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  1. I'll check again. I feel like I remember reading that but I may be mistaken EDIT: Couldnt find anything. So I may have been wrong or misheard it somewhere, my mistake
  2. How many asterisks are we at now? I've lost track
  3. I remember when Beasley signed and in his presser he said "you could see it on film" about how good JA was. I think player recognize how good he is and how talented he is. Players don't overlook him like analysts do
  4. Is Kraft friends with Elon Musk? Maybe they are developing a satellite as we speak
  5. Can you cite those sources? Honestly all those numbers seem high to me
  6. Bills keep charging me, but I plan on just having less to pay next year. I highly doubt I'll be going to a game this year
  7. I get that. But in a society we all have to look out for each other, its sort of the contract involved in living in a community. There are many options available right now if you do not want to wear a mask. Between instacart and food delivery and the internet, there is honestly no need to go to a store at all if you don't want to wear a mask. IMO people pushing their way into Walmart for their "freedom and liberty" are just being childish babies You want things to go back to normal? Wear the damn mask or have ***** delivered.
  8. I frankly dont see businesses especially requiring masks be worn any different than requiring shirt/shoes for service.
  9. Because it wont just be better because its October instead of September. We are averaging a 9/11 death toll every 3 days. This isnt a joke and it needs to be taken very seriously. The more news that comes out with hot spots and players in college getting sick makes me think its less and less likely the season happens at all. That absolutely sucks, but I'm preparing myself for that reality the farther into the summer we get
  10. To be fair, I've seen some interesting fans at games
  11. The difference is those countries got the virus under control. We have pockets of control here but we are seeing spikes all over the country. We may not have a second wave if the first doesnt end
  12. I've watched pro bowl highlights while in quarantine so yes I'd watch without fans
  13. I picked Alonso and McCoy trade but Hughes shepard is probably equal. Both were excellent deals A 3rd for Tyrod was amazing. The day before that trade I told someone if we got a 5th I'd be thrilled. The 1st pick in the 3rd round for a guy we would have cut? And they paid his bonus for 3 starts
  14. The majority of players are not bad people. You implied since one guy who has been out of the league for several years was accused of a crime, no player should be allowed to protest or ask for change. You posted a straw man argument. Try harder Here is an arrest record from 2018. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/nfl/arrests/2018/all/all/ 34 arrests out of 1,696 players (53 man rosters). That is 2% 34 arrests out of 2,880 players (90 man rosters) That is 1.1% Try harder
  15. The Patriots are in cap hell. Stidham and Hoyer are their QBs becuase thats who they can afford That team will need to be blown up soon
  16. Newton was having the best year of his career before he got hurt two years ago. If he is healthy, watch out
  17. Backup HS QB. I'd be willing to bet I knew our offense better than the starter and how to read defenses better. Unfortunately I had zero athletic ability and he could run through people
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