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  1. Yup, and in his brand spanking new 49er jersey, 😁
  2. It’s a forest through the trees thing on TSW, when it comes to RBs, especially Singletary,
  3. 3,2,1…, injured, and out for the rest of the season, just a matter of time, jmo.
  4. That’s true enough, I for the life of me don’t get why these shleps are being paid when it plain as day that they are mediocre talents on their good days, oh well, not my money, these are the sort of QBs that are a dime a dozen,
  5. Doubters are fuel for the fire, Me, ima gonna brag, I got one right finally, Allen! The right Josh! ( I should have bought a lottery ticket at the same time 😂)
  6. I love turmoil on opponents teams, its the best, GO BILLS!!!
  7. TB-12 that ***** will do you no good,
  8. I apologize for being “that guy” , sorry, I owe you a beer, Don’t know what came over me, I apologized to the OP
  9. It’s so iron clad that it is hard to describe, being that it’s clad in iron,
  10. The league has been working hard for some years to achieve a more amiable atmosphere at the games, and reduced alcohol sales alone has been the prime mover towards this goal. You are spot on with the bringing in beers and spirits, ( not to mention the combustibles in some venues ) we did this at rock concerts with regularity back in the day. Things have changed, in this case for the better, jmo. Go Bills!!!
  11. He had the talent, but not the network of help/coaching to control/tune his output in an efficient fashion, during those years, Josh was basically winging it during those years, but as the saying goes, alls well that ends well,
  12. Cool👍 Being how his career has worked out it’s in a sense surprising he wasn’t the first pick in the draft, luckily for us he wasn’t 😁👍 Go Bills!!!
  13. Iirc Saffold was coming off a shoulder injury or some such a thing thru training camp and may not have been in “ football shape “ early on as he was recovering from the injury, this and what you stated, on becoming accustomed to playing with new teammates is likely the answer,👍 Go Bills!!!
  14. This was on the webs well over a year ago, as has been every football highlight of his life, not something “you only get on Twitter” …, nice none the less, thanks for posting it, 😁👍 I apologize for being an azs, I deserve all the flak I’m getting for the post,
  15. Jones has been stalwart, and that is putting it mildly, an understated acquisition by Beane, Go Bills!!!
  16. We already know you don’t understand. GO BILLS!!!
  17. This is the worst so far, who ever this guy is pretending to be, he need to up his game, now he is just boring.
  18. Like i said, the game day thread is not a reliable resource, it is a hot take repository, governed by unhinged emotion and shallow thought processes.
  19. The GDT is not a thing to base any assumption on, it is always a cesspool of despair and anguish full of the worst hot takes imaginable. (Well okay, almost always)😂
  20. The reason is likely, lots of mediocre QBs that play behind O lines that are just as bad as those QBs. There has been a dearth of quality offensive lineman in the league for what seems like decades, the same can be said for the QB position, there are a lot of average and below average QBs out there, as well, there are a lot of coaches that aren’t particularly good at their craft. I mean face it, half or more of the teams in the league are pretty bad every year. Now punters may be playing a part in this decline, but the bigger part, imo, is the above mentioned stuff.
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