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  1. You have no question of substance, just ones that go down rabbit holes. Go to your safe space.
  2. Is Vosean Joseph ready to play this year, or is he a career backup? He didn't get much, if any, playing time last year. Not sure if that is a red flag or there were other reasons.
  3. I'm not an NBA fan, though I recall thinking the rationale behind it was dumb. I honestly don't care what the NBA does. I'm more connected to football and would like to see some tradition remain. If that makes me a bad person or even a neanderthal, then so be it.
  4. I am not native american, but I'm also not expressing any righteous indignation. People like you ruin sports. I'll leave it at that.
  5. I'm not the one unhappy about the name Redskins. But I'm the unhappy one...ok.
  6. Ugh, the vision that just popped into my head. No one needs to see this.
  7. I, as well as probably the entire sports world, do not intend offense to native americans when the Washington football team is addressed as 'Redskins.' The name/word is very old and is pretty much retired from the english language. It is used only in a sports connotation, that is it. The team has been known as the Washington Redskins since 1937 and it is a tradition. It does not appear that there is good reason to change the the tradition of the name, or address the team differently, since (again) it is used in as sports context. Last word on this. She was whining because she didn't like the poll, period. Are you native american? No? Your opinion means jack. If you don't like the team being addressed as the Redskins, then you should probably find something else to do on Sunday afternoons.
  8. I have no idea and it has nothing to do with anything. If 10% of the population doesn't like something, they typically have to live with it because 90% thought the opposite. 10% is certainly more of a fringe than the middle of a bell curve. That is why your question (or point) makes no sense. He probably did eat half of them.
  9. In the context of 87 years, yes, it is all of a sudden
  10. Ok, buttercup. Go color with your box of 64 crayons.
  11. I see. So after 87 years the team name Redskins is all of a sudden derogatory and offensive. Got it.
  12. Hide behind a BS poll? Agenda? Negative to both. Speaking of agendas, the article you linked was written by a lady with an agenda. She didn't like the age of the people polled, she didn't like the region they were polled, not enough women were polled, those polled were not Indian enough for her, and on and on. The NBC Sports article which references the Washington Post poll was conducted nationwide with a sample size of 500 native americans. I'm not sure why this isn't good enough for some. If there was a majority of those polled who took offense to the team name 'Redskins' the Washington Post would be among the first to suggest changing the name since they are not exactly a conservative newspaper, they are actually quite liberal. You got me, I'm intent on using a slur and it is really important to me...guess what I'm thinking right now, since you know my motives and all. How you arrived at this conclusion is perplexing. The Redskins team name has been around since 1933; I find it amazing that the super woke people are intent on changing a traditional name, which was not intended on being a slur, within just the past few years. Why all the new "enlightened" types need to impose yourselves in areas you should not be concerned with is annoying since the vast majority of you all are most likely not even .01% native american. What question did you pose that I haven't answered? I don't recall anything of significance. The only thing BS are the two articles you linked. Let me guess, you're thrilled with social distancing, being locked up at home, and this was the best 4th of July you could ever have imagined.
  13. I have no idea where you came up with this. You seem to be several slices of bread short of a full loaf.
  14. 20 years? Nah, I think we'll only need to wait 20 days to find out what else is offensive. Hopefully the native americans the Cleveland Indians speak with won't care if they keep the current team name. That would be the best outcome. Are you referring to the Fighting Irish? If so, they'll change their name to the Fighting Drunks. The drunk people won't care just as long as Notre Dame buys them a Harp or Guiness pint.
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