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  1. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Mel Kiper Mocks — 1.0 DT Rashan Gary 2.0 DK Metcalf

    I guess they should be discussing the Bills game this week instead
  2. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Deep draft at TE this year

    I just looked up his highlights... very nice player! Thank you for bringing him up, he is now on my draft wish list.
  3. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Nate Burleson Speaks On The Firing Of African American Coaches

    If you are looking at percentages and representations, 13% of NFL coaches should be black... which is about 4. It would seem they were over represented with 7 for a few years. Speaking of fair representation, over 70% of professional athletes in the USA should be white... but they aren’t. Maybe it is best to have the most qualified/successful people have the job and not try and fill a quota.
  4. One of the only times I was really dang proud/happy to have Mills on our team. We still need a better RT, but he deserved a standing ovation yesterday.
  5. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Quenton Nelson - Indy OG ...#6 overall was worth it

    Cody Ford should at least be in discussion when we pick in round 1
  6. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    [Vague Title] Re: Kirk Cousins....I told you so...

    I think it’s an OK topic. I wanted cousins and a good supporting cast around him, but now I would MUCH rather have Allen... you need to get over yourself. This is a bbmb for goodness sakes, let’s open these boards to all aspects of conversations.
  7. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    J.P. Losman TD's

    It’s tough not to come to the conclusion that he is comparing JP to JA. I get your snobby point, but he does have a valid question.
  8. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    So draft offense no matter what, even if it’s not an upgrade... got it. We could use the depth. And because defense doesn’t usually put points on the board, we should pass on game changing talent to plug a hole, even if the player is a reach. Top round... kinda. A few second and third rounders in there, but I get your point. Were any of those guys a top 10 pick? You know, where elite talent usually is? If we are drafting around the #5 spot, then I hope to goodness we don’t draft based only on need. That is where you can find game changing talent. And I don’t see any game changing talent in this years draft on offense.
  9. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    If he was the next Reggie White or Warren Sapp, you might have a different view on it. HECK YES! AND DRAFT CODY FORD!
  10. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    so I think in a large part do to me, this thread has drifted off-course... This is supposed to be about the amazing opportunity of having 2 Josh Allens on this team. We have for too long cornered the market on players named Williams, it is about time for a Josh Allen era, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL! Edit: JETS SUCK! don't want to send mixed messages...
  11. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    looking back at the 2015 NFL draft, I would say Leo Williams was the right pick.... Who would you have picked over him, hind sight being 20/20 and all
  12. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    TRUE! Let's draft Eric Ebron with our first pick pick because he's the best TE, or better yet, let's draft Limus Sweed, or Malcom Kelly, or James Hardy because we need a WR in a crappy TE/WR class! WooHoo! That is the most most Bills thing to do!
  13. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    You drafted Williams with a LOADED d-line and got rid of a couple players in their prime to make room... it was a side step. Kinda like when we drafted Travis Henry, Mcgahee, Lynch, Spiller, ect, just to cut the oldest the next year. I am not for that type of drafting. We do need new young edge rushers on this team in a hurry, and this draft has that in spades. And if we are in position to grab one of the best available, the I say DO IT! Every draft has strengths, and too often, Buffalo has drafted for need and not for talent... like when we drafted James Hardy because we needed a tall receiver, or some crap player over Gronkowski. We need to start drafting REAL talent, and this year, it's on the D side
  14. MakeBuffaloGreatAgain

    Draft Josh Allen... 2019

    I wouldn't draft him... He is a me first head-case. I would take a defensive stud this year. Don't pass on guaranteed talent Im sorry for you also