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  1. He might need his arm for other things now I once surfed on a shopping cart while drunk. Everything was going great until I hit the drain grate
  2. They signed Vedvik at the end of the year, super powerful leg
  3. Yes I'm sure FF fans will be jumping all of the Hoyer-Marquise Lee connection
  4. Saving it for now, my job is like 50/50 depending on how the NYS pause order goes so we many need it. If we dont spend it on bills for the next few months were gonna pay down some debt
  5. My friend built one out of a chest freezer someone left in the house he bought. Said it wasnt difficult. I think he did it in a few days. Even has a tap in his basement he built
  6. I bet they gives Davis Webb a long look too. He was a third round pick not too long ago. Was snatched up quickly by the Bills after cuts
  7. I loved the one someone did with this meme but instead of the ball it was the lombardy trophy
  8. If Rex was our coach still he would have signed him already
  9. I worry about his long term viability. Although Vick was able to be effective late into his career, once he became a better passer
  10. Ok what about this? Say they were playing the Bears in the Super Bowl, but instead of Mack on the edge, it was an actual bear. Does the win still count?
  11. If we got this guy for a 6th i'd be ecstatic. He is way more talented than anyone we could get in that round and would be super motivated to play well in a contract year. I think this would be a huge win for the Bills if they landed him for pennies
  12. Jags really going for the fastest fall from grace possible huh?
  13. I'm just tired of people making excuses for a guy who just can't cut it at this level. Its such a common tale its maddening that people still defend a guy who two teams gave up on after a year and a half after he was a top ten pick. I'd encourage people to go watch his AZ tape. I watched a bunch last year before the draft to see why they were gonna give up on him after a year and by game 6 I would have benched him myself. Yes thats a bad team and not well coached but Rosen was awful. No anticipation, no zip, late on reads, just bad. He looked closer to Peterman than a viable starter. The fact
  14. How is their any proof of this? And you can absolutely judge him to this point. His o-line in AZ was no worse than Josh's in Buffalo. He had better weapons too with a HALL OF FAMER WR. Josh had 3 guys who are currently out of the NFL. One guy made the people around him better, one did not. At some point it can be that Rosen was put into a bad situation and he still sucks. They do not have to be mutually exclusive
  15. Nope. Hes just a bad player He's Losman in the 2017 class. And I think that is an insult to Losman
  16. That may have been the game I texted the fan hotline that Dickie J was ruining my game day experience. 2 weeks later he got fired
  17. Miami kind of reminded more of Chan Gailey's first year with the Bills (with Fitz as QB of course) Bad team that got hot at the end of the year. Now if they hit on some picks, they could be a really good team, but they better get a QB or it will all be for naught
  18. Got mine the other day. I'm like 75% sure I'll be furloughed in a few weeks so it will be needed. My wife, luckily, is busy as ever so we should at least have one income
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