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  1. “Concerns” can be had for every position group, be it backups to cover for injury or potentially poor play, etc etc, these “concerns” are the same for every team, one can pick and choose a player at any position and come up with pros and cons on them, Bates is a common target, he plays well the majority of the time when he has had the opportunity, some here think he is little better than a jag, even though he has proved otherwise repeatedly, Much of these “concerns” are not more than hyperbole in many cases, we see it expressed (the concerns) throughout out the season on any number of players.. There is damn little to be done about personal acquisitions from now through the season, its time to get comfortable with the players we have, because there’s not going to be a lot of changes forthcoming…, mid to bottom of the roster guys is likely all we will see moving around. Go Bills!!!
  2. Which played games, earlier or later in the season? Or are we just picking the ones that suit our arguments 😁👍
  3. You’re correct, When compared to all the other O lines, is the part those that are constantly bemoaning our O line don’t appear to take into consideration, that and the league as a whole has had a bit of a dearth of average to above average O line guys for a long time, it’s a league wide problem, stemming from lack of development in the college ranks, good ones aren’t growing on trees, and teams that have two or three good starters aren’t letting them go if they can help it, making the argument in a vacuum is not particularly useful, and as you stated, the big picture needs to be included in the analysis, Go Bills!!!
  4. Gonna miss your posts, but fully understand your thoughts, Go Bills!!!
  5. He evidently feels having “his attitude”is the lynchpin, even though he was warming the bench along with his superior physicality, bet they kept good company with each other…, kinda funny when a guy who got out played by his competition and teammates musters up such words…
  6. That doesn’t make it a “trap game” it makes it an out hustled and out coached game.
  7. Sometimes good teams play like poop, and get beat by not so good teams, it happens, any given Sunday as is said.
  8. Imo, trap games exist more for fans, not so much for the teams/players, it’s a cliché thing mostly, something for TV talk show guys and gals to pontificate on, kinda like the “looking past” a team saying, just saying…, 👍
  9. From what I just read on the news portion of this site we are at 8.2 million of cap space,
  10. There are “some” here who will always believe Beane is an awful GM and can’t assemble a quality O-line or D-line, or RBs room, etc etc etc, it’s like a running joke when they post, 😁👍
  11. Tom Tom has always been a douche, this is just another example of him being the she dog he is. A walking character flaw is the best description of him, the guy who cheated at his life’s work and has been caught doing so more times than any player in NFL history…,
  12. Never an ex Marine is the saying…, one can be a former Marine, not an ex -Marine
  13. Teams can an will do this because they legally can do it, (it’s a monopoly folks) they control their product not the fans who purchase tickets, seasons or not. It is really that simple, fans can no longer game the ticket system in a way that teams feel is detrimental to their product, again, they hold a monopoly…, it’s corporate SOP to more fully control their product. STHs have zero rights concerning this decision, other than not renewing their ticket purchases. End of story.
  14. I’m thinking that most of those participating in this training session would rather not have ten thousand Bills fans, although Josh and our TEs would think it was alright 😁👍 By the way, as a current sail boater, and a former Marine, all you Coasties are absolutely the best, you guys and gals save so many boaters bacon, thank you for your service!
  15. So very true, it does go against our very nature, that being said, when one’s makes a commitment one should honor it provided both parties hold true to what is an always growing and changing relationship that we call marriage, jmo.
  16. A QB Learning a position that they will be depending on during portions of every game and knowing their tendencies is nothing but a smart thing to do, good on ya Josh! Go Bills!!!
  17. When I was his age I could easily eat 40 wings, hot, with of course, BLUE CHEESE😁👍, yeah, he’s an all around great dude👍, super fing happy we got him for our QB1, could we all just imagine what it would be like if we had drafted any of those other losers? Go Bills!!!
  18. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Beane is considered among the best at his job, so if by the OPs suggestion that he hasn’t been particularly good at his job, which is just silly, what does that say about all those that rank below him?. The OP is pretty much saying that the vast majority of NFL GMs are really terrible at their jobs, imo this thread is of no value. Go Bills!!!
  19. The O and D lines, y’all know the old saying right? “the game is won and lost in the trenches”
  20. Daboll is a good OC, when things are going well, but does have his failings, ie; being pass centric to the point of his own teams detriment, he never seemed to understand / incorporate a functioning counter attack via the run game, when his pass game stuttered, he relied on to many cutie play calls or fell into the run, run, run, punt kinda stuff, I’m thinking that Dorsey will be smarter about that sort of thing, and in this case more successful. As to what the culprit for failure could be this upcoming season, so many things could cause it, from a couple bad Ref calls, to an in opportune fumble or interception, injury, or a bad coaching call, its hard to know a head of time. But don’t worry so much about it, we are going to win the last game of the season, so we’re cool that way.
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