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  1. Oh don’t sell yourself short, you’re quite the Already; 😂😜 nuthin but luv 😄👍
  2. The HC, OC, QBC, OLC, and QB1 , all have one goal, and that is to communicate with each other and their charges, in a fashion that is productive. They all know this, and that is exactly what they will do, these guys are pros, they know full well what success looks like and the work that is needed to get there, they all know their place in the overall scheme of what needs to be done. With the current offensive fire power in place on this team, the weapons we have can and will line up from a multitude of spots in a multitude of offensive sets, so that opponents will not know for certain where the ball is going or who it’s going to. How would you guys like being the opposing DC and have to game plan for this offense? Not that appealing of a task is it… jmo.
  3. Given their past admissions of purposefully putting out bait, on top of make believe stats that they use, ie; “ should have been / counted as an interception “ crap this wouldn’t/ shouldn’t surprise anyone, par for the course for “ now there’s a guy” and his crew.
  4. Its his decision to do what he wants to do; but at his age, and after lots of blows to his head during his college and pro football careers I would not judge It to be a good decision to do this as an occupation/ hobby, but hey, we are all gonna wet our pants and die one day…., have fun with it Frank,
  5. Her breasts are different sizes, on top of being left handed, sheesh what’s she even thinking? mostly that men are easy…😂
  6. We as thinking adults know the answer, it is the lack of will to actually do it that prevents action, I can say no more on this platform , my heart goes out to all those harmed by this POS of a human being, may we as a society reach out and console those in need, and put social pressure on all people who think as this individual does. There can be no place in our country for these sorts of people to hide.
  7. Yes, it does mean something, exactly what you stated in fact, for some here the writing on the wall of how the offense is going to be deployed is not in view yet, not to worry though, eventually they will see the light, so to speak.
  8. When you understand the following, you will understand all “ the mud elephant wading through the sea leaves no tracks”…
  9. Beasley was good for the team for two seasons , and average for one season, and now he’s gone, the rap thing is his hobby, and it’s a good thing he’s already a multi millionaire, because his hobby ain’t putting food on the table. Later Beas,
  10. I don’t believe anyone is judging him, folk are just wanting the best for him.
  11. I read about the families history a short while back, I too hope he can lead a life away from those sort of issues/circumstances, time will tell, in the mean time I will root for our new team members hoping for the best. Go Bills!!!
  12. SMH, it’s not gonna help, smacks of desperation to remain relevant,
  13. We will be harder to contain on offense, for all of the above reasons, couple that with what at least on paper is a better D, and we will be a serious problem for most every team we play. lots of points yards, and wins 👍
  14. The NFL talent level will slowly become what we see in these failed leagues that pop up every year or two and disappear just as quickly. That’s what greed gets you,
  15. The rotation obviously enough, needs to be adjusted for the opponent, on top of being reduced somewhat, guys play better when they have the opportunity to get into a groove so to speak,
  16. Will this league ever stop recycling crap players and coaches…, obviously the answer is no, why do I even ask this question…,
  17. PSLs are a scam, much like our tax dollars being used to build privately owned corporate infrastructure, that folk spin it as being anything else is really quite sad.
  18. Matt “ I’m the emergency field goal kicker” Araiza or in fact, the punt god
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