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  1. No, they should in fact reduce the number of teams to what it was two years ago, and go by a teams win loss record, so crappy teams and or divisions get excluded all together. This rewarding crap organizations with post season slots really does needs to stop. If a team does not have a winning record they do not for any reason get a post season slot, is that to much to ask?
  2. Well this certainly sucks, but on he bright side, he has taught a lot of technique to our other pass rushers, (RELEASE THE FRENCH MAN) am confident that we will overcome this set back. GO BILLS!!!
  3. The Offence does indeed need bolstering, attention to OL imo is a must, it will be difficult to get “great players” in which the nfl is lacking in quality OL players for quite some time now,, this means that there are not so many really good college OLmen coming out each season, fingers crossed that Beane hits the nail on the head during the crap shoot that is the draft. Go Bills!!!
  4. Its because they know they are going to lose,
  5. That is just fantastic, good on Poyer, he’s a class act! Go Bills!!!
  6. Agree, and as we all have seen, it is the same small group of trolls/fools every time, insisting that we fire/cut/bench someone or group of someone’s…, we all know what they are going to post upon seeing their screen names, they are TBDs flat earthers, they are always right, if you don’t believe me, ask them…, Go Bills!!!
  7. This is an example of doing the right thing, in helping his fellow country men, women and children, Joshua Allen is shining the light of altruism, an example to others, that they may do likewise in their own way.
  8. Only 91 page? Come on people, we can totally do 100 easy,
  9. I hear Odell Beckham visited, just sayin,
  10. There is always “that guy” in a thread…,
  11. Shakir and Hines, this slow poking both of them into the offense needs to stop, just play these guys already, just sayin,
  12. If you clutch your pearls any harder you’re gonna hurt yourself…, GO BILLS!!!
  13. It’s the Belicheck way, play dirty, and cheat at all costs.
  14. Well, after all it is American Rugby, so, yes, it should be legal, just sayin,
  15. We had a saying where I worked some years ago, it was a small company and every employee really did make a difference, it was this, “Focus, or Fuh k us” GO BILLS!!!
  16. Sad for him, hope he he heals up quickly, and there is no lingering issues, that said, the guy needs an agent, it’s this sort of thing that having had a contract in hand would have given him financial protection, you can lead a horse to water…,
  17. I’m in the re-sign him camp, I also don’t care what they pay him, wether they low ball him or “over” pay him, just do it. Go Bills!!!
  18. Not burning one’s bridges is an adults thought process, non juvenile humans that employe such concepts tend to have more options in life.
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