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  1. This sounds an awful lot like a “Highdea” just sayin,
  2. why would we trade for another RB??? Have you all seen our guys run block? Go Bills!!!
  3. Well, if there is a measurable drop off, then it’s s real problem now isn’t it, Go Bills!!!
  4. They’re good, not great, jmo. Imo they are held back on occasion by the scheme and coaches, again jmo. Go Bills!!!
  5. Our “screen pass game” (if we even had one…,) has been abysmal, I hate to say it, but Josh is bad at screen passes, and from what we see in practice highlights they don’t seem to even work on that obvious deficiency, but hey, I’m just a weekend game watcher, what the hell do I know…, Go Bills!!!
  6. Don’t talk so much sh/t rookie, and I won’t have to kick your azs on the air, 😂
  7. Assigning the word pathetic to yourself would be a notably more accurate assessment. Semper Fi there fella,
  8. It’s likely me, (what’s new) but it’s like Dabol doesn’t really read the defenses he plays against particularly well “at times” Nor does it appear Our O line coach and Dabol sit down and hash things out concerning our run game planning, certainly frustrating at times, okay I’m done, gonna have breakfast then go to the beach 🏖 Go Bills!!!
  9. This is a team I would like to see seriously embarrassed by the Bills, maybe it’s a character flaw on my behalf…, Go Bills!!!
  10. Cole is damned excellent at what he does on a football field, this can not be argued by anyone with a brain in their head, off the field…, 😂 Go Bills!!!
  11. They would feel real damn good, knowing full well that no one cares how you beat your opponents to win the super bowl when it’s all said and done. Go Bills!!!
  12. If we don’t start playing full sixty minute games ALL of our games will be tough contests…, the pats themselves are not really the determining factor. Go Bills!!!
  13. Johnson has yet to impress me all that much, it is almost like he and Dabol don’t communicate very well, as the outcomes of running plays say as much, not discounting line play/execution. Go Bills!!!
  14. Sucks big time for Henry and his team, it’s good for everyone who will have to play them going forward, football is a harsh game, played with consequences,
  15. The game is played for sixty minutes on offense and or defense, it is that simple, sure it sucks when your team really can’t compete, (Miami), but we know that drill all to well, all seventeen years worth of it..,, to bad for us back then, and to bad for Miami now. Football ain’t a gentleman’s sport, get over it. Go Bills!!!
  16. This^^^, but mostly a legitimate pair of offense guards, the O line is a far bigger issue than our RBs, jmo. Beane has his work cut out for himself this upcoming off season. Go Bills!!! Go
  17. Just dropped in to check on the GDT and my Bi-Polar fellow fans…, y’all’s crazy as s sh-t house rat, 😁 calm yourselves down, burn down a fatty, have a beer and just watch as we take control, Go Bills!!!
  18. Eyes on the prize fellas, bring the attitude and execution, play like ya got something to prove, and kick the fins aszes for sixty straight minutes! Go Bills!!!
  19. Beane when compared to the previous seventeen years, has been a complete success, as has McDermott. Fans that only consider perfection as an acceptable outcome are confused,
  20. different teams and personnel playing, it doesn’t automatically mean an equal outcome,
  21. “huge improvement” I’m thinking you are over stating this particular players impact a wee bit…, Go Bills!!!
  22. I absolutely do, it is to get (in this case) Football fans to spend money on stuff that will likely be in a land fill with in a years time, your argument doesn’t hold water, being that you voluntarily view does not give you “rights”, that is like saying someone watching Jeopardy has supposed rights because of the advertising revenue gained during the program, it’s as laughable as what you stated. At least we will both be in agreement that the Bills are going to kick the Fins azsez for sixty straight minutes, 👍 Go Bills!!!
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