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  1. I think Allen gets afc player of the week and month. Hopefully it gives him that nudge to get MVP. His storyline is so built for 2020. Go Bills!
  2. Yikes! Looks like some merch from a throwback WWF wrestler. Straight from Kurt Angles swag bag.
  3. Can 100% confirm this is real. My co worker is dating an ex Bill and she just visited him in miami this weekend. First thing she said today unprompted is "I saw OJ simpson at dinner". She said he was at the bar alone and throughout the evening many people asked for photos yada yada. Crazy the juice is indeed loose.
  4. Jet is in Minny huh? Hopefully Pegs sent Bean to go flex on the Vikings for Diggs.
  5. Better yet Bean and agent are in cahoots to shake down the Jets. Seems the NYC market inadvertently puts pressure on the team to spend and outbid.
  6. Pure speculation, But I wonder if McBean planned on landing morse from the get go (chiefs bills connection). Then just proceeded to engage their division rival in a fabricated bidding war. A fiscal troll job of sorts.
  7. Fox news junkies out in full force, yikes. We get it news is fake yada yada.
  8. Didn't mean to incite any tin foil hatters. Just did not know he left town days after losing $1000 on the super bowl.
  9. Yeah not sure what im trolling, methinks you're reading too much into it. It is an interesting piece take it or leave it I guess.
  10. Think of it as a cautinary tale of loving the Bills too much. We all know how we treat people after a loss. Fascinating that sports fandom can have such sway.
  11. Came accross this article and found it quite interesting. Did not realize McVeigh was a Bills super fan. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/09/02/how-football-fed-timothy-mcveighs-despair-219625
  12. My old manager was a member of process and the doo rags.
  13. I was at the game and stayed seated during the anthem in solidarity. My memories of that game included many kap jerseys. No one cares about your few hundred dollors in lost support. This isnt just another social justice issue it is the most lingering blemish in our nations history. Black men have fought in every war since the revolution and returned home to lynchings, segregation, redlining etc. Literally being portrayed as evil monsters since emancipation through print and film forever demonizing them in the eyes of thier fellow Americans. You need you open you heart to your countrymen who are starved eqaulity for the strength of wolf is pack. Also this board has been quite the cess pool of thought since the season ended. Im losing brain cells.
  14. Fudge it! I think this D is going to be so gnarly that Josh Allen should start out the gate, with kid gloves ofcourse. Thats if he beats out or is equal to aj and pooped my pants Peterman.
  15. The poyer pick 6 makes me smile whenever I think about it. We have a great backfield.
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