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  1. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Help out Matt Barkley - who knew these existed in Buffalo?

    where is the banana for scale?
  2. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Thanksgiving Game Traditions: Buffalo Edition

    Now you are talking
  3. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    The Trump Economy

    Slowest recovery ever, under Odumbo... took a real capitalist to help it take off.
  4. Lol, you are so out there! What should they impeach? A president who was elected the right way? You are a wackadoodle!
  5. I LOVE David Webb! Listen to him every day. Favorite interview ever was when a race baiter accused him of white privilege...
  6. So what will the libtards try to go after now? Hopefully they bring Mueller before the senate, and accidentally let him be grilled about everything Odumbo and Killary related. Start the real criminal investigations. Uranium 1, FISA abuses, and weaponizing the DOJ against a political opponent.
  7. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Your draft sleeper pick

    I would not be upset at all if we chose Cody with our first pick. I actually think he is the best lineman in the draft, unfortunately, it will be playing guard. This may be the first time I would ever describe a Defensive End as flamboyant. He’s a sassy bugger, that’s for sure.
  8. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Why is Quinnen Williams being mocked to Jets, Raiders or Tampa Bay?

    Lol, I was going to post the same thing. The Jets are with D-tackles the same way the early 2000s Bills were with RBs... Mcgahee, Henry, Lynch, Freddie, Spiller... didn’t matter who we already had, let’s get another RB!
  9. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    I just see it as a waste of a roster spot. If we want a pass catching RB, get one who can be a game breaker... if we want a power back, get one who can actually break tackles. If we want an all around RB, there are better options out there. I don’t hate him, I just hate the hype that surrounds mediocre players for who knows what reason. Yeldon is the Chris Kelsey of RBs
  10. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    Ok. I always thought your name was ironic... not sure if it’s an act or you are serious. Hopefully you won’t need a safe space to recover from you TDS. But don’t fret, he will be out of the WH in 5 years... 😂
  11. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    The only thing he can do is catch... he’s as 1 dimensional as it gets. Pass on this dude all day long
  12. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    I can see as a camp body, but I would be very depressed if he made our final 53
  13. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    You’ve been asking for THIS guy all off season? Yeesh, set the bar a little higher. This guy isn’t even worth Vet minimum.
  14. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    Lol, no he’s not. He should have gone undrafted coming out of college. He would be ranked somewhere around 10-ish(for RBs) on my board this year. Yeldon only got drafted high because he ran behind a GREAT line in college. Even a UDFA has a better shot of making an impact on our roster than Yeldon.
  15. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    I don’t. CJ Spiller has better break tackle ability than this joker. I laughed when he was drafted and new the Jags would be drafting another RB in the near future because he stinks. Yeldon is absolute garbage. So bad.... we all know what this guy could do in a good offense, not read a hole, fall on first contact, and be gone in a year.