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  1. Like you said, the buck stops with Beane & McDermott, the real question is do those two have the capacity to see their flaws and make the appropriate changes. At present imo, it’s 60/40 against them changing what and how they go about their business, I do hope I’m wrong on this,
  2. Dabol was happy to get on Josh when he was not doing his job correctly, Dorsey, not so much, but I could be wrong…, again,
  3. It all likely stems from his spleen needing to be removed, just sayin,
  4. I agree that he can do it, I also believe he needs a kick in the azs from time to time to make him remember what he should be doing,
  5. What they need to do is have a plan “B” & “C” etc, ready to go when the opponent shows that they have figured out how to beat their defense, during games, and not wait till halftime to implement it. GO BILLS!!!
  6. The issue is that evidently our HC & coordinators have not adapted/evolved in their coaching schemes, and continue to fail to adjust to in game situations that demand just that, McDermott is a good HC imo, but his DC is a bloody mill stone around the neck of the defense every time an adjustment is needed. Dorsey is a rookie OC, one hopes he can see the writing on the wall when it comes to his offensive concepts/schemes, he to, in his first season showed a lack of scheme flexibility when it was needed. Imo, Sean needs to have a nice little sit down with his coordinators and make some things very clear…, GO BILLS!!!
  7. So far in his career, Josh has had similar success to what Rivers had, both having good regular season results, and being bumped out of the postseason. Until Josh accepts and learns that mixing in a more Brady esq style of QB ing will bring him the success he so covets, I suspect he and the Bills will get no further. Josh will always be considered a very good QB, but with a processing flaw that doesn’t allow him to make the correct choice to move the chains instead of an ill advised low percentage option, and then having to punt, (coaching as well has a fair bit to do with this) Josh really can be called the “mad bomber” at the his point …, GO BILLS!!! 🤞🤞🤞
  8. Our schemes, both offensive and defensive are stagnant & lacking imagination. The issue with the “D” lies clearly on Frazier and McDermott, they both lack the capacity to modify their scheme to adapt to what opposing offenses do to them, and the same can be said of the “O”, Dorsey lacks the experience / knowledge to call plays in a sequence that takes advantage of personnel, and what defenses give him, for example, the underneath pass. Dorsey is predictable in his play calling and currently lacks the knowledge to mix things up when it is needed, imo, if he bombs out early in the playoffs and struggles to beat low level teams again this upcoming season he needs to be gone, Frazier really needs to go now/ today, he has openly admitted in an interview approximately ten-ish months ago to not wanting to make adjustments in games when his defense is getting owned. At the end of the day, all of this falls on McDermotts desk, can Sean practice what he preaches? Can he evolve? Or is this the peak of what he can achieve? A real lot of work needs to be done by the decision makers at OBD. Imo, it’s 60/40 against real adaptation happening, sure hope I’m wrong. GO BILLS!!!
  9. Josh doesn’t know when to take the underneath pass, unlike Brady,the success of Brady tells the tale, (cincybillsfan evidently disagrees with me)
  10. Frazier and McDermotts D is near identical in practical application, the buck stops at McDermotts desk, it has been four seasons of no effective adjustments on the D when the opponent shows that they have your scheme figured out. That shows a noticeable unwillingness to adapt and grow in one’s craft by our coaches. GO BILLS!!!
  11. We have serviceable RBs, what we don’t have is a serviceable O-line and offensive scheme that know how to seamlessly integrate RBs into an offensive scheme. It is about personnel usage and play call sequencing, and a rookie OC who hasn’t got enough experience to know when / how to mix it up when playing the real contenders. GO BILLS!!!
  12. This is America, where being filthy rich and greedy as possible is the American way, “I got mine, so screw you”, it the one percenters mantra,
  13. No, the owners should just be smart and not pay these QBs so much that it keeps their teams from being successful. Oh, by the way, parody is highly over rated,
  14. If this is more than an agent spreading rumors, it proves the NFLs penchant for over paying for average QB talent, one year of average output versus four years of crap, talk about being gullible / clutching at straws…,
  15. I think it is more so, on the overall offensive scheme, primarily related to personnel usage and play call sequencing, as well getting Joshy to take the underneath stuff with some regularity, the offense is not keeping the opposing defenses honest, as the phrase goes, we have become a predictable offense, this is principally on Dorsey and then sprinkled down to his assistant coaches. To me Dorsey calls plays like one would imagine a college QB doing the job. GO BILLS!!!
  16. Well, that’s the Brady way, he is and always has been all about himself,
  17. Hardly, but If you like constant poor sportsmanship, and cheating on a regular basis, he’s your guy…
  18. Frazier needs to be gone, he is eligible for social security and Florida is calling…, and Dorsey needs swift a kick in the pants concerning his scheme and personnel usage, as well, Dorsey needs to kick Josh in the pants to take some of the underneath pass options to move the chains, GO BILLS!!!
  19. To your last sentence, This coaching staff doesn’t make adjustments quickly enough during games, Frazier said in an interview eight ish months ago, maybe farther back, that he doesn’t like to change what they practice doing during games, said something along the lines that is doesn’t create confidence in the scheme to the players. It was the most foolish thing I think I have ever heard a coach say openly. I believe his time as a coach has past, and it would do the team a serious favor if he retired.
  20. Well, the “seasoned vets” aren’t doing our franchise QB any favors…, so why not play the guys you draft, isn’t that why you draft them in the first place…
  21. I thought his last name was Frazier…, But you are a far more knowledgeable fan than myself, Leslie M. Smh it is and forever will be…
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