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  1. Okay, maybe I spoke out my azs to a degree, what I said is more accurate than what the poster I commented on stated, by the way, do those numbers reflect the new TV / advertising contract dollars? But getting back to the poster who seems to think he and his cohort have some kind of “right” well that’s still a lol statement, in which they chose to view…. That they chose to view affords them no rights, Go Bills!!!
  2. The BBFS will be in full swing for the majority of the fan base, it would be the most epic emotional roller coaster from hell that most Buffalo fans could possibly ever go through, 😁😂😆🤣😅 Go Bills!!!
  3. Look at the GDT, it’s the most Bi-Polar part of the game day experience, some of those folk are truly Fuh Ked up, 😂
  4. The fans don’t fund hardly any of it, the advertising contract dollars are where the money comes from, ticket and merchandise sales are a drop in the bucket by comparison, it’s so funny that some fans actually think this…,
  5. Nah, he’s just small down there, doesn’t need the additional square inches to house his junk that the other guys require, 😁 Go Bills!!!
  6. I totally agree with you on this, it’s somewhat stunning that folk don’t grasp this, Go Bills!!!
  7. McCafe peaked a couple seasons ago, he’s on the down side of his tenure, plus the injury thing, he’s never gonna be a Buffalo Bill, especially at the price…, Beane doesn’t do oft injured over priced Vets, Go Bills!!!
  8. Ya makin me lmao, the little mental midget might actually now realize he Fuh ked up, unlikely as that is, he has been given lots of chances, and he screwed the pooch each and every time, odds are he’ll do it again. If he actually doesn’t Fuh k up, it doesn’t remove the fact that he’s an idiot.
  9. He has yet to prove he has that capacity, so yeah, you are gonna get a bit of pushback, any given Sunday and all, but the odds are decidedly against your scenario coming to fruition. Go Bills!!!
  10. Exactly this, Sweeney is currently our #1 TE, not super athletic, but can catch a pass, and block, so he will be filling that roll until Knox is back, if our practice squad guys were better than Sweeney one of them would already be the #2 TE. I just hope the team brings a pissed off, out to prove something attitude into this game, and kicks the Fins azsez for sixty straight minutes, Go Bills!!!
  11. Maybe because his nick name is Ricardo Cabaza…,
  12. OJ is still alive, I thought he was dead,
  13. He’s the opponent, the enemy, etc etc, I’m old school, and that means when those guys are in uniform you’re supposed to dislike them intensely, it absolutely does not matter that he’s a good guy off the field, it’s all about rivalry, in a gladiator sport, this everyone is our friend crap doesn’t fly on game day, hope that helps, 😁👍 Go Bills!!!
  14. Gene Gene Gene Gene Gene, it’s not your lawn anymore… remember, there was a time when Elvis Presley was considered a deviant, those days are gone, think of this as an example of why you are wasting your time and energy trying to stop something that’s not gonna go away.., Go Bills!!!
  15. Why??? are you really asking why?, I’d “Splain” it to you, but I don’t think you deserve to know…, Go Bills!!!
  16. AJ Epenesa, and the whole rest of the team, because that’s what it takes to dominate in this league, Go Bills!!!
  17. Miami Dolphins, Bwahahahahaha…, Go Bills!!!
  18. If I pay in percentage so should they, their dividend wages are taxed at a lesser rate than a wage earners wages are, they should not be able to not pay taxes and still use the infrastructure that they don’t pay for, it’s called being a freeloader, Pfizer pays no taxes and the you and me of this country have to cover for them, it’s a scam, you know it, I know it, that’s why there is a movement at hand to enforce a minimum tax on these freeloaders, you may like ballwashing the rich but I’m not picking up what you’re putting down. by the way Before this gets me pointed by the mods, I’m out, enjoy the Miami game, looking forward to our guys kicking their azsez!! Go Bills!!!
  19. Not so, rich people and corporations do not pay a fair rate taxes wise for the use of our nations infrastructure. If I pay forty percent so should they, their wages from dividends is taxed at a lesser rate than wage earners, so in actual effect one is punished for having a job when the two are compared. I don’t care if someone is rich, more power to them, I do care when they don’t carry their own weight as a citizen of this country. If my wages are taxed at a given rate, theirs should be taxed on the same scale as the rest of us, no exceptions, and you know, they will still be rich, I dislike freeloaders who want others to pay their way.
  20. Fear mongers sell a cheap product… The NFL on the other hand has created their own difficulties because of their way of doing business. Greed, and doing their best to get others to pay for their business expenses, ie; stadium’s, and preferential tax benefits, that are both made up for by us taxpayers, I have no sorrow for them on any level.
  21. Ya see, our country is a Democratic Republic, and not a Capitalist dictatorship, that way we have no compelling need to become disgusting people like Robert Kraft, or Marc Zuckerberg, these are certainly not people one aspires to emulate. Having enough money to live a good life is one thing, worshiping money is something else altogether.
  22. Not much of a NFL fan base in Toronto, and it’s literally next door to an established existing franchise.
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