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  1. Daboll needs to have a creative gameplan today running inside runs with singletary into a loaded box and letting allen just sit back there and throw it will not work. Use screens, jet sweeps, roll Allen out, RPO. Texans defense struggles with these sort of things, that's why the Ravens humiliated them. I wanna see double or triple TE sets. but unfortunately instead of all this we will see passes out to the flat to Lee smith
  2. If the Bills win today I hope jerry hughes goes up to the interview lady infront of the national audience and yells ***** ESPN
  3. Tre is only 24 and this is his 3rd year in the league Gilmore was nowhere near this good at his age. Tre could easily play for another decade if healthy.
  4. cmon buffalo show the NFL what we got. And please Mcdermott and staff do not go ultra conservative today. no one even expects us to do anything in the playoffs, lets punch some people in the ***** mouth
  5. really hope the team is listening to the national media calling the Bills the worst team in the playoffs. just hope we go out there and punch them in the mouth. have Allen run down their throats and blitz the living hell out of Watkson and make their oline work.
  6. top end LT's don't collapse on the final potential game winning drive of games. Dawkins has been beat bad plenty of times this season, top end LT's don't have that happen. I would gladly use a top draft pick on a franchise LT in the next 2 years
  7. Spain is average, not not a top guard by any means lol Felciano is prob the best player on the line. Morse has been decent this season, again nothing special. Dawkins is still a huge question mark at LT, did you not watch the final drive of the patriots game?
  8. our dline has a great chance to absolutely dominate the LOS. I really hope McD uses all our exotic packages to try and confuse their oline and we get to Watson early and often.
  9. considering the talent he has had to work with he has done very well feels good to finally have a top oline coach
  10. doubt that happens the coaches went ultra conservative in the pats game with virtually nothing to play for and playoffs locked up. do ppl forget how conservative we played vs jacksonville 2 years ago?
  11. We need to let tre do his thing on Hopkins and double team Fuller really hope Mcd sends the blitz all game long. Our dline has a chance to dominate their oline
  12. this forum is literally the only place that likes the white on blue jerseys the white on white is one of the best jerseys in the NFL, it’s a crime we don’t wear them often.
  13. fuller is playing. He will practice all week and Texans media saying he looks fine Bills have to aim for 24 points on offense. Texans defense is bottom of the league in a lot of categories, anything less than 20 points is unacceptable Fans are already getting their pitchforks ready to blame the defense if we lose but if we can’t win it will almost certainly be on the offense and Allen
  14. to be fair we played 3 of the best defenses in football in a row, 2 away from home. had our offense been able to score more than 17 points per game we go 3-0
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