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  1. LOL, didn't mention a drought, but I get your point... there does seem to be a bit of animosity on these boards towards my Knights. Is it because we have a far louder/better/superior arena experience on a weekday game than the Sabres can muster on their best weekend? I was on the BBMB for years saying how Vegas was starved for a professional team, and whichever sport gets here first will have a ravenous fan base. You can't go anywhere around Vegas without seeing Golden Knights gear (literally everywhere). I am a lifelong Bills fan, born and raised in Vegas. I get the passion that comes with being loyal with a team through thick and thin, especially through 17 years of a playoff drought. But this city's passion for the golden knights is not for show... At the school I teach at, every other room has Golden Knights decor all over. They are my Knights, just as the Bills are My Bills. My passion for both teams is unwavering. Though, It is quite fun to see a little jealousy in the snarky remarks from others, when I wasn't being snarky to them. So again, Yes, My Knights, and don't let your Sabre inferiority complex make you a turd... It is unbecoming.
  2. One of my favorite players, David Perron, did a very nice job all through the playoffs... I’m glad he’s got his name on the cup, just wish it was with my Knights
  3. I had him on my fantasy team once... let’s kick those tires and cut him by August!
  4. We ‘are gonna’ need a bigger boat... geez lo weez! Don’t ruin my childhood by misquoting Sheriff Brody while he’s passing out chum! For shame
  5. That was a joke, because we all know it was Foles... just Incase it went over your head

  6. just like in comedy, timing is everything... great thread at the right time
  7. Always like the Moats... best of luck from here on out. Maybe become a teacher and coach. He has the skill set.
  8. Nice for him! He looked amazing beating the Pats in the Super Bowl!
  9. I noticed from the videos that Josh Allen missed hitting the training tent with his passes multiple times... very concerning!
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