gets it.
  7. I believe Beane will pay him almost HC money in an attempt to get him to stay. If that fails, I wouldn't be surprised if Dorsey is given a serious look.
  8. I think there is an outside chance he would stay should Beane make him the highest paid OC. I am not saying he is the best OC (Although right now he is firing on all cylinders) but Beane and McD have been creating an atmosphere that is based around continuity. They clearly believe in their guys and in return guys often might take a little less or maybe stay with a role they know they are good at. If he moves on I see Dorsey taking over. Again, the culture that has been built. It would show a lot promoting a guy like Dorsey. Players and coaching staff members would really appreciate that. But lets worry about this come Feb when we are enjoying a super bowl victory. Won't be the worst problem to have. LOL!
  9. I love hardos about repeating topics. Its awesome to watch.
  10. It'll be just the wife, my little guy, and me in the old man cave. We will be loading up on sausages, wings, pizza and of course beer! I always love draft day and getting together with fellow fans. We will set up a zoom this year but it just wont be the same in the cave.
  11. NFL Execs were polled...... They don't do the voting.
  12. I'd bring him on as an adviser the rest of the season. If Frazier is a HC candidate this off season, he could slide into a DC role if Frazier left..
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