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Rob Gronkowski makes massive donation to Buffalo children's hospital

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2 hours ago, Gugny said:


The way I see it is that they are two entirely different things.


And Gronk and his brothers have a foundation together that donates millions of dollars to children's hospitals.  It's not like they "pitched in."


Giving $50,000 to a children's hospital can be seen as NOTHING but a positive.  If anyone can find a negative in it, then Gronk is not the douche in that scenario.


Millions?  That WOULD be ‘massive’.


I guess if they’ve hit $2M, you can use the plural, but doling it out $25-50K at a time as they do, you’d best stick to ‘a couple hundred thousand’.


EDIT:  I never meant to imply that he and his brothers are ‘douches’ for minimally donating to Children’s Hospitals in any community where they may have a vested interest.


I only meant to emphatically state that Gronk is a total douche-bag, period.



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I don’t like him because of that cheap shot on Tre’Davious but I respect his play outside of that and do understand his attitude on his hometown passing on him in the draft. If it were me I would want to punish Buffalo for doing that. As far as the donation goes he’s got my respect and I feel that it’s wrong for anybody to criticize or minimize it. The guy didn’t have to do it but he did so kudos to him.

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