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  1. Well, it’s pretty flat out there, so Sammy should feel real comfortable…,
  2. The game is won and lost in the trenches Act like you’ve been there before Matriculate the ball down the field He could go all the way!!!!
  3. No one hates Levi, he is a good man with a lot of heart, it was a small group of noisy posters here that were also out to bash Star and Edmunds etc etc, at the drop of a hat.
  4. It can be. Faith is one thing, but if one is being honest with themselves, making financial/life decisions based on the color of one’s “shorts” they happen to have on that day is being a bit moronic…, I mean, what if he was going commando at that moment????? 😂
  5. Oh those poor billionaires, it’s called liquidation of assets to create requisite funds…, or those same billionaires can dupe folk into funding and building their corporate infrastructure through their income being given to said billionaires via a tax levy, it’s a total con job top to bottom. So your good with corporate welfare?
  6. Like anyone gives a rats azs that a multi billionaire has to spend 1.6 billion dollars of their own money for a stadium, and still be a multi billionaire after the fact, those poor Pegulas, get your head on straight, this is tax payers paying for private corporate infrastructure, I don’t understand how people are so gullible as to thinking that giving their wages via taxes to billionaires, is some how a great idea…, nuthin but luv, no really, 👍
  7. Oh those poor Pegulas, imagine a very tiny violin 🎻 playing my heart bleeds for them…, 😂
  8. Cole had a problem “reading the room”, as the saying goes, he wanted out, and he got what he wanted, all y’all that are butt hurt about it are giving me a quality laugh, ya might just consider getting past this…,
  9. You are right it is going to happen, but there are already a bunch of, shall we say, not good teams, consisting of not good players, so who the heck is going to be playing on these new teams? Yes I already know the answer, more not very good players, oh well…,
  10. Sports without talking smack with friends and other teams fans is a vastly reduced experience, where would we be if no one ever busted a fins fan over their weak little QB? Or a jets fan about the tire fire that is that organization?? The freaking world would stop spinning on its axis, the space time continuum would collapse, I could end up the dictator of the planet earth…, and really, who wants that???? We are all better off talking some trash from time to time, it soothes the soul, much like a well mixed martini and a cigarette 🚬
  11. It’s always okay to dump on the entire Pats organization, to include their QB, in fact if you are a real fan you dump on any team that’s not your own, like it or not, it’s a rule…, 😁👍
  12. It is an exercise in futility, but humans like to go down that path with some frequency…,
  13. Imo, Moss has not been markedly better than Singletary for any duration of time that can be considered significant, on the other hand, Singletary’s output has been significantly better than Moss’s for periods that have been significant for the Bills. It would appear that when either RB has had a blocking scheme that suits their talents, Singletary has had better outcomes. (YPC average) as compared to Moss. This does not mean Moss could not show better in his future, it’s up to him to make himself better and more versatile, we shall see, maybe this past season will have lit a fire under his azs, and Singletary can not afford to sit on his laurels for even a minute, and I think he knows that. Both are likely to show up at camp in the best shape of there pro lives…, much to the benefit of Bills team,
  14. I can see that, valid view point, I would add that with his injury circumstance, and not getting #1 TE snaps, it seems a bit of a reach for him to expect a #1 TE contract from a team, but that’s just me I guess,
  15. Yes! But will be topped again when we win it all this year!
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