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  1. been a two bye advocate for long time the thursday nite games should not be played with teams playing the Sunday game before, short rest-recoop plus compressed planning, travel, logistics, stress, etc every thurs nite game should be played with teams coming off of byes and two byes should accomodate this and gives a better product. shorten to two pre-season games, teams can add a joint practice, 1 or 2 days as a substitute...scant national TV coverage of the pre-season, i think 6 games total this upcoming pre-season is not a significant loss of NFL revenue.
  2. 5 days left as of 540 PM June 15 Knox was at $22.044 in first place and Kelce was in second with $4517 +$17,527 (and 13 seconds) OJ Howard in 6th place as well - not bad for a new guy Knox in first place with 890 donors (me and you) and OJ Howard is in second place....
  3. 6 months into ACL tear recovery ? this becomes a question at 9 months around mid-Sept
  4. runs a 5+ 40 time, questionable blocking skills, not going to help on special teams, fine with being on the PS and developing into something hopefully
  5. back in the days of my misspent youth, on those sunday evenings I regret missing that episode of mutual of omaha's wild kingdom in favor of watching a sabres game
  6. Lovie Smith lost a bet ? to a Bills fan ?
  7. talk about fake news...WAS...whats a little bit of truth got to do any of these posts ? wikipedia an American sports writer, radio host, and television analyst. He joined NFL Network and NFL.com before the 2009 season and served as an NFL insider and reporter until 2012. La Canfora appeared on NFL Total Access, NFL GameDay Morning, NFL GameDay Final, and Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by Sears. He also contributed stories and blogs to NFL.com. He replaced Adam Schefter, who left for ESPN.[1] Before joining NFL Network, he worked ten years for The Washington Post and covered the Washington Redskins for six years. Prior to the Post, he was the Detroit Red Wings beat writer for the Detroit Free Press. On June 1, 2012, La Canfora announced via Twitter that he would be leaving NFL Network on July 1, 2012, after his contract expires for CBS Sports, replacing Charley Casserly on The NFL Today pregame show on Sundays. He currently co-hosts “Inside Access with Jason La Canfora and Ken Weinman” on Baltimore’s WJZ 105.7 The Fan. [2] La Canfora currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife Lauren and three children. La Canfora was a avid Boston Red Sox fan from 2004-2013, he is now a Baltimore Orioles fan. La Canfora has been open about his struggles with binge eating; as spoken about on his afternoon radio show.
  8. maybe-hopefully coach goes home for a couple of hours to see the fam when the kids get home from school and have dinner together and spend another hour around the house before heading back to the office...wondering what the diff would be watching film in his home office late nite rather than at the office, more equipment and capability perhaps but tech improvements are there for the work-life balance...working at a sustainable pace is a must for all of us.
  9. to your point, since school is out about now at all levels, why not bring back the old punt-pass-kick kids friendly competition, have the players show-up for some of the competitions, get somelocal and national sponsors, have some balls, posters, pennant, jersey, autographs, mini-helmet giveaways, move the final rounds of the competition to the the NFL stadiums for pre-game, preseason entertainment, if the kids are involved the family is involved...
  10. I always love the start of the pre-season, and then cant wait for it to end.... Per the BN June 7 The Bills will open the preseason with two home games, both on Saturday afternoons. Buffalo will host Frank Reich and the Indianapolis Colts in the preseason opener on Aug. 13 at Highmark Stadium with a 4 p.m. kickoff. The team will host the Denver Broncos at 1 p.m. on Aug. 20. The Bills close the preseason on Aug. 26 at Carolina with an 8 p.m. kickoff. Here is the full preseason schedule: Hall of Fame Game, Aug. 4 Jacksonville vs. Las Vegas (NBC) WEEK 1 Thursday, Aug. 11 N.Y. Giants at New England, 7 p.m. Tennessee at Baltimore, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12 Atlanta at Detroit, 6 p.m. Cleveland at Jacksonville, 7 p.m. Arizona at Cincinnati, 7:30 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m. Green Bay at San Francisco, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13 Kansas City at Chicago, 1 p.m. Carolina at Washington, 1 p.m. Indianapolis at Buffalo, 4 p.m. Seattle at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m. Miami at Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. New Orleans at Houston, 8 p.m. Dallas at Denver, 9 p.m. L.A. Rams at L.A. Chargers, 10 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14 Minnesota at Las Vegas, 4:25 p.m. WEEK 2 Thursday, Aug. 18 Chicago at Seattle (ESPN), 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 19 Carolina at New England, 7 p.m. New Orleans at Green Bay, 8 p.m. Houston at L.A. Rams, 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20 Denver at Buffalo, 1 p.m. Detroit at Indianapolis, 1 p.m. Washington at Kansas City, 4 p.m. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville, 7 p.m. Las Vegas at Miami, 7 p.m. San Francisco at Minnesota, 7 p.m. Tampa Bay at Tennessee, 7 p.m. Dallas at L.A. Chargers, 10 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 21 Philadelphia at Cleveland, 1 p.m. Cincinnati at N.Y. Giants, 7 p.m. Baltimore at Arizona (FOX), 8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 22 Atlanta at N.Y. Jets (ESPN), 8 p.m. WEEK 3 Thursday, Aug. 25 Green Bay at Kansas City, 8 p.m. San Francisco at Houston (Prime Video), 8:15 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 Buffalo at Carolina, 7 p.m. Seattle at Dallas, 8 p.m. L.A. Chargers at New Orleans, 8 p.m. New England at Las Vegas, 8:15 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27 Jacksonville at Atlanta, 3 p.m. L.A. Rams at Cincinnati, 6 p.m. Washington at Baltimore, 7 p.m. Chicago at Cleveland, 7 p.m. Philadelphia at Miami, 7 p.m. Arizona at Tennessee, 7 p.m. Tampa Bay at Indianapolis, 7:30 p.m. Minnesota at Denver, 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 28 N.Y. Giants at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m. Detroit at Pittsburgh (CBS), 4:30 p.m.
