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  1. Who gets wacked first, Chris Collinsworth or LaDanian Tomlinson? Both hate the Bills.
  2. Where did I say that? Try reading a least a few posts up and you'll see my preference as to Flacco vs Barkley for backup.
  3. If your backup didn't at lease somewhat blow, he would be a starter somewhere else. See Nick Foles. Both Barkley and Flacco suck at this point; Barkley is more durable, but Flacco has demonstrated that he can perform in big situations. Most likely Barkley will be here this year and that is it; the coaching staff needs him to hold down the fort and help bring Fromm along.
  4. You and @ScottLaw both have valid points on the backup QB situation. Given a choice between Flacco and Barkley, I'd have to go with Flacco. Flacco has proven he can get the job done, though not always consistently; Barkley hasn't proven much of anything. The Pats game when Josh went out with a concussion is an example of Barkley not being able to finish off a drive and get the Bills a win. Barkley is indeed a borderline NFL player from the same draft class as EJ Manuel. As far as Flacco being one hit away from retiring at halftime, that is true. How about an offensive line that can pass protect and/or blocking schemes that make this possible? McD/Daboll/Beane?
  5. Thank you to those who served and currently serve. To those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we can never repay you, only God can.
  6. Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. We all better hope this is the case.
  7. If McDermott can get to a SB with the coordinators he has now, I'll eat crow. Until then, our OC and SpT coordinators remain suspect. Daboll's issues have been well discussed, though Heath Farwell not as much. There was two occasions of blocked punts this past year, the second one where the Patriots saw a blocking vulnerability which didn't get fixed from prior weeks and they took advantage of it.
  8. Nobody twisted McDermott's arm in choosing Dennison as the HC; that was still his choice. McD could have picked someone else, but he didn't most likely because no current or former Carolina Panther offensive assistants or coordinators were available. McD is on his second OC and SpT coordinator in four years. Not a good record, which screams McDermott is a DC, not HC.
  9. Fitz, beside being a very intelligent guy, has been playing pro football for what....13 years? He can grasp these complex plays. Josh, not so much as this was really the first year the coaching staff committed to him as a starter. I think Josh was drinking from a firehose, either by design or not. Playcalling was another problem...
  10. Doesn't Daboll have the same problem? I recall John Brown mentioning that this offense is the most complex he has been in.
  11. But again, the NFL is not going to regulate the salaries of lesser tier QBs. They will make what their teams give them, whether the team uses the Dak and Goff precedents or not. I get your point about being in QB purgatory, a number of teams will have that problem. I also don't think a Goff, Tannehill, or Alex Smith would have solved our drought problem; the coaching problem needed to be solved, first.
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