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  1. Agree, I voted for the early twenties, but could see him stay put if it all plays out that way,
  2. Having two boundary receiver that must be paid attention to by opposing defenses will loosen up coverage for all our pass catchers, it’s a no brainer decision for Beane, just another one of my opinions…, 😁👍
  3. True, but we do need a couple of “ boundary” receivers, unless you count Shorter and that other guy who’s name evades me presently…,
  4. Just yesterday, here in Beaufort SC, the wife and drove up behind a car at an intersection with a Charging Buffalo on the back, pulled up next to it and rolled down my window and said Go Bills, she was from Orchard park, we chatted, lamented the 13 second game, laughed, and parted ways, saw two other vehicles with Bills stickers on them as well, all within an hour.
  5. Yet another mock that is never going to happen…
  6. I chose “player” specifically back up QB, getting paid a million or more annually for five plus years, and then retire with my body and brain intact, quality gig imo.
  7. I’m thinking that I can complete quite a number of the traditional puff puff pass options…,
  8. We will be, as long as we get at least one boundary WR in a draft that can start day one, just another one of my opinions…,
  9. Tua is hopefully going to be the highest paid QB in NFL history with over ninety percent guaranteed. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  10. Someone let me know when I should get “concerned” , “worried” , or down right neurotic, thanks in advance, 😁👍🍸🚬
  11. That and miss pronouncing “Aluminum” 😂 on purpose, 🤣
  12. I just love these magnificently stupid posts, it makes the nonsense I post come across as pure genius, I think everyone would agree with this, 😁🍸🚬
  13. I’m pretty certain Beane knows the price, and he isn’t paying it, just sayin.
  14. They are no lies, this is merely the implementation of a planned strategy that we are seeing move forward…,
  15. Toss in a first round pick for a WR trade and ya got your options covered…
  16. My real first name supposedly means “God like” so I got that going for me, 😁🍸🚬
  17. He has gotten a bit tiresome being that is all he posts about as of late…, being “disgruntled” most of the time is his MO going way back,
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