  11. true, Mahomes went 10th, so one third of the league passed on him to begin with and the opportunity to get him was clearly there, would Beane have made Mahomes that pick at number ten ?
  12. edmunds was another number one pick, the same draft that we took a franchise qb, so name a draft where a franchise qb is taken in the top ten (required two trades to get there) and the same team makes another number pick (mid-round) and does not give up draft capital in next years draft, this may have been the top trade and draft in team history, at least this century...
  13. the multi-team trade-up to get Josh was complicated and masterful, trading with the Bengals to move up from 21 and then again into the top 10 which was even more difficult considering denver pulled-out cuz the one guy (Chubb) was still avail to them...then we were still able to draft Edmunds in the first round as well...getting a franchise qb without overpaying and still getting another first--rounder is an amazing, smart achievement...those are hall of fame GM moves
  14. fwiw...I believe the league and the NFLPA have dropped marijuana from drug screen testing a few years back...
  15. wonder if they would consider an exclusion for rookies (first year) after the initial cuts in Aug and the big one now in early Sept where IF you reclaim your recent draft picks, they would be protected/exempt for the first season, protects the draft investment made in them...i
  16. and now for the must ask, ...does he do Blue Cheese or Ranch ? will you still love him the aftermath of this deeply Buffalo debated, polarizing question And secondly, Boneless or Bone-or-in would that make a consumption difference...any competitive eaters can..."weigh-in" then again will accept common slob with a tendency to pig-out
  17. so the basic question to the STH/STM do you purchase for the purpose of consumption or resell - you have the right to either...but my question to the NFL teams..at what point does this violate your policy...i guess its years (of monitoring)....teams likley give you time for some kind of personal hardship...
  18. my favorite quote from Dr Z was back when he was draft analyst on espn during the 80s-90s...when the Jets made one of their usual weird picks... "Jets dont know how draft, bigger problem is that they repeat every year"...
  19. I don' t doubt McDermott has read-up on, attended seminars or incorporated ideas and best practices from others... In his own right...McD is a highly intelligent and motivated individual...his wrestling championships in the state of PA (a big wrestling state) takes a lot dedication and determination. I met one of high school friends last fall, we talked wrestling (we had that in common) who called McD the most motivated individual he has ever met, but had a sense of humor and liked to pull well-planned practical jokes. Getting into William Mary is another significant achievement, esp for an out-of-state student, plus he walked-on and made the team...playing-practicing sports while going to a demanding program like that is next to amazing...my son went there and he told stories about kids freaking-out over getting their first non-A grades of their entire lives there. Coaching tree - he developed under some really good ones: Played for Jimmy Laycock who coached at W&M (played along with Mike Tomlin) Eleven of Laycock's assistants became head coaches in the NCAA or NFL, including Dan Quinn and Brian Daboll. Laycock coached for 38 years, retiring with the third-longest continuous head coaching tenure in NCAA Division I football history. He also played qb at W&M as was coached by Marv Levy and Lou Holtz. 12 years with the Eagles under Andy Reid and Jim Johnson - one super bowl appearance - you know Reid's story but Johnson had 40 year coaching career overall, and was Eagles DC for 9 years, Andy Reid called and paid him the best. (Johnson played one year for the Bills in 1963-64)...McDermott took over in 2009 and was fired by Reid in 2012. 5 years as Carolina DC under Ron Rivera - second Super Bowl appearance in 2015 and second runner up to their Defensive Coordinator of the Year award in 2015.[ As the Panthers' defensive coordinator, McDermott led the team to finishes in the top ten in overall defense from 2012–2015. When the Bills plane lands at the airport from a road game, most go home, McD goes to his office at the stadium and reviews and prepares for the review and preparation the next day.
  20. one day, come that day when Josh has more super bowl rings than Tom Brady, we can all look back on this misfortune and say it was worth it, I only hope Brady covers those big wins over the next decade of Josh-led big wins...
  21. well 75% of us say he is a good man no matter, while 25% live in an alternate universe as CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) people.
  22. our depth rsoter overall is good, there are other marginal WRs who have been in the program for years, did ever dawn on you cerebral giants that he is a special-teamer first and injury replacement kind of WR ? consider injuries,the value of special teams...with a move towards more of a diverse two TE offense, and Cook a pass-catching RB, two star receivers plus Isaiah the jet-gadget-guy, where is the need for edwards ? how many snaps would he get, esp new to the process...beano says he values football players over track stars... if he is so good why was he traded...(along with a 7th) for a 5th ??? I am not even sure most would pick him up on their fantasy team ...would you at 20 catches per year and 4 TDs over 2 years ?
  23. Aaron Rodgers likes Kumerow - then the Bils got him from the Pack and then back from the Saints. then kept-signed before he could become a UFA....so its NFL 4 and you zero...you may like Edwards, pick him up for your fantasy team...and keep the day job...
  24. wow...now off to spotrac to check the dip in the salary cap and see how much left over to play with...and wonder if they can add some IOL depth with related vet cuts
  25. no doubt under-sized...in addition to Milano...here is an under-sized vet NFL LB most teams would love on their team, including ours: Born: April 21, 1994 (age 28 years), Sacramento, CA Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 230 lbs Number: 7 (Carolina Panthers / Linebacker) Parents: Patrice Thompson Position: Linebacker yep- Shaq Thompson - a McClappy late first-round draft pick from the Carolina days...in other words it can work
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