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  1. WGAF what this guy has to say?, bad mouthing one’s peers says a lot about the individual who says it. I’ll be willing to bet whoever it was didn’t make the playoffs… Beane, one of if not the highest rank GM in the league at present, put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr mystery exec.
  2. It actually doesn’t matter where he was taken, and one player, a rookie RB on top of it, isn’t what makes or breaks a championship run, They can always draft another RB whenever, it’s not a big deal, ya gotta remember, the cap is totally fungible.
  3. I hear ya, there is a lot of butt hurt fans when it comes to this sort of thing, kinda funny to read their laments…, oh well, life is indeed good,👍 Not likely getting either at pick 32…,
  4. I’m not so much a fan of Baker, but Mayfield should show up in Cleveland in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, with a cooler, beach chair, and umbrella, sit on the sideline applying sunscreen…, all under the guise of “recouping from injury”, jmo of course…, 😁
  5. Yet so many worship the lies/ character flaws by him/them as if they were something to aspire to…, birds of a feather I guess…,
  6. I agree with the No rushing him back, just happy that Tre appears to be on track recovery wise👍
  7. Tre is said to be available for the first game, by Beane, just the other day, fingers crossed 🤞
  8. White, Elam, Poyer, Hyde, Ed, Greg, Von, Diggs, Davis, Knox, Shnowman, Brown, Devon, and last but certainly not least, Josh Allen, those are our prime movers for this up coming season. There is zero doubt we will need stellar play from the O & D lines, and hope key draft selections shine in their first season. I got a good feeling about this upcoming season😁👍 Go Bills!!!
  9. The guy has sack, I for one hope he is what he wants to be,
  10. This right here, ^^^ its not just about the “best” players, it is in many ways more about the right players (which can be the best at a given position, although that too is subjective) for what a given teams scheme/style of play is going to be.
  11. He is “ punt god” damn it, already has a Nick name, ffs stop with this Nick name c rap Nuthin but luv Go Bills!!!
  12. Rivera has done himself no favors with the decision to work there. It was a no win scenario for him, or frankly anyone else,
  13. This, and there was/is some contractual agreements on what is and is not to be said, that and the Bills likely got to read the article before publication, jmo…
  14. We just saw what it’s like the moment a young kid becomes millionaire doing something he loves to do, makes you feel really good for KE, very happy for him. Go Bills!!!
  15. That notebook showed a lot on Elam’s behalf, shows he is willing to look at the things he didn’t get right on top of his success, total process guy. Any coach has got to appreciate that aspect of a player’s character. Go Bills!!!
  16. Yes, that’s what they’re telling you…, and you better step off on TD Jesus… 😂
  17. F ikin A skippy!! Punt God!! It’s an omen people, an omen…,
  18. Nice write up Inigo, I believe you have pretty much hit the nail on the head with your thoughts on how the team will operate this upcoming season. We have a lot of pass catchers that can line up from anywhere in just about any formation, it’s gonna be one hell of a year! Go Bills!!!
  19. Scottlaw is gonna be pissed when he reads this…, 😂
  20. I’ve seen that as well, but he has gone to the house with some regularity
  21. This^^^ Cook is a, as said above, a hybrid RB/WR, with go to the house speed that no current on roster RB has, and he can do it from the hand off and the YAC, it’s not so hard to understand how he will be used.
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