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  1. Then I for one, will be very disappointed in the best fans in the NFL Ending racism shouldn't be a controversial issue. I'm disgusted and ashamed that it is made to be one
  2. Kap started his first game of the year in Buffalo that year if I remember right. I'll never forget the guy behind screaming at Kap to stand up and respect the anthem. I turned around and asked why was he not practicing what he was preaching? He shut up pretty quick. Shockingly, the amount of fans cheering, laughing, burping, drinking their beer during the anthem is apparently respectful. But taking a knee isn't
  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm always curious whats happening around the country with this situation Hard to imagine this is a good idea. The professional athletes will probably be fine. I imagine they are strong enough to fight an illness like this, but what if a coach, or family member gets sick and dies? Will it have been worth it? Troubling times for sure
  4. What exactly about the Raiders is good?
  5. Its a mess to be sure. My company finally declared that if you can work from home, you are for the rest of the year. It would be impossible to social distance at my office even if we went half staff. My wife's company is starting to move towards work from home too. Her boss said they would likely have to get more office space for less staff. Whats the point? Hard to imagine how this works in a locker room
  6. I mean did they? He seemed like a high level Jag to me. They did nothing to replace him, but I dont think anyone was super worried about Robby Anderson
  7. He had zero runs over 20 yards last year. Adam Gase is the coach. I am not worried about the Jets I think its a reach to call him good. Hes widely inconsistent
  8. Then they should have cut the starting FB (Tony Richardson I believe) Its like carrying two kickers. If you cant win with the one, why keep him?
  9. Its like the anti Rex Ryan approach. I watched his hard knocks not too long ago and they were showing the final roster spot battle. It came down to John Connor, a backup full back with a cool nickname. And some little running back Danny Woodhead, who could catch it, run it, was elusive and always seemed to make a play. Guess which one made the team and which one was signed by the evil empire a day later?
  10. Its a very moneyball approach isnt it? "Why do we like this guy? He gets on base."
  11. When I saw the report, this was my first thought too. I'd be willing to bet a lot Allen would have been the choice Glad the Browns stuck with Mayfield!
  12. Bills have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL and plenty of cap space and you are trying to break it up?
  13. I've been making payments since March. I've gotten a few emails telling me I can defer payments if i need to, as well as some info about if games are cancelled/no fans Since I'm still working, I'm OK with making the payments. If we get to September and they tell me I can't attend, well, that will suck because I love going to games. But i'll get my money back and watch on TV. I'd rather everyone be safe and healthy than attend a football game. I'm hoping by September, we can be a more normal world. Time will tell i suppose
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