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The London Chargers? In the AFC East? It could happen

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16 minutes ago, ColoradoBills said:


NHL Hockey players do it all the time.  MLB has games in Toronto.


Other points in general:

Other worries people have like taxes etc. would no doubt be addressed.  

The is the NFL were are talking about.  They got a little pull in Washington.


West Coast teams traveling to London would likely be assisted in scheduling an away game more east and the team

would immediately fly to London after that game.


If the London team took hold I see no real reason players wouldn't want to play there.




Whether the old Chargers move there or not I still see a decent chance London gets a team some day.


See discussion re: taxes above.


Also, as predicted,  Spanos has less than zero interest.  It would be a financial disaster for this penny pincher.

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2 hours ago, Mr. WEO said:


Nah.  Drive over to Toronto for a 7 hour flight to Heathrow.  Or fly an hour to JFK for an under 7 hour flight to Heathrow.


Not possible.


You are never going to get to JFK in an hour from Buffalo and then connect to a Heathrow flight which includes the connection, per your post, under seven hours.

Simply not possible.

Flight to JFK, hour and half minimum.

Connection..an hour minimum.

Flight to Heathrow about 7 hours scheduled.

Customs/Immigration add on.


And it's longer coming west.


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I do not think they can do one European team- they can do 4 and create an entire division but not just the one due to logistics. The London team would be perpetually on long trips and their division games they would be 6 hours later. If you did 4 you can at least make the entire division equal that way and just plan the other 5 road trip games into a couple sets. 

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