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  1. I suspect it’s both, with the idea that your guys are less beat up / healthier come the playoffs, increasing the odds they play better than your opponents…, cough cough Frazier cough cough 😂
  2. Poor guy, I feel your pain, your dating a DE, people are ragging on you for your football opinions, must be hellish for you…, maybe a change of attitude would be just the thing to cheer you up, 😁👍
  3. She’s a heavily muscled 250 lb angel 😁
  4. You’re so upbeat, I love your enthusiasm, 👍
  5. This is a zombie thread, it just won’t die, (sadly) its just like the previous Hopkins thread, and like the previous thread it needs to be put to death by one of the mods, ( nudge nudge) there is nothing more that can be said that is useful or informative, this thread is an echo chamber of repetitive nonsense.
  6. So, I guess the anti Ed guys brains have exploded…, 🤣
  7. I picked week four Miami because of my extensive medical knowledge…,
  8. So, seriously, tell us who you would have brought in with the cap situation the Bills are currently in without creating holes in the D or O, and not just make believe fantasy acquisitions, or is this “complaining” just because we haven’t given Hopkins everything he wants? Enlighten us…,
  9. I think its more that he is calling Ed intellectually lazy concerning his game prep, jmo.
  10. Sounds like his next contract will have a film study clause…, it has a certain Arizona QB ring to it,
  11. Baba Yaga, and make sure there are no pencils handy…,
  12. No actually there won’t be hell to pay, Beane will have made his top offer, and Terry will have agreed, ( yes he is in on this too) it’s that simple. Only fans will whimper and moan, and some will do that for freaking years, much to most of the board members dismay…, This thread is devolving into a repeating echo chamber, much like the other Dhop zombie thread that finally got put to death, (thanks Mods 👍) the only relevant information going forward would be one of two things, he was signed, or he was not signed. Now everyone go get a beverage of your choice and enjoy it with friends, 🍸🚬 😁👍 Doctors orders, it’s medicinal, Go Bills!!!
  13. He will do a massive home town discount, amounting to 1.7 million a year, two year contract $500,000.00 signing bonus, because that’s the kinda guy he is, process/team first…,
  14. It’s an art form, HCs, GMs and politicians…,
  15. I hope you guys feel better now, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…, what would your moms say if they read your remarks, tsk tsk tsk, 😂
  16. I think what you’re looking for is “ an idio t Savant” 😂
  17. Not nearly enough question marks, why bother starting a thread with so few?
  18. It may be that Dhop was late to the signing party, and may not get what he wants…, happens that way to someone every off season.
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