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  1. We Humans are inherently flawed, try as we may to lead quality lives, we are likely to do or say something at some point that will reflect poorly on us, all we can do is continue to try to be good folk, jmo.
  2. Make no mistake, Von is all business, he says the right things at the right times. He is highly motivated to be the only player in the league to win three SB titles, one each on three different teams, as well as by his own admission, he wants the sack record that is currently held by no other than Bruce Smith. The guy is a consummate professional football player/business man, he knows what he wants, and he is going after it, money, fame etc etc, we are damn happy, as we should be, he chose Buffalo. This was / is the push us over the top signing that we have all been craving for a long damn time. We now actually have all the pieces in place, time to get it done. Go Bills!!!
  3. Sully consults with Badol & Scottlaw for his articles, they don’t get it either, 😁👍
  4. It wasn’t a troll job on Josh’s part, it was a tribute to the Super Bowl era, his actions said to the fans that the team is headed back to the big game. The red helmet made the red jersey look more of an orange color, they are gonna have to match that better, along with adding the white stipe to the helmet. Anyway, it was very cool and the vast majority of fans really liked the red helmet.
  5. Some folk are “thick”’. (as the Brits say) tunnel vision thinking, there can be no options, it’s sad and funny at the same time.
  6. Now that’s some funny sh-t right there 😂😆🤣😂
  7. It a new position, called the all over the field slot WR
  8. Agree on Singletarry, Moss certainly has more to show, and Von really is needed more as a player coach at this point of the season,
  9. Like it or not, this comment is truly funny, nuthin but luv Scottlaw 👍
  10. Put a bunch of gin it it’s water, although that may be considered a waste of gin…,
  11. I feel much the same as you on this topic 😁👍 Go Bills!!!
  12. I have read/heard many positives about Elam as well, but like all reporting, one does need to sift through the info, to be able to separate opinions from actual facts/‘more credible reports, also one needs to read info from multiple sources to get a better overall “ feel “ for what’s going on. Concerning Elam, I suspect he as good as he is, is currently on the steepest part of the learning curve as we speak…, Go Bills!!!
  13. If he’s not ready to go on game day…, that’s a Rams problem, not a Bills problem. Go Bills!!!
  14. I think the term you may be looking for is a “Richard”, or more commonly known as a “d i c k”, Its gender specific with an established history and definition , believe it or not, I, yes your truly, have been referred to as such a thing, 😂
  15. Ethan, you are correct, after all we humans are inherently flawed, aka we do stupid things every so often, Josh Allen by all accounts is a good guy, we can’t ask for more. Go Bills!!!
  16. Have you successfully described yourself?
  17. What are you talking about? there has been much positive info being reported on Elam. The kid has been stride for stride with Diggs frequently, to the point of Diggs getting in his face a couple days ago,
  18. See, This makes it very simple, now everyone can understand… 😁👍
  19. I did read a couple years back that Taco Bell was in a bidding war with dog food companies for their ground beef, so it would not surprise me if it’s the same for all fast food outfits.
